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I left my career as a corporate lawyer to author Double Outsiders (JIST Works, 2007), an award-winning book about the lives and experiences of professional women of color. Since then, I've continued writing as a freelancer and columnist and have been cited in the Associated Press, Working Mother, and the National Law Journal, among others. In Hyphenated, I'll continue writing about women of color, but will also expand my focus to look at issues impacting women and people of color generally in society. You can find me on a bunch of different social networks, but most often on Twitter (@jescarter).



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Raising awareness about issues impacting women of color in our society.

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Book proposal

I Truly Respect

Thoughtful analysis minus the ad hominem stuff.

Blocks I've Been Around

You mean, like, legos?

Why True/Slant

It's an interesting concept and a chance to build community around ideas.

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Pretzels stuffed w/peanut butter

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An annual budget deficit of over $1 trillion?

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Songs from the CD, "Love and Paragraphs"

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Music--basically anything on's smooth jazz channel. My Mac. And green tea.

My Secret Ambition

If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret...right?

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