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Roger Theriault

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Contributor since:October 2008
Location:Lantana, Florida

About Me

I'm a software developer and a principal contributor to the technology development here at True/Slant.

I develop the front and backend site features that make websites work, using PHP, jQuery, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, Javascript, Flash, and AJAX. I also work with WordPress MU and web APIs.

In the past, I've done software application development and support, mobile solutions, and strategic business development. I worked at Motorola for over a decade. I have an MBA from the University of Miami, and a US Patent. And I've been a real estate agent and mortgage broker.

Journalism isn't new to me, either - I've been a photographer, photo editor, and occasional writer for university weeklies. It's nice to bring all that together here on True/Slant.



I'm Known For...

Figuring it out.

My Current Project

Making True/Slant work.


and better...

I Truly Respect

mechanics. Nasty stuff, moving parts and grease.


What I'm Currently Addicted To...

making True/Slant work

This Is Making Me Worry...

Mysterious "issues".


Not really.

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