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Jul. 27 2010 — 7:25 am | 134 views | 1 recommendations | 0 comments

A veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq tells his story

I’ve posted a new story to The War Project website. Sgt. George Zubaty is an Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Read an excerpt … continue »

Jul. 26 2010 — 10:26 pm | 1,563 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

What the WikiLeaks ‘leak’ and porn have in common

Surely, I am not alone in raising an eyebrow rather than dropping a jaw over the release of The Supposed Pentagon Papers of Our Time. Even in the limited number of interviews I’ve done for The War Project, I’ve become aware of most, at least generally, of what the New York Times is working its inner-thighs into a lather over (primarily because they got an “exclusive,” uh, sort of, and, therefore, perhaps felt compelled to sell it thusly. We have something here! But did they? Well, eh, maybe.) continue »

Jul. 16 2010 — 6:42 pm | 4,291 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

All obscenity charges dismissed against porn director John Stagliano and Co.

John Stagliano at the "Free Speech Coalit...

Image via Wikipedia

In a stunning turn, all charges have been dropped against adult movie director John Stagliano, who went on trial in a Washington, DC courtroom this week, where he faced a series of federal obscenity charges. continue »

Jul. 13 2010 — 2:58 pm | 959 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

The guy from the Old Spice commercials sent me a personal video message

Hey, don’t hate me just because the guy who stars in those hilarious “Look at your man” Old Spice commercials, Isaiah Mustafa, made me a special personalized video message. Not every girl can be so lucky. continue »

Jul. 12 2010 — 2:48 pm | 1,395 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

In hard times, the business of selling sex continues to struggle, part 2

Last week, I shared the story of an exotic dancer who revealed how the recession has affected her industry. Today, you’ll hear from a Las Vegas escort how the economic downturn has reshaped her line of work. continue »

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