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Mar. 26 2010 - 11:50 am | 8,185 views | 1 recommendation | 27 comments

‘People who know Paul Ryan say he will be president one day’

Welcome Instapundit readers!  Thanks Glenn.

Okay, it’s time to talk about Paul Ryan.  The headline quote is from Mark McKinnon, who thinks Ryan is the real deal. Check out Ryan’s list of simple, effective, liberating proposals.

Ryan fans describe him as Jack Kemp on steroids. He believes that unbridled individual initiative, innovation, and industriousness lead to competitive advantage and national greatness.

Ryan outlined bold and muscular policy prescriptions for America’s most pressing problems in his “Roadmap for America’s Future.” Among the things his plan would do:

• Simplify the tax code: 10 percent of incomes up to $100,000 for joint filers and $50,000. for single filers; 25 percent on higher incomes (or you can continue to pay under current system). No deductions.
• Eliminate taxes on interest, capital gains, dividends and death.
• Preserve Medicare and Social Security benefits for anyone currently 55 or older, but replace Medicare benefits for people under 55 with a voucher that would average $11,000 a year that people could use to buy private insurance.
• Achieve universal access to affordable health care with guaranteed refundable tax credits ($2,300 for individuals, $5,700 for families) for portable coverage in any state.
• Allow workers 55 and under to invest more than one-third of Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts.
• Raise the retirement age. Finally, we’ve got a politician bold enough to propose this obvious solution.

Hmmm, does it seem odd that six term congressman has a site called “Roadmap for America’s Future? Maybe odd in a good way? Like maybe it sounds like a national political platform?

Ryan’s smart, good-natured, and fearless approach was prominently displayed when he ate President Obama’s lunch at the health care summit last month. The shredding begins at about 1:35 with the big slam coming in from 4:50 to the end.

So that’s Ryan’s earnest-wonk impression. Here’s the dyed-in-the-wool patriot.

Other folks have begun putting a shine on the Ryan-for-President bandwagon.

Sarah Palin digs him (maybe that is because Ryan was ruling out a 2012 run that day).

Palin said, however, that she was “very impressed” with Ryan before later adding that it would be “absurd” not to consider running for president herself.

“[W]e have some strong — some young Turks in this party,” said Palin. “Paul Ryan — I’m very impressed with Paul Ryan. . . . He’s good. Man, he is sharp. He is smart, articulate. And he is passionate about these commonsense solutions that America has got to adopt to get us on the right road.”

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes:

At just 38, Paul Ryan is already considered a guiding voice of conservatives in Washington. In media profiles and speech introductions, Ryan is often described as a next-generation leader of the Republican Party. That’s only half right. Ryan will almost certainly shape the GOP in the years to come. But, as the gathering at Charlie Palmer’s suggests, Ryan is an influential voice in Washington right now. . . .

“He’s smart, eloquent, well-informed and committed to the conservative principles that made this country great,” says Liz Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney and another next-generation conservative leader.

There is little disagreement among inside-the-Beltway conservatives that Ryan will have a prominent role in the future of the Republican Party. The only question is whether he’ll be director of the Office of Management and Budget in a future Republican administration—or whether he’ll be on the ticket someday himself.

Christian Schneider.

But without question, Ryan is in the mix. Throw out a handful of Republicans that can be president, and his name should be on the list.

Nice Deb wants him in the Oval.

Kathy Carpenter was a Ryan-for-President gal way back in January 2008.

Left Coast Rebel is thinking about a Draft Ryan for 2012 campaign.

Real Quiet over at RedState and Alaphiah both say Ryan is the man for 2012.

Paul Ryan has been in congress more than 11 years. Barack Obama was in the Senate from January 4, 2005 until November 13, 2008, less than four years, during which he ran for president. By the time 2012 rolls around, Ryan will have three times the government experience Obama had. More importantly, Ryan will look like the perfect guy to clean up the mess Obama has made of our government and our freedom.

Where do I sign?

Oh yeah. Maybe it’s just the hair, but he seems to have the whole Reagan thing going for him too. By 2012, that may be a handy little asset.

Ronald Reagan and Paul Ryan


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  1. collapse expand

    It’s one thing to flog your New GOP Jesus, but quite another do so dishonestly.

    By the time 2012 rolls around, Ryan will have three times the government experience Obama had.

    Obama had a decade of experience in elected office before he became President, in fact. Just as much as Ryan has, now.

    Maybe it’s just the hair, but he seems to have the whole Reagan thing going for him too.

    Really? He looks like Reagan, therefore he should be president? Why don’t you just run Reagan’s corpse, since it’s about as effective a legislator as Paul Ryan has turned out to be? Can you name a single piece of legislation that Paul Ryan has ever passed? Just one? No?

    This is why nobody believes the GOP can govern anymore (well, that and all the times you’ve tried to govern and completely failed.)

  2. collapse expand

    Well if he looks like Reagan that’s good enough for me!

  3. collapse expand

    Ryan’s certainly angling for a senior role in the Republican establishment, and I think in the House, the party would certainly be better served with his ideas leading the way than John Boehner’s callow insincerity.

    But I have to wonder if his very wonkishness is something that doesn’t augur well for national political ambitions? Newt Gingrich has had a lot of other problems, but there’s something about his intellect that has prevented him from really being the national leader of the GOP beyond a lot of its intellectual head of steam. Usually it’s the guys who transcend the wonkishness who become president.

  4. collapse expand

    I think the cognitive dissonance will be a little too intense to allow a Ryan 2012 run. You can’t go from assailing Democrats for minor Medicare cuts that don’t affect quality to nominating someone whose plan is to slowly phase out Medicare and the employer tax exemption for health care in just two years.

    He does sort of look like Reagan when Reagan was in the talkies. That might sway some of the octogenarian vote.

  5. collapse expand

    Despite having two first names, he appears coherent and even erudite.

    Here’s the dyed-in-the-wool patriot.

    I gotta ask, are you implying anything about conservatives necessarily being more patriotic than liberals? Or are you just saying he’s an earnest public servant, and that service is evidence of his patriotism?

  6. collapse expand

    RE:I am saying he clearly passionately stands and fights for the founding principles that made America great. That is my definition of a patriot.

    The present clown in the white house doesn’t stand for any founding principles…he is an outright traitor……

  7. collapse expand

    I don’t know what the fascination with Ryan is. To me, it seems as if he is just another guy that will say anything if it is what people want to hear. As an example, he has repeatedly ripped Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl (D) as just a politician. While the charge may have some teeth, it is astoundingly hypocritical considering that Ryan began working in DC at the age of 22 and was first elected at the age of 28. Kohl does at least have some business background.

    As long as he continues to spout such nonsense and release budgets without numbers, I cannot see him garnering much widespread support. I can beleive in his ability when he says things that are concrete, and not just the blatherings of another politician clamering for attention.

  8. collapse expand

    Wow, I completely forgot about this Dupray moron and his disingenuous nonsense. I haven’t read any of his propaganda since he lied about the Prius. I wonder if the idiot has corrected himself yet, I’m guessing no.

    He doesn’t disappoint with this latest idiocy. He’s even dragging out pictures of Reagen from what, 70 or 80 years ago?

    HAHAHAHAHA, he actually pulled out a picture of Reagan from the ice age. Simply hilarious.

    Then I read through the comments, well, the few that he can get anyone to post and the last one is from a Prof. Hawking clone that calls Obama a traitor.


    How’s that birth certificate, hiding college transcripts, he’s an embedded Al Qaeda plant conspiracy working out for you? Or another winner is when you geniuses accuse him of being a Communist, Socialist and Fascist all in the same breath, or giant misspelled poster. Often with pictures of Hitler added for emphasis.

    Obama’s latest victory is certainly flawed but in the end the voting public is going to see that he tried to make positive changes. By contrast the despicable Conservatives sat in the corner and screamed and yelled at anything the Dems tried to do. They are even fighting tooth and nail to stop any kind of financial reform or consumer protection agency.

    The “too big to fail” banks brought our economy to it’s knees while paying themselves BILLIONS in bonuses fueled by a taxpayer funded bailout and still the Conservatives don’t want anything to do with reform.

    The whole “Party of NO” thing couldn’t be more accurate.

    Well, off to read Taibbi. You know, the guy that is the polar opposite of you. You need to send him a case of wine because I’d bet he’s responsible for about 90% of the people reading your propaganda.

  9. collapse expand

    Rep. Ryan was truly excellent in his remarks at the health care summit. Lest anyone think there are silver bullets that will ’solve’ the health care problems…but his approach is fiscally responsible.

    Perhaps the health care cost issue is unsolvable. After all we have an insatiable appetite for more health care… in elastic demand, particularly when a significant portion of the bill is being paid by someone else.

    It seems to me that it is okay if we spend 25% of GDP on health care if that is what we want as a society, but it is the rate of increase that is tearing apart the economics. It creates massive dislocation of jobs. We can quickly and effectively retrain auto assembly workers as health care workers, for example.

    Follow my blog on all benefits, but focused on health reform and the health delivery system at http://www.ilovebenefits.hcbn1.com

  10. collapse expand

    The only Wisconsinite I want to see as President is Russ Feingold.

  11. collapse expand

    Usually a leader leads…the positions you pointed out some have already been rejected or do not solve the problem. He seems to be a smart guy so when he repeats dumbed down talking points it appears just another borg taking orders from the collective. One idea he has really appeals to me…lowering the upper tax bracket to 25% with no deductions. That is an excellent idea but we need to keep deductions for the middle and lower classes because they need incentives for investments in their futures.

  12. collapse expand

    While you’re promoting the obviously talented Paul Ryan, you still have to halt or slow down the implementation of Obambicare. One way to do this would be to publicly, loudly, very politely, and continuously ask this question: what kind of person would want be one of the 11,600 new IRS agents that will be hired to enforce Obambicare? Ask if these people were raised on a diet of stories about Heroic KGB and Stasi agents operating in defense of people’s commune. You should be able to cut into the numbers of people willing to sign up to be oppressors of their fellow citizens.

  13. collapse expand

    “For everything, there is a season.”

    The season we are in now is FISCAL CRISIS.
    And the man who can step in and be a LEADER during this season is Paul Ryan.

    The clock is ticking. We can choose another charismatic leader or we can choose one who can actually roll up his sleeves and get us out of this mess.

    Paul Ryan has a huge grassroots following right now. It is amazing that whenever someone hears him speak, they say, “He’s the one”.

    He is a tireless worker on the House Budget Committee, is intimidated by nobody, is respected by most and THAT is what anyone would recognize as a leader.

    Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Pawlenty all need to move over and make way for someone who isn’t looking to be a Rock Star, but to get our fiscal house in order. And fast!

    PAUL RYAN for PRESIDENT – 2012


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