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May. 16 2010 - 7:11 am | 692 views | 0 recommendations | 15 comments

Sarah Palin: ‘We’re all Arizonans now’

Sarah Palin paid a call on Arizona yesterday, to show her solidarity with Governor Jan Brewer and declare her support for the state’s new immigration law, aka, “The Show Me Your Papers Act of 1896 2010.” Palin told an adoring crowd at a posh north Phoenix resort: “We’re all Arizonans now.”

God, forbid.

Don’t get me wrong. I live in Arizona — in Phoenix — and I love it here. One of the things I love most about Arizona is the strong Mexican cultural influence. Which is just what SB 1070 will kill. The law requires police to check the papers of people they “reasonably suspect” of being in the U.S. illegally. Sound like a set-up for racial profiling and potential harassment of anyone with brown skin?

Not to worry, says Governor Brewer (who also just signed a bill to shutter ethnic studies in the Arizona public schools). There won’t be any racial profiling, she says, because the bill states that profiling is a no-no.

Palin helped Brewer launch a new Website: SecuretheBorder.org that features the video below.

Ah, the familiar scary music; which is no surprise given that Palin and mini-her Brewer don’t have a lot going for them other than the politics of fear — and its offspring, the politics of hate.

Palin and Brewer’s YouTube channel was only a few hours old when the haters latched on.

Here’s a comment left by one fan (in response to another comment):

Get the chip off your shoulder, you dirty spic. We’re gonna win the battle, you f*cking greasy´╗┐ mexican c*nt. So get out of our country now before we have to mass murder every last one of you criminals.

That came from someone who uses the handle “EidSeimmoc” and has a YouTube channel (that I hope will be gone by tonight) called: Kill All Mexicans.

Palin and Brewer will condemn such talk. (I assume.) But when you fan the flames of racial hatred, it’s no use acting surprised when the firestorm sweeps through.


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    Walking tall & standing proudly beside embattled Gov. Jan Brewer, populist princess Sarah Palin was authoritative & articulate in defense of authentic American values & Arizona tourism. Rule, Sarah!

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    I really doubt she has any idea what she is standing up for. If she was asked, she’d probably give a vague buzzword response like “I’m standing up for freedom.” Which is quite the opposite of what the Arizona law stands for. Palin is simply becoming a parody of herself. Although she is a master of using ambiguous words and statements to get everyone riled up. Forget about facts or critical thinking, just keep saying “freedom” over and over again. It’s almost unbelievable that people buy into this sort of ‘character’ she has created. There’s a nice parody article about Arizona, which pretty much sums up the idiocy of it all: http://tinfoiler.com/2010/04/28/arizona-its-about-time/

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    As right-wingers so often do, she’s creating a fantasy world in which the oppressors are the oppressed.

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    Is there nothing else going on in the world that you have to waste time giving this class A asshole more air time/print space??

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      I feel your pain. But, I disagree with your premise that all this does is give her more print space. If I simply quoted her, that’s one thing. But I think it is responsible journalism to cover and analyze the actions of demagogues with huge followings. She’s stirring up ethnic hatred and that’s what the piece emphasizes. I think that’s a legitimate story.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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    What is really surprising…are the number of idiots who want more illegals to flood across the border

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      No, again andy you are wrong. On the left we like to actually work problems out in a way that will actually solve the problem. We don’t want a uncontrolled border for poeple to do whatever they want and drive down labor markets. But we have this thing called a brain and we preffer to use it. Unlike poeple like you who are just small minded, misinformed, pathetic, cowards who need to bully the most vulnerable to feel better about your small manlyhood. I’m sure you consider yourself a proud patriot. Another idea you are to stupid to understand. I consider it cowardly to bully poeple instead of fixing the problem.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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    She’ll involve herself in anything that she can use as a rallying cry in front of a crowd. I don’t think she knows about or believes in half the stuff she claims to stand for. She’s become a limelight junkie, at the expense of whatever political discourse we had left in this country.

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    I had to reread your post after I read the ‘tinfoiler’ article to make sure it really was a parody. I, like you, came to the conclusion it MUST be a parody because only wingnuts like herbert(not so)smart and andylevinson actually believe the crap they post. :-) !!
    I was born in Phoenix and find myself feeling really upset that the great state of my birth could fall so far in just a few short years! May th

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    The wicked trend lately from the liberals is to portrait hispanic people as brown skin.

    We have retreated from skin color a long time ago. We don’t call Asians yellow skins anymore. We call black people African Americans or simply black (not black skins).

    Why do we start to label hispanic people as brown skins. This is racist.

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    Almost everyone wants immigration reform. That’s pretty much a given. But, how to implement it is very difficult.

    So, progressives, if the federal government refuses to address address immigration reform and refuses to adequately protect our borders, what should Arizona do?

    I’m not seeing any ideas being presented as to how Arizona should address this issue.

    Funny how conservatives are always criticized for not having any ideas, that they always complain etc. But, that’s what I see progressives doing right now. They’re complaining about this new law but they’re not saying how they’d address the problems that Arizona is having regarding the crimes and high number of illegals in their state.

    What can Arizona do?

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      What I find funny is this has been a problem for a very, very long time. So why now do Republicans create this big bruhaha.

      My guess is it’s on purpose, one to create a dilemma for the Dems and Obama before the Nov. elections.

      Immigration Reform is a very complex issue that cannot be debated and voted on over night. The Repubs know this, yet they are trying to force this issue to the forefront asap.

      I see it as just one more ploy by the Republicans to throw any and every road block in front of this President and the Democratic party.

      They are SUCH poor losers! And Sarah Palin is the worst in the whole bunch.

      She didn’t even have a fricking stance on immigration before McCain chose her. She is NO expert on this. All she is doing is parroting talking points given to her by the big wigs running the Republican party. My guess would be Dick Cheney.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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