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Contributor since:March 2010
Location:Long Island

About Me

Music is my true passion. Listening to it, talking about it, writing about it. Definitely not playing it.

I live on Long Island. I have two kids (17 and 20) a dog (a miniature schnauzer) and a boyfriend (a transplanted Californian). We all aim to move to California one day. I take pictures, I write stories, I eat sushi and I play video games.

I'm @abigvictory on twitter, destroy_oh_boy on last.fm, MCThumbtack on Xbox Live and if you look me up on Facebook I'll friend you, but ignore your Farmville requests.



My Current Project

Writing the Great American Novel. I sure hope American novel readers like feral children, an alcoholic Santa Claus and a sexually ambiguous artist who talks to Han Solo.

My Greatest Achievement

Finishing Legend of Zelda twenty years after I started it.

My Biggest Regret

Buying Van Halen's 5150.

I Truly Respect

People who keep it real.

Moments I'd Like To Forget


How I Pay For This Wardrobe

I'm a slave to the state.

Blocks I've Been Around

All of them. Except that one.

Things That Really Happened

I spent a very unpleasant week with Anna Nicole Smith.

Where I'd Like To Be 10 Years From Now

In Northern California, enjoying life after publishing The Great American Novel.

Why True/Slant

It looks like a pretty nice place to hang out.

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What I'm Currently Addicted To...

Borderlands for Xbox

This Is Annoying Me...


This Is Making Me Worry...

Long distance calls from my daughter once a week declaring a new life plan, a new major, a new direction or a new idea, phone calls which end with me telling her we've already put a pool table in her bedroom so there's no going home again.

This Is Bringing Me Joy...

Planning a vacation.

I'm Running From...

the devil. Wait. I'm running *with* the devil.

This Is Making Me Think - Hard...

The lyrics to Cake's "Commissioning a Symphony in C"

This Makes My Teeth Itch

Radio stations that still play Stairway to Heaven three times a day. Also, Swiss cheese. Literally makes my teeth itch.

Can't Do Without


Favorite Voices

Josh Homme, Mike Patton

My Most Awkward Moment


My Secret Ambition

To be a wealthy recluse who only ventures outdoors to take out the recycling, wearing nothing but bunny slippers.

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