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Oct. 20 2009 — 10:05 am | 29 views | 0 recommendations | 2 comments

Somer Renee Thompson, Age 7, Missing From Orange Park Florida

Somer Renee Thompson

Somer Renee Thompson

The following is from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:

Somer was last seen walking near her school on the afternoon of October 19, 2009. She was last seen with her hair in a ponytail tied with a red bow, wearing a maroon sweatsuit with a pink stripe, and a black tee shirt. She was carrying a purple Hannah Montana backpack and lunchbox.

A statewide Amber Alert has been issued for Somer.

Somer vanished not far from where Haleigh Cummings disappeared earlier this year. While there has been a great deal of public suspicion expressed towards Haleigh’s parents, there have been no arrests connected to the little girl’s disappearance.

According to the Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville), there has been a recent attempted child abduction in the area from which Somer Thompson vanished yesterday. From the Times-Union:

“The lady was trying to lure my daughter in, saying, “Your mother told me for you to get in the car so I can take you home,” the mother said. “My daughter said no. This other lady saw everything happen. She said they instantly drove off.”

You can follow links above for further information, but if you have information concerning the whereabouts of
Somer Renee Thompson, contact the Clay County Sheriff’s Office at 1-877-277-6911 or dial 911.

Oct. 20 2009 — 1:46 am | 89 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Dear Stewart David Nozette: IT’S ALWAYS A COP. Or an FBI Agent.

Stewart Nozette

Stewart Nozette

In 1984, Stu Nozette spoke to the San Diego Evening Tribune about a NASA study regarding the possibility of building a colony on the Moon. “The conclusion is we could be doing this by 2010 on the moon, ” said Nozette. Later in the same article, Nozette repeated his belief that a base could be built by 2010 and said, “maybe even by 1995 you could have a small outpost … with three to six people…”

It’s October, 2009, and Stewart David Nozette, a 52-year-old MIT grad and former member of the White House National Space Council to the Executive Office of the President (specifically Bush 41), has left dreams or theories of a moon colony far behind. Nozette has been arrested for attempted espionage.

According this DOJ Arrest Warrant uploaded by Politico, Nozette allegedly wanted to give classified information to someone whom he believed was working for the Mossad. Nozette, like pedophiles who get busted for sexy chatting with what they think are 13-year-olds on the Web, forgot a good rule of thumb for folks seeking to do some kind of dirty deed that requires an extra dose of secrecy: he forgot that IT’S ALWAYS A COP. Or in this case, an undercover FBI agent.

What could make a legendary scientist like Nozette do something so stupid? Money? Infamy? Politics?

 The money he was supposedly seeking wasn’t major. From the Arrest Warrant:


There was, however, a note of cockiness, a kind of screw it attitude in quotes from Nozette in the document that made me wonder if it was more about some kind of cloak-and-dagger fantasy:


You can almost smell the cheap cigarettes and the sweatband from the inside of a dashing porkpie hat.

And what could Stu Nozette allegedly provide the “Mossad,” in this instance? Just one example, from the legal docs: “‘Answers’ provided by NOZETTE contained information classified as SECRET [...] which related to the national defense, in that it directly concerned classified aspects and mission capabilities of a prototype overhead collection system, which disclosure could negate the ability to support United States military and intelligence operations.”

A question that’s surely already being asked, though, given that Nozette’s alleged actions leading to his arrest began in January this year, is whether or not there might have been some political motive in Nozette’s alleged willingness to sell his country’s secrets to Israel (which, mind you, was never actually involved). This might be a good reason to suspect as much. It’s NewsMeat’s listing of Nozette’s campaign contributions between 1999 and 2007.

Nozette was clearly a Republican:


So it’s hard to not wonder if some political motivation may have played a part in such a highly-regarded scientist allegedly turning on his country – in favor of a friendly nation whose issues are often a cause celebre for American conservatives.

Politics may have no role in this case at all. It may be all about purely apolitical self-interest, in the end. But Nozette’s history of campaign contributions will be fodder for discussion in days to come, and the discussion will be anything but non-partisan, I can guarantee you that.

Sep. 23 2009 — 6:18 pm | 51 views | 0 recommendations | 2 comments

FBI Behavioral Sciences Involved in Gee/Constant Family Massacre

Press conference about the murders of the Gee family

National media has virtually ignored the murders of Raymond “Rick” Gee, his wife Ruth and their three children. The case is heating up, though, because the Bloomington Pantagraph reported today that FBI Behavioral Sciences has been called in to help investigate.

From the FBI’s website:

Research performed by the BSU.
The unit focuses on developing new and innovative investigative approaches and techniques to solve crimes by studying offenders and their behaviors and motivations, collectively known as Perpetrator-Motive Research Design. Some of this research is conducted in partnership with outside researchers and through interagency agreements with the Department of Justice and its Office of Justice Programs. Some current research initiatives include: global hostage-taking research and analysis project; homicide clearance; reliability and validity of official crime statistics; gangs and gang violence; emerging technologies and policing; future of law enforcement, guidelines for interviewing juveniles; countering terrorism; juvenile crime; and spirituality and the law.

The perpetrator in this case, by the way, may be driving a “Chevy S10 or Ford Ranger-type vehicle with gray primer paint” and chrome exhaust pipes extending from the truck bed. In other words, a distinctive-looking, fairly memorable vehicle.

The involvement of the BSU in this case as well as setting up a tipline may indicate police are struggling with that most troubling type of homicide, the random murder. While I haven’t been able to find any sign that the Logan County, IL sheriff’s dept. has called these murders random, signs are pointing that way.

That could mean there is a killer on the road. One that police fear may strike again.

Authorities do not fear, however, that the Gees’ relatives are in danger. They told the Pantagraph and others that there was no truth to a Chicago newspaper report that some of the Gee familys’ kin had been put in protective custody. Additionally, in the press conference in the video above, Sheriff Nichols stated that the family categorically were not shot to death.

If you think you know something about this tragedy, call the Logan County Sheriff’s tip line at (217) 732-3000.

Sep. 22 2009 — 8:28 pm | 41 views | 0 recommendations | 1 comment

Psycho Gee Family Killer Loose in Rural Illinois

The Bloomington, IL Pantagraph tells us today that a manhunt is on after 5 family members (were) killed in tiny, unincorporated Beason, Illinois. From the Pantagraph:

Searchers scoured the ditches and soybeans fields that border the small town of Beason on Tuesday as police vowed to find whoever killed five family members whose bodies were found Monday in their home on the northern edge of town.

Confirmed dead were Raymond “Rick” Gee, 46, his wife, Ruth Gee, 39, Justina Constant, 16, Dillen Constant, 14, and Austin Gee, 11.

The paper goes on to inform us that a toddler, age 3, was found alive at the scene and taken to a medical facility in Peoria.

According to Logan County Sheriff Steve Nichols, this was “a brutal homicide against an entire family.” His department, the Sheriff said to local media, is “determined to identify and arrest those responsible.”

The Logan County authorities aren’t fooling around here; they have taken an unusual step in this case – proactively informing local residents that they should be wary. Nichols told the media that whoever killed the Gee/Constant family is considered “armed and dangerous.”

This is In Cold Blood territory here – the middle of nowhere, a tiny town surrounded by soybean fields.

More details as they are available.

Sep. 13 2009 — 12:38 pm | 80 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Former KY Republican State Rep. Allegedly Murders Fiancee, Attempts Suicide

An ad for KY Gov. Steve Beshear, featuring Steve Nunn.

There is a major “scandal” unfolding in Kentucky involving the Republican scion of an old-school Republican family. In the end, it will probably have much more to do with personality disorders, family dysfunction and alcoholism than politics, but you can bet good money that the tragedy of Amanda Ross and her alleged killer, Steve Nunn, will be used as political fodder.

From WAVE 3 TV in Louisville, KY:

LOUISVILLE, KY(WAVE) -Former Kentucky lawmaker Steve Nunn remained at Bowling Green Medical Center Saturday night. The former Republican State Rep. faces six wanton endangerment charges for brandishing a gun while at his father’s gravesite.

Detectives found Nunn at the cemetery with self inflicted wounds hours after his ex-girlfriend, 29-year-old Amanda Ross was found dead outside her Lexington home…

Steve Nunn, age 56, was found with his wrists slit, not far from his parents’ gravesides.

continue »

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