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Mar. 8 2010 - 6:30 am | 8,611 views | 0 recommendations | 7 comments

There are more FarmVille players than Twitter users

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun... You think Twitter is important, right? I mean we hear about it all of the time. not only from our friends, but from the media as well. So how important is Twitter? Let’s take a look at the interest in Twitter compared to Facebook based on searches people do on Google, which is what the Google Trends graph shows below.

Google Trends_ facebook, twitter-1

One thing you notice immediately is that Facebook has a lot more searches than Twitter. But, look at the difference in news references! Twitter has seen long periods of time where it gets more media coverage than Facebook, which shows how out of touch the media is with what’s really interesting to the public. To give you some idea, MySpace is still more popular than Twitter, but good luck trying to find someone covering that.

Google Trends_ myspace, twitter

But, it’s not just searches on Twitter. If you look at their Compete.com numbers, you’ll see Facebook gets almost 6 times as many unique visitors and almost 20 times as many visits.

FarmVille > Twitter

If you haven’t started to rethink the power of Twitter, then here’s something that should get you thinking. FarmVille, an MMO game on Facebook, has more active users by itself than Twitter has members. Check it out:

FarmVille-info farmville-logo

Looking at FarmVille’s info box on their main app page, we can see they have over 83 million active users. Active, not total installs!

By contrast, RJ Metrics reports that Twitter had only 75 million cumulative users by January of 2010, as seen in the graph below.


They also report that Twitter is adding less and less users every month, which is represented with the graph below:


That would make Twitter’s current user base today somewhere over 80 millions users, giving FarmVille the slight edge.

MMOs > Status Updates

The biggest take-away from this is not just that Facebook is bigger than Twitter, but that the interactivity made possible by the robust platform that is Facebook enables things like an MMO such as FarmVille to be bigger than Twitter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter! We just need to keep it in perspective, so we don’t act like media sheep giving Twitter more attention than it deserves.

If you really want to have your mind blown, watch the video from Jesse Schelle who first tipped me off that FarmVille was bigger than Twitter. He goes onto share a vision of where the convergence of gaming, social, and mobile will take us.


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    Oh man, Does this mean that we will have to start doing FarmVille marketing on top of SEO and Social Network Marketing? I hope not. LOL

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