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Rob Warmowski is a lifelong Chicagoan with the scars to prove it. He is a freelance writer, educator, comedic screenwriter and animation producer. He contributes to the Huffington Post, covers the White Sox for Can't Stop The Bleeding, and created the web animated satirical series Officer Bob. Rob is underway on his first book, a nonfiction work entitled "English For Robots" and prefers to write about himself in the third person.



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Writing content, copy and invective. Being a Chicago punk. Designing a 7" record cover that was honored both by the Smithsonian and the bacon lovers of the world. Leading four original rock bands. Doing the theme music for the Upright Citizen's Brigade. Having an absurdist sense of humor and a dissipated polymath's sensibility. And being a John Belushi doppleganger.

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A nonfiction work entitled "English For Robots", a feature comedy screenplay, and leading a new band called Sirs.

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The Ubiquity plugin for Firefox, rehearsing with my band, and the sweet ammonia scent of cooking meth.

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Free-market fundamentalism. Facile politics. "Brand-building".

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