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My professional career began in broadcast news as part of the team who brought you the esteemed "#1 Prime Time Newscast" of the Southern Tier of New York - though the fact that we were the only news program on at 10:00 pm helped some, I think.

On the cusp of a new frontier, I thought back on the inspirational words of my 8th grade English teacher, the one who feigned memory of me that last time I saw him on the basketball courts of my local schoolyard, fumbling the ball as he asked, “Who are you again?”

To which I think I’ve always known the answer - I’m a writer.



I'm Known For...

Being the last person in America not on Facebook. But I do have a cell phone, I swear.

Where I'd Like To Be 10 Years From Now

Spiraling into a Joaquin Phoenix-style seclusion, only to reemerge as hip-hop phenom Jo Hatin'


This Is Annoying Me...

That they said Lost was planned from the beginning. Lies!

This Makes My Teeth Itch

My Sensodent toothpaste. Not to be confused with Fixodent. Some mistakes you only make once.

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Dan Castellaneta

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