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About 10 years ago, this lady in her 80s told me a childhood story about the day her mom tied her to a post on the porch. It was punishment for riding her tricycle past the curb at the end of their block. In the middle of the story she said to me, 'Wait, mom didn't tie me to the porch, she tied the tricycle to the porch. I just remembered that.' I've been fascinated by memory ever since.


To make a living during those 10 years, I wrote about religion, politics and people for The Kansas City Star and National Catholic Reporter. I also delved deep into memory by teaching over 2,000 retired Midwesterners how to write their life stories. Now I am putting those two things together -- I'm reporting on memory from science, social and personal perspectives. I am also earning my MA in Journalism at NYU.



I'm Known For...

a story about my first girlfriend, Paula. She ate dirt, but I loved her anyway.

My Current Project

a series of stories about how memory matters in our lives, with snippets of neuroscience tucked in to show what scientists know about this amazing ability.

Moments I'd Like To Forget

well, now, that's the point of this particular blog isn't it?

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New York pizza. That's not going to change soon.

This Is Annoying Me...

purposely overbooking flights. Bad karma, airlines.

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