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May. 27 2010 - 11:51 am | 1,771 views | 0 recommendations | 8 comments

Bristol Palin’s Bizarre Tea-Party Photo Shoot

In many of her speeches in which she addresses her anti-choice stance, Sarah Palin invokes her children, usually Bristol, who had a baby as a teenager, and Trig, who has Down’s syndrome, to illustrate that despite those less-than-ideal circumstances, her and Bristol chose life. Though she’s attacked others who bring up her children, it’s Palin who uses them for political purposes most often.

And it’s perhaps even harder now to think of Bristol Palin as a non-political figure now that she’s shot a bizarre Tea Party-themed photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, posing in the most literal and least subtle contrived scene imaginable: Cradling a silver teapot, surrounded by ornate cakes and a frilly tablecloth. Sure, it’s a little playful – a wink and a nod to the crackpot movement her mother helps sustain – but it’s also a firm step toward establishing herself as a political figure, too.

Though she works as a medical assistant to support herself and her son, it’s hard to imagine she’ll keep that up much longer now that she’s reportedly set to haul in tens of thousands of dollars per speaking engagement, and is continuing to shoot commercials and make TV appearances.

Bristol Palin seems earnest in her desire to do right by her son, and it’s hard to fault a young, beautiful teenager for taking advantage of the opportunities being thrown her way (she actually shows a relatively good deal of self-awareness in her public service announcement in which she admits that teen motherhood would be much rougher if she weren’t so rich and privileged), but now that she’s physically holding a tea pot in a major magazine, I think Sarah Palin might have to relinquish any quips about her family being off-limits to media criticism. That ship has long since sailed.


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    My first child died of cancer 2 days after he was born; my second child (born 5 years later) was diagnosed with severe retardation when he was 3 years old. Now, I rarely talk about this with anyone and certainly not on a very public blog where goddess-knows-how-many people can read it, but I am beyond sick of Sarah Palin (and offspring) airing their dirty laundry in such a public venue. I tell my secrets here and now because I think it is way past time for both of these twits to realize that everyone has had some heart-wrenching decisions to make over their lifetime, and what they have done doesn’t compare with what many of us “well-behaved women” have lived through and not shouted to the rooftops!

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    Palin and her family are nothing but political opportunists. She hasn’t a clue how to run a state effectively let alone an entire country. Get her away from her buzzwords, winks and y’alls and she is as ignorant as they come. I love sarcasm but she is an elitist who tries to pass off her self righteousness as sarcasm with a wink.

    Now Bristol is jumping into the fray, no doubt encouraged by her camera lovin’ mother, to establish herself as an even bigger ignorant “politician”. Nobody in the Palin clan is an actual politician; they are opportunists feeding off of the fear of the white conservative Christians who want to “take their country back”. Take it back from who? Oh right, the black man who is President.

    The hypocrisy that comes daily from the Palin camp is giving me a crick in my neck from all the head-shaking I do.

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    Hey tea-baggers!! Forget Sarah Palin, now you REALLY have a fool to rally around: Rand Paul. By parsing the 1964 Civil Rights Act we can see what he and the tea-baggers stand for: discrimination based on race and physical ability. But then the tea-baggers are just a sad group of old, white, rich, malcontent republicans who hate blacks, hispanics, asians, the middle class and the poor and can’t stand the fact that we have a black president. When they howl “TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!” they mean to take it back from the minorities. Luckily the middle class and the poor far outnumber the tea-baggers so they will have little effect in November and Rand Paul will fade away. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY 10036 boboberg@nyc.rr.com

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    Sara Libbie STILL studying up on SPELLING? The word is spelled /BAZAAR/, NOT Bizarre. DUH much?

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