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This Is Annoying Me...

taxpayers bailed out the banks (blackmailed via the Hank Paulson mafia)

and yet we have not made anyone within the financial world accountable for the fact that:

- millions of innocent/naive people were mis-sold mortgages they could never afford

- most of the hard-working middle class saw a 30%+ drop in their pension nest eggs in 2008, but the intermediaries continue to reap their egregious fees

- banks are charging outrageous rates to all credit card holders, in spite of virtually zero interest rates

- the US Govt bails out GM, Goldman, AIG etc and yet millions of hard-working individuals are having their homes taken away from them and millions are deprived of satisfactory healthcare and other public services

- had the US Govt paid AIG $18 bn, this could perhaps have spent keeping 10 million people from having their homes reposessed

the list is endless

This Is Making Me Worry...

the financial system is corrupt, and still alive solely because of taxpayers money

and yet still we are seeing individuals within this industry being paid ridiculous sums of money. these people would be without jobs had we, the taxpayer, NOT bailed them out


This Is Bringing Me Joy...

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