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Fed up and disenfranchised.

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What I'm Currently Addicted To...

The music of Lightnin' Hopkins, Davy Graham, Grant Green, Charlie Parker, ... I could go on typing for a long time.

The artwork of Max Ernst, Reynold Brown, Richard Powers, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Mort Drucker, Henry Patrick Raleigh...I could go on typing for a long time.

...and coffee. Lots of coffee.

This Is Annoying Me...

I am losing my confidence in the Obama administration, and the Democratic majority in Congress more every day. But they will never annoy me to the point that most republicans annoy me.

This Is Making Me Worry...

The national debt, my friends who are unemployed, the health of my aging parents, and the spinelessness and perhaps even corruption of Harry Reid.

This Is Bringing Me Joy...

My dog Bennett, the most wonderful Hound dog in the world.

I'm Running From...

A checkered past. But the chess games that I have played I look back on quite fondly.

This Is Helping Me Create...

The need for my next paycheck.

This Is Making Me Think - Hard...

The deteriorating fiscal future for the American middle class...and maybe even our culture?

This Makes My Teeth Itch

Getting wrangled into pointless never-ending political debate on the internet. When will I learn just to keep my mouth shut?

Can't Do Without

Wine, women, and song. And not particularly in that order. It used to be sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, but I've matured since those days.

Favorite Voices

Paul Frees, Thurl Ravenscroft, Kathleen Turner...or did you mean political voices? That would be Howard Dean, Paul Krugman, John Dean, Bill Moyers...and a special tip of the hat to the late General William Odom.

My Most Awkward Moment

I'm not sure I've had it yet. They keep getting more and more awkward.

My Secret Ambition

To transform the world into a Utopian Shangrila where magical chocolate bunnies will grant your every wish and we will all sing "Kum-Ba-Ya" in perfect harmony as the sun sets every evening.

I'm Known For...

Killer graphic design and illustration, and 'old school' cartooning.

...and my vicious, scathing political repartee.

My Current Project

Its classified.

My Greatest Achievement

If I were to tell you that, then you could figure out my real name. Nice try.

My Biggest Regret

Too personal and tragically maudlin to divulge here.

I Truly Respect

Someone who sticks to their principles.

Someone who can see the big picture.

Someone who has a fully functioning logic board.

Someone who gives 100%.

Moments I'd Like To Forget

All the time I've wasted typing all this crap that nobody's ever going to read.

How I Pay For This Wardrobe

With hard-earned American dollars.

Blocks I've Been Around


Things That Really Happened

If you say so.

Where I'd Like To Be 10 Years From Now

Living on a terra-formed Mars, with Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansson, & Eva Mendes as my concubines.

Why True/Slant

Why not? Seems like an interesting place, more 'slant 'than 'truth' so far though.

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