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Filmmaker Michael Moore may hate former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who may distrust Mohammed Fadlallah (the former spiritual head of Hezbollah) but all three can agree on one thing: They liked meeting journalist Jonathan Curiel. That’s me. I don’t fawn over people I interview, but I give them room to talk before formulating an opinion (or two). Beyond my journalism (a long reporting stint for the San Francisco Chronicle, plus freelancing for the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Columbia Journalism Review, and others), I’ve taught as a Fulbright Scholar at Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan; and conducted research at England’s Oxford University, as a Reuters Foundation Fellow. I’m also the author of “Al’ America: Travels Through America’s Arab and Islamic Roots.” If journalists are what they cover, then I’m an omnivore – someone as interested in Picasso and Seinfeld as I am in Washington politics and foreign affairs.



Things That Really Happened

* Traveled to Timbuktu

* Lived in Pakistan

* Hung out in Iran for a month

* Ate three pints of Ben & Jerry's Heath-Bar-Crunch ice cream once a week for two months (as I wrote my book "Al' America")

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A great window to a brave, new world of opining 24-7

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Haagen-Dazs' "dulche de leche caramel" ice cream

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My beautiful son

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"Africa Mix," an NPR affiliate program that showcases music from Africa

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Laughter, sense of connection to strangers and loved ones

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Frank Rich, Etgar Keret, Natacha Atlas

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