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True/Slant Overview
True/Slant is an original content news network and platform with 300+ credible and knowledgeable Entrepreneurial Journalists.   T/S contributors provide reporting, insight and perspective on the news of the moment, engaging with the audience in a dynamic and ongoing news conversation.  Reaching more than 1 million unique visitors a month, True/Slant offers consumers a trusted and transparent news source that tears down the walls between consumers, news providers and advertisers. True/Slant launched in April 2009 and is funded by Forbes Media and Fuse Capital.

Contributor Content
By uniting the editorial standards of traditional media with the dynamics of the web, we are able to produce high quality, scalable content at a low cost.  Our incentive-based contributors self-publish and self-market within a curated community that includes Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, NYT bestselling authors and other notable voices such as Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi.  They contribute more than 100 posts a day, segmented into 18 distinct topics.  Posts can be further sub-divided into local streams, such as Chicago. We work with our contributors to drive traffic through social media engagement and relationships with news sites and blogs.  We expect to have 500 contributors by the end of 2010.

Audience Demographics
True/Slant has attracted over 1 million unique visitors for the past three months, and March is projected to be our best month yet.  Our educated, affluent, and young audience is appealing to a wide-range of advertisers.

- 69% of users have at least a bachelor’s degree

- 57% of users earn more than $60K annually

- 59% of users are between the ages of 18-49

Advertising Opportunity

Bio Ad Slant on True/Slant homepage

You can join the news conversation as an Ad Slant partner with a monthly subscription fee, giving you the same functionality as a contributor including unlimited access to the network to build your brand (e.g., publishing posts, commenting on other posts, curating content from across the web, integrating content alongside other contributor posts, etc). Ad Slant pages can accommodate up to 40 different contributors who publish under their own names. Your content can appear on the homepage, in search results, as a related post on another contributor’s page, etc. Information such as unique visitors, page views, and sources of traffic to your page are available to monitor the results of your efforts. Key components of a T/S Ad Slant:

- Marketer has same publishing tools and capabilities as a contributor

- Posts contextually and dynamically integrated across the network

- Distribution across the web through social media engagement

- Fully transparent, clearly labeled as marketer content

- Ability to control the message and include other relevant promotions

- Full participant in the social news stream and commenting system

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