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About Me

I love cats

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the progressive blogs


What I'm Currently Addicted To...

String fries.

This Is Annoying Me...

Liz Cheney

This Is Making Me Worry...

Liz Cheney

This Is Bringing Me Joy...

outwitting my woodchuck buddy

I'm Running From...

my cell phone company

This Is Helping Me Create...

aromatherapy (joke)

This Is Making Me Think - Hard...

am I still a Democrat?

This Makes My Teeth Itch

Sarah Palin

Can't Do Without

Favorite Voices

Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan

My Most Awkward Moment

too old to remember

My Secret Ambition

grow carrots

I'm Known For...

being sarcastic--comes with the territory--university English professor

My Current Project

sort out medical EOBs

My Greatest Achievement

my marriage

My Biggest Regret

not voting for Norman Thomas when I had the chance

I Truly Respect

Jim Webb

Moments I'd Like To Forget


How I Pay For This Wardrobe

a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears

Blocks I've Been Around

internships in NYC during the 50s, marriage, cats, gardens, old houses, great libraries

Things That Really Happened

my best friend and I wrote Oral Roberts a letter asking if he paid income taxes; he sent us a postcard saying yes he did

Where I'd Like To Be 10 Years From Now


Why True/Slant

tired of Huff Po

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