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Apr. 8 2010 - 3:05 pm | 979 views | 3 recommendations | 8 comments

Palin and Bachmann: The Anti-History Girls

(Via Feministing contributor and True/Slant intern extraordinaire Chloe Angyal)

Sarah Palin has proven untold times over that she doesn’t have a very decent grasp on the present (coining the nonexistent “death panels,” stumbling incoherently through that Katie Couric interview, not being able to name a single publication she reads regularly, etc.). Now, she’s stumping for a woman who is all too eager to prove that she doesn’t have any accurate conception of history, either.

Speaking on Sean Hannity’s show at a campaign rally for Rep. Michele Bachmann praised Palin for “breaking the barrier” of being a woman and a candidate for vice president. Except there’s that small problem of Palin having done no such thing – Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic nominee for vice president in 1984 (other women – going back 100 years or more – have been nominated under fringe party banners). But, it’s typical of Bachmann to pretend anything originating from the Democratic party is either evil, or simply doesn’t exist.

Hey, though, this is an important part of their gimmick. After all, a 2008 survey of American teens found them appallingly ignorant of basic American history and literature facts: According to the New York Times:

Fewer than half of American teenagers who were asked basic history and literature questions in a phone survey knew when the Civil War was fought, and one in four said Columbus sailed to the New World some time after 1750, not in 1492.

The survey results …  demonstrate that a significant proportion of teenagers live in “stunning ignorance” of history and literature, said the group that commissioned it, Common Core.

If Palin and Bachmann are claiming to be the champions of “Real America,” then it only stands to reason that they, too, would need to demonstrate a poor grasp of the history of the nation they presume to love and want to lead.


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    Facts are for suckers. Just flash a wink and a bit of leg while mouthing the word freedom over and over. Isn’t that how Reagan got elected?

  2. collapse expand

    The more we acknowledge either of these lunatics, the more power we give them. I understand many news sources are looking for readers, readers, readers–but at what cost are we attracting them? Even as disgusted as I am with both of these vile representatives of my sex, I still click on almost every story about them. They are the political equivalent of doughnuts–I know they are killing me, but with morbid disregard for my health (both physical and mental) I still consume them.

    Sorry–this comment is really more about how disgusted I am with myself, and how we all should be, that we continue to prop these entertainers up and give them any semblance of respectability.

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    It doesn’t matter what Sensational Sarah or Marvelous Michele say, because they look so glamorous & gorgeous saying it. They are feisty feminist fashionistas & superstar celebrities.

  4. collapse expand

    Does anyone understand that she is riding her 10 minutes for well over an hour now? We need the press to be busting her chops on the fact that she left Alaska a total mess.

    She is a self-serving individual who will latch onto any amount of publicity…much like Lindsey Lohan.

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    Let us not forget when Ms. Palin was tossed a softball by Glenn Beck and Sarah could not name a single founding father.

  6. collapse expand

    Great points. Don’t forget: Geraldine Ferraro is a also a mental midget that is quite attractive. Come to think of it: Most high level female politicians look pretty good in a dress. Wonder why?

  7. collapse expand

    Doesn’t matter who was first…Obama was the first black president and also the dumbest…so first doesn’t matter that much….

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