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Jun. 9 2010 - 3:06 pm | 566 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Is it OK for women to kill men who sexually harrass them?

There’s a lot to dislike about the feminist movement these days. Between the nonstop hypocrisy and endemic self-victimization, “Hear me roar” has been reduced to “Listen to me whine.” Now, a new first-person shooter game, “Hey Baby,” gives women the opportunity to virtually kill men who sexually harass them. Is this … feminism?

“Ever had one of those seemingly endless days?” the promotional copy for “Hey Baby” teases. “All you want to do is to get home… You’re the last one out of the office. Its getting dark outside…” From the shadows, a man catcalls, “I wanna lick you all over.” What’s a girl to do?

Well, since you’re packing a “a 3′ long .80 caliber machine gun that’s locked and loaded,” you blow his brains out. Apparently, “IT’S PAYBACK TIME, BOYS.” And how. The video game’s cover features a sexy young woman in a short-short white dress tromping down the street with a gun behind her back. In her wake, the streets are awash with blood and the bodies of murdered men.

Initially, some speculated the game was a 4chan hoax designed to make fun of feminists. In fact, the game was created by Suyin Looui and LadyKillas Inc. “I really wanted the violence to be so ridiculous and sort of over the top gory, that people would know that it was a joke,” Looui told NPR. Meanwhile, feminist websites are eating it up, deeming it “revenge therapy.”

Increasingly, so-called feminist activism seems to be dedicated to one of two activities: pointing out all the ways in which women are supposedly victimized by men, and criticizing men. The reason this doesn’t work (or, put another way, “make sense”) is that women are exhibiting the exact same behavior for which they are indicting men. The current feminist credo appears to be: “Women are the only ones allowed to be sexist, and I can be as sexist as I want to be when it comes to men.”

Unfortunately for the ladies, sexism is a two-way street, and if you’re going to act sexist, you better be prepared to be treated in sexist ways. One can only imagine the caterwauling that would have gone up had the gender roles in “Hey Baby” been reversed. The solution is simple. Drop the reverse sexism.

Or, you know, take it like a man.



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