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Aug. 29 2009 - 1:38 pm | 427 views | 1 recommendation | 4 comments

Improbable File: Image Induced Orgasm (in women, of course)


Image by Eneas via Flickr

It turns out women can achieve orgasm through brain imagery alone:

Orgasm has been reported to occur in response to imagery in the absence of any physical stimulation. This study was undertaken to ascertain whether the subjective report of imagery-induced orgasm is accompanied by physiological and perceptual events that are characteristic of genitally stimulated orgasm. Subjects were women who claimed that they could experience orgasm from imagery alone. Orgasm from self-induced imagery or genital self-stimulation generated significant increases in systolic blood pressure, heart rate, pupil diameter, pain detection threshold, and pain tolerance threshold over resting control conditions. These findings provide evidence that orgasm from self-induced imagery and genital self-stimulation can each produce significant and substantial net sympathetic activation and concomitant significant increases in pain thresholds. The increases in the self-induced imagery orgasm condition were comparable in magnitude to those in the genital self-stimulation-produced orgasm condition. On this basis we state that physical genital stimulation is evidently not necessary to produce a state that is reported to be an orgasm and that a reassessment of the nature of orgasm is warranted.

So, that’s what they mean by stimulate her mind.

HT: Jena Pincott


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  1. collapse expand

    I used to get in these arguments with women when expressing my opinion that a woman’s orgasm was her own responsibility. Boy the fur just raised up, the claws came out and I was a scratching post.

    Now they always assumed I meant that I didn’t care what turned them on or was selfish about my own fireworks. Now this might have been true early on…but what I meant was guys no nothing…reaching orgasm for us isn’t really a big deal, I mean it is not complicated…but women…what the fuck do we know…so this confirms it…now if some woman said “Do my eyebrows…”, well that helps out you know and having an extra toothbrush has a completely new meaning…and you can think yourself to an orgasms, well shit so can I, in church, in school…hey of the ten things this is one we can relate to.

    Now here’s the thing after a while you find out they talk about things, far more than we do, honest and it gets to you…did she fake it… and soon you find yourself reading those Men’s Health things pleasing woman and Esquire’s “Things you don’t know about woman” article. I mean we get weird trying to figure out the one magic bullet. And now this…

    So now we learn ten things we never wanted to know. I mean it was complicated before… but now it seems it is about a pitch…like trying to sell a TV show…its about imagery and story. Good god…are you saying the pick up line could, you know…is important…after all that “just say hello crap”.

    Jesus, in junior high school we had to have like an hour of sex education and the lecture always fell to the football coach, who left me with this advise, “Now be careful, cause a woman is not like a regular fire, she’s like an oven, takes a while to warm up and get hot but once heated…well it takes a long time to cool, so ya got to pace yourself and be ready and take lots of vitamins.” Even he didn’t know about eyebrows.

    Now overall I have always though chicks are just too complicated to figure out and if you spend like five or six minutes with a group of four or more you will at some point be compared to a dog…well in defense all you womanare like cats…nice kitty, oh you like to be petted, like that spot…yeah, kitty, hey, hey, ouch, shit, you…damn…

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