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I am a man, not a machine. I'm also the namesake for Pyle of List, a liveblogger for, contributor of comedic stylings all around the interwebs (Deadspin, The Big Lead) and last but not least, proprietor of the Sexy Man Index for the feature "Voodoo Sabremetrics" on Babes Love Baseball... which ironically (using Alanis Morisette's loose understanding of the word) could be his best work. He's appeared on TV's "The Singing Bee" and in the background of several sporting events where my parents swear they saw him. I am also a part-time blogger, full-time lover and generally decent guy. If you ever meet me, I'll probably be wearing flip flops and will greet you with a kind embrace, not unlike that of long-separated brothers.



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I have a pioneering spirit.

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lack of football

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The USC loss at Oregon.

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Voicing movie trailers.

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