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Apr. 12 2010 - 11:43 am | 7,420 views | 3 recommendations | 34 comments

Tiger’s swing not the only thing that failed him at The Masters

The first two days didn’t go too badly. While not particularly sharp, Tiger was playing well enough to keep himself in contention and, just as importantly, appeared to go out of his way to play nicely with the fans.

But as his swing fell apart over the weekend, so too went Wood’s disposition and the real Tiger Woods began to emerge. By the end of the tournament, he was back in full, ‘it’s all about me’ form.

Answering the ‘to be expected’ post-tournament question as to how he thought the week had gone, Tiger expressed anger and frustration. He had come to win, not place fourth.

That’s fine. The man is a competitor and we all appreciate that.

Still, it’s what he did not say that deserves just as much of our attention.

Given the circumstances, and how well Tiger was treated by the thousands of golf fans in attendance, would it have killed him to point out that while he may have experienced some frustration with his game, he nevertheless took away a few positives from the week? That while his swing may have deteriorated as the week went on, the treatment he received from the fans did not – making the experience a worthwhile and gratifying one for that alone?

He didn’t say it- at least in his first post-tournament interview- because, I suspect, he didn’t feel it.

Making it all the worse was the juxtaposition of Tiger’s ‘all that matters is golf’ reaction while, over in Phil Mickelson’s corner, we were being so poignantly reminded that there are so many things far more important than winning at work.  There was not a viewer in America who interpreted the uncharacteristic tears flowing from Lefty’s eyes to be the product of winning The Masters. The joy for Phil was not that he had won another Major – it was that his wife was alive and present to see it happen. For the first time in almost a year, Amy Mickelson, who has been fighting cancer, was well enough to to travel with her husband and be there at the 18th green to watch Phil finish a tournament – although she had spent the first three days of the tournament in bed so she would have the energy and strength to make it to the event on Sunday.

You see, while we’ve all been distracted by the Tiger Woods nonsense, golf fans know who has suffered the true disaster this past year. Anyone who has ever had to nurse a spouse undergoing chemotherapy knows that to even make the comparison is nothing short of absurd.

For those who may not know, Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer almost one year ago. To add incredible insult to injury, Phil’s mother received the same diagnosis one week later.


How does Tiger Woods not acknowledge this in his post-tournament interview? While expressing his disappointment over the loss, Woods had a perfect opportunity to remind the viewing audience that he really has learned what is important. All he had to do was note that while his loss was personally disappointing, it paled in comparison to the special moment Phil’s victory created for the Mickelson family- a family who could certainly use a great moment. Yet, Tiger appeared to be the only person among those at Augusta National or watching at home who didn’t seem to get it.

Finding his swing will prove easy for Tiger Woods. Finding what he really needs – a little class – will likely prove far more difficult.


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    Comparing the post-Masters interviews of Lee Westwood and Tiger Woods can be summarized in two words: Westwood, class; Woods, ass.

  2. collapse expand

    I couldn’t agree more. I watched his post round comments as well and was shocked that he didn’t mention the fans or any of the other golfers. Most shocking though was the fact that he didn’t even mention his own family. His golf swing may have left him as the tournament progressed, but his narcissism certainly did not.

  3. collapse expand

    Interesting that mention that Tiger didn’t say nice things about Phil and his wife.

    Why didn’t you mention that Phil didn’t say anything nice about Tiger in his post-win interview?

    Agenda, perhaps?

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      You have got to smoking something. For starers, can anyone actually have an agenda on this subject? Talk about seeing conspiracy behind every bush!!
      You’re question goes beyond ridiculous and well into the range of stupid. Should Phil, as the winner, have something to say about everyone in the tournament? As it happens, there is only one winner in a golf tournament. And, in this instance, the winner moved every human watching on an emotional level because of his story- except, apparently for you.

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        Rick, you’re the one who is smoking something. You said “Should Phil, as the winner, have something to say about everyone in the tournament?” and he didn’t. Yet you bag on Tiger because he didn’t do it either.


        In response to another comment. See in context »
      • collapse expand

        “Should Phil, as the winner, have something to say about everyone in the tournament?”

        You seem to have no problem that Phil didn’t say nice things about Tiger – or anyone else – after he won.

        But Tiger doesn’t mention Phil’s wife and he’s the bad guy?


        In response to another comment. See in context »
      • collapse expand

        “Should Phil, as the winner, have something to say about everyone in the tournament?”

        He didn’t say anything about anyone else.

        Yet you don’t bag on him for it.

        Tiger does the same thing and you write an entire article whining about it.


        In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      What nice thing could Phil say about Tiger? Phil has always been very gracious toward others. Unfortunately, as talented as Tiger is, he is a very selfish person.

      He could have taken the time to congratulate Phil on his fine performance. Instead the focus of Tiger’s comments was ME, ME, ME!!! If it was Nicklaus or Palmer they would not only have been gracious to the winner but they would have recognized the courage the Mickelson family has shown and hard times Amy Mickelson and Phil have gone thru the past year. But Tiger is all about golf and not about humanity. I hope that changes

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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    Little known fact- Phil probably took more acid than Frank Zappa and Whitey Bulger combined. In Whitey’s defense, he was knocking years off his sentence at the Rock by particpating in the DoD’s acid experiments for the super soldier project.

    Tiger’s great though. Best golfer the world has ever seen and a complete and total douche.

  5. collapse expand

    Poor Tiger! This is a true life tale of Icarus flying to high to the sun…the only thing that can stop Tiger is Tiger. I hope he can move pass this ridiculous matter and soar back to the top of the sport.

    • collapse expand

      Actually, I think its more a case of an individual raised to believe that the only important thing in life is golf and himself. As a result, he seems to lack the ability to instinctively ‘get’ situations like what he found himself in yesterday. Yes, brilliant golfer – something that, as a duffer myself – I completely appreciate. But a jerk is a jerk.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  6. collapse expand

    In his post final round interview Tiger sounded like he was warming up to sing a song. ME ME ME ME ME! His total failure to acknowledge Mickelson overcoming his own personal issues as a inspiration not only to himself but to the entire world, should show everyone that Tiger may be a very talented golfer but has a long way to go as a caring human being.

  7. collapse expand

    Poor Tiger! It’s like a Greek tragedgy, Icarus flying to close to the sun. I only hope he can get pass this truly ridiculous matter and soar back to the top of the sport.

  8. collapse expand

    Tiger haters will never be satisfied no matter what he does on or off the golf course. No one will ever change is attitude about golf which what has been pounded into his head since birth. He doesn’t care what others think about him and shouldn’t have to be warm and fuzzy with other players as well. IT’S A JOB….Deal with it. As far as his personal life he shouldn’t have to opolgize to anyone except family and close friends. A lot of other athletes have done what he has and some worst and haven’t had to deal constant badgering and critiquing of his character in public. People in glass houses should not be tossing stones. I would bet this is more common than not and a lot of golfers now and legends alike are wishing this would go away before some old flames start wanting to cash in on their stories as well.

    • collapse expand

      First, I’m hardly a ‘Tiger hater’. I can’t quite imagine how I could form that strong of an emotion towards anyone I don’t know, particularly someone who plays a game for a living.
      Secondly, you don’t get it. It’s far more than ‘a job’ when you get paid a billion dollars marketing products as a result of celebrity –something I know a little bit about. When you are number 110 on the tour list- that’s a job. I’m not moralizing about his personal life. i’ve never written so much as one story about Tiger Woods – it just never seemed important enough.
      But, if I want to call someone out for being an asshole -and the fact that he doesn’t care as you point out, is reflective of his being just that. I don’t care what you do for a living. If someone in the office who has been suffering from something like the Mickelson family has been experiencing, and something good finally happens for them – you acknowledge it. That’s what a decent person does. And again, I don’t care what your profession is. If someone in your office behaved this way, you would think they were a jerk. Admit it.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      @ laryee
      Amazing….you consider the twenty bimbos he cavorted with repeatedly “old flames”. He would be but a cinder if they were flames.

      He does very very very much care what others think about him, maybe he is even confused about what he himself thinks about him. He should rather be concerned about what his children think or will think about him. His totally fake apologies were better than anything Saturday Night Live could make up.

      You are getting your envy of Tiger confused with Tiger’s envy of Tiger. That he makes SO much money as a role model for our compatriots and their children is disgusting, really disgusting. Just think how many people of much lesser income live lives of much greater worth than this man. Just think. Just think.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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    The hero worship of this self-centered non-athlete who plays a non-sport is appalling. What has Tiger Woods ever done for the world except provide comic relief?

    • collapse expand

      That’s not entirely fair. His foundation has done a lot of good – and for that he deserves credit just like anyone else who contributes a lot of money to help people deserves credit. On the other topic, I have to say that when I play golf, it is a non-athelete playing a non-sort. I figure that the fact that I can ride around in a cart, smoke a cigar and have a drink while I’m doing it pretty much makes it a non-sport as far as it goes for me.
      But, I have to say, when Tiger and all the others on the pro tour play it, they are athletes and it very much is a sport.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  10. collapse expand

    Tiger doesn’t owe you or anybody else anything. Only losers keep bashing Tiger Woods. STFU.

    • collapse expand

      I never said he did. I said he owes his co-worker more consideration just like I would owe to someone in my office who was going through what the Mickelsons are going through.
      Beyond that- you’re wrong. I’m a customer. I watch the tour. While I have nothing to do with the quality of his game, I’m the audience that he sells his game too. I’m a viewer who tunes into a commercial when he’s on it. If he wants to drop by his local course and play a round, then you’re right- he owes me nothing. If he’s going to ask me to buy products because he says I should…or if he’s going to hold himself out as a model to kids (which even he admits that he does), then he owes a lot to alot of people.
      So you STFU.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      Tiger appears on TV, makes public statements, speaks for companies, asks us to buy sneakers and whatnots because he says they are good, apologizes insincerely, plays golf and talks to newscasters and sportscasters………..

      He is looks for and gets plenty of attention. Perhaps he will even influence your children to become like him……I am sure that will please you immensely.

      You can love Tiger all you want. And we can criticize him.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  11. collapse expand

    Tiger proved again why he has issues. Not grateful for the opportunity to compete again. Not grateful for the fans. Not grateful for his wife and kids. Just win! Poor Tiger, he’s his own worst enemy.

  12. collapse expand

    Why do WE care what Tiger said or did not say there is a great story here with Mickelson and his wife why in the world would we pull Tiger into this let the spot-light and the glory fall where it should and leave the negitive of Tiger and his needs to be repaired life ALONE!!! Why take a positive and show a negitive …Then it would have been said that Tiger seeking lime-light piggy backs off of Mickelson”s wife illness!!

  13. collapse expand

    Very well said!!! It has been said that the true mark of a man is how he behaves when things don’t go well. If that is the measuring stick, then Tiger failed miserably this weekend.

    He blew a magnificent opportunity to show he has changed. Unfortunately, Tiger’s selfish comments show he hasn’t changed.

    I don’t care how many tournaments he wins. Tiger will never be the man that Phil Mickelson is until he realizes that there are so many more important things than golf.

  14. collapse expand

    @ Unger
    “…who has suffered the true
    “disaster this past year…”
    With respect, I beg to differ. Not to demean in any way the tragedy of going through cancer treatments, but Tiger’s showy barnstorming manoeuvers in the air (with endless publicity seeking bimbos) and resulting crash was a real disaster. Watching him pretend (wait, it wasn’t even “pretending” was it)to be sorry for what he did (over and over and over and over and…) was really reality television. The only thing that matters to him is clearly that he will loose his endorsements, and hundred million dollar yearly income. Narcissus was an altruist compared to Tiger. His disaster is America’s final quiz. The grades are lookin’ bad.

  15. collapse expand

    Oh, bye the way….
    Viagra is the Sanskrit word for “tiger”.

  16. collapse expand

    Rick, perhaps you didn’t notice but Tiger was interviewed post game BEFORE anyone knew who would win. And his “all about me” response was because the question was specific to how he felt about how he played.

    Your comments show that you were just looking for something to diss Tiger about. While your article might be well written, your powers of observation are WAY off base!

  17. collapse expand

    I don’t put much wieght on athlete’s post-game comments. Generally they’re still coming down and dealing with a rush of emotions (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and those quick little interviews aren’t like someone giving a prepared speech.

    Ever given an unprepared speech or get hit up with a bunch of questions when you’re emotionally drained ? You almost always think back to it the next day and think “ug, I could have done that so much better”.

    Your mind just seems to tunnel vision into the emotion. Tiger was upset with himself, so Tiger could only think of himself.

    • collapse expand

      Did you happen to hear what Lee Westwood had to say? I really have to disagree with you. These people do this for a living and are very conscious of what they are saying whenever there is a microphone in front of them.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      Don’t they like to be called “professional” athletes?
      Does that not imply that they are good at what they do, including talking about what they do?
      Even when Tiger was apologizing on TV for his innumerable sexual escapades with money hungry bimbos (his favorite, also a professional decision apparently) wasn’t he really talking just about himself?
      Just about himself?

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  18. collapse expand

    There are people of class, but I don’t think they develop it by any conscious action- they have it and it infuses everything they do and say. They cannot operate otherwise. Tiger Woods is a classless oaf who plays golf well. To people for whom golf is important (which is unimaginable to me) Tiger Woods’ lack of class is insignificant. You will go very blue around the gills if you hold your breath until Tiger Woods displays anything like classy behavior.

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