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Mar. 17 2010 - 8:44 pm | 451 views | 6 recommendations | 15 comments

Is ‘Boss’ Boehner the worst person ever?

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 24:   House Minority Le...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

It just doesn’t seem possible.

On the one issue where virtually all Americans could agree- the urgent need for financial market reforms- House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has taken a stand against repairing the very financial system that nearly led the nation to a financial meltdown and a great depression.

Speaking to an enthusiastic group of bankers today (that would be your first clue that something is wrong), Boehner crowed about the GOP’s ability to delay any possible regulation of the banking and financial industry by following the obstructionist course that has worked so well to date.

Predicting that any bill that might pass the Senate will be held up for a year in the committee to reconcile the House and Senate versions, Boehner said,

If the Senate is able to produce a bill, I think it’s just as likely that we’ll be talking about the same issue a year from now as we are right now.
Via Think Progress

Boehner was just getting started. Cheering on the bankers, who are about to begin their assault on Capitol Hill in the effort to derail the reform bill proposed by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, the Minority Leader continued,

Don’t let those little punk staffers take advantage of you and stand up for yourselves. All of us are hearing from our friends and constituents on lack of credit, you can’t get a loan, the more your government takes and taxes, the more regulations you have to comply with the more cost you have there and less amount you are going to have available to loan to customers (emphasis added).

Wow. I’m no innocent when it comes to politics but, seriously… wow.

These are the ramblings of a perverse and barely functioning brain locked in the head of a man so self-involved in his power role that he is willing to completely sell out the interests of the American people –Republican, Democrat or anyone else – in furtherance of his personal agenda.

One wonders if this might have something to do with Boehner’s efforts earlier this year to sell Democrat Jaime Dimon, the chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan, on the idea that Dimon was backing the wrong horse.

Mr. Boehner told Mr. Dimon congressional Republicans had stood up to Mr. Obama’s efforts to curb pay and impose new regulations. The Republican leader also said he was disappointed many on Wall Street continue to donate their money to Democrats, according to the people familiar with the matter.
Via Wall Street Journal

It appears clear that Mr. Boehner is prepared to sell out his country- despite the clear and dramatic need to fix the financial system so as to hopefully prevent the next catastrophic meltdown – for some Wall Street cash.

There are many words for this that come to mind. Judas…Benedict Arnold…you pick it.

Boss Boehner represents Ohio’s eighth congressional district – a district that lines the southwestern side of the state and is mired in unemployment. As much as Boehner wants to blame that unemployment on the Obama Administration, his constituents are not total idiots, even if they did send this man to Congress. They remember that it hit the fan before Obama became president and they know it was the bankers who played the starring role in bringing the economy – along with their jobs – to a standstill.

Yet, their own Congressman – who happens to be the Minority Leader and possibly the next Speaker of the House – hangs out with – and cheerleads for – the very people who brought them down, hoping that he can pick the bankers’ pockets as the bankers pick the pockets of his own constituents.

Whatever one’s ideology, is there really anyone out there – with the exception of John Boehner- who believes we should just forget about what the bankers did and hope that they make some effort not to drive us to destruction  in order to get an extra $100,000 in their bonus checks? Anyone?

Seriously. Knowing full well that  Boehner has signed on with the interests of the bankers, who could possibly support this man as the leader of the House of Representatives and second in the line of succession to the presidency when he has no business running the local Kiwanis Club?


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    You’ve been busy today Rick. Home stretch adrenalin or jitters?

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    Every road to Washington leads through rabbit hole and down to very merry party led by a very very mad Hatter who spends his time with friends murdering time and logic. Outsiders like Alice might think this tea party is just populated with the republicans but no no no at a time when the country wants the heads off of the wall street and bankers who did such damage there is the democrat march hare hiding the problem in the tea pot with the Hatta. It’s a riddle with no answer to all of us above.

  3. collapse expand

    I actually think this is fantastic news. There was a vote a couple of months ago where every single republican senator voted against the Pay As You Go bill and now you have their leader fighting to preserve the deregulation that allowed for the implosion of the financial markets?

    You get that leather-faced douche nozzle spouting on about cutting taxes, instead of cutting spending, at the same time that he’s prattling on about how Glass-Steagall hurt our our economy for 60 odd years and I’d be willing to bet that all the pundits are wrong. Dems wont lose seats in fall, they’ll gain ‘em. As Obama pivots off a win with HCR, he’d do well to attack financial reform immediately and force the Republican’s into a corner. Swing the Glass-Steagall pendulum back over or be on record as obstructing the reform.

    People’s risk aversion to HCR is understandable because it’s another entitlement, and well you know the rest. People’s risk aversion to financial reform is probably non-existent, especially when it can be framed so nicely in the recent financial crisis and the afterglow of unemployment. I’m pretty sure the people in the middle understand conservatism is dead on the right, and it’s not like democrats aren’t in bed with big business, the HRC proves that much, but being on the side of rational thinking goes a long way to proving your particular bag of crap is sweeter than the other guy’s. So I’m also pretty sure the middle will break left if the Dems can make an argument that goes “Financial market crisis indicates greater regulation.” It makes sense. If Boehner is honestly going to try to make the case that “Financial market crisis indicates we should do nothing” Then, just smile and wave, the short bus will be along to take him home soon enough.

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    I know I can sound like a whacked out fan, but I do enjoy it when your voice is so … sounds so spontaneous. So funny. So right.

  5. collapse expand

    As usual, a great article…but pointing out that Boehner is the worst person ever…not THAT much of a stretch. :)

    Love reading your stuff. Keep it up!


  6. collapse expand

    Frank rips Boehner over ‘punk’ jab

    “I am appalled that a Leader of the House, who must know what good work is done by our staffs, would take such an inaccurate cheap-shot at these people, for the purpose of ingratiating himself with bankers or any other group,” Frank wrote.

    “I understand that you differ with what we and the majority are doing in what we believe is appropriate, tough regulation of the financial industry. And of course you are free to defend that industry and work with them to try to defeat those regulations. But picking on members of the staff is unworthy of you,” Frank continued.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34643.html#ixzz0iZ190lbQ

  7. collapse expand

    Rumor has it, the bankers want to put him on a new version of the $100 bill……….
    and color it orange of course! :-)

  8. collapse expand

    Yes this man is just for business, I wonder how they vote him in, it is bad there. Take the school loan thing, it’s just a way for banks to have a no risk guarantee, and that’s something not usually associated with business (zero risk), so the gov. is saying why have a middle man for that, and he started puffing about “now the gov. wants in the school loan business”- with him even saving the gov. money is a bad idea, his friends can’t have it now!

  9. collapse expand

    The fact that it defies logic, is blatantly obstructionist, and an obvious money grab is a mute point. Fox will support it as fact, as will Beck, Limbaugh, etc. and the sheeple will nod their heads in agreement… “bad for business, bad for America!” It seems that the more outrageous the claim, the easier it is for the sheeple to believe. I’d like to believe that people are smarter than this as John does, but haven’t seen a lot of signs of that.

  10. collapse expand

    When I look at the Boner, I get the same feeling Norman Mailer described when he met Mubutu in the jungle rumble documentary.

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