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I am the Gina Welch whose first book, "In the Land of Believers," is forthcoming from Metropolitan Books in 2010. My book is sort of an outsider's odyssey, detailing the two years I spent undercover at Jerry Falwell's church in Lynchburg, VA, traveling the long, hard road from "WTF" to "I feel your pain." I'm originally from California, although most of the gold dust has rubbed off by now. These days you can find me swiveling in my desk chair on Capitol Hill or scrawling on the chalkboard at George Washington University.

If you seek the Gina Welch who wrote a Christian inspiration book, keep seeking. If you are she, we should meet!



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Working on a new book based on letters my grandfather wrote to by grandmother during WWII; managing ice-sweats I get waiting for my first book to come out.

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