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Feb. 7 2010 - 10:56 am | 10,465 views | 2 recommendations | 17 comments

Sarah Palin Caught Writing Notes on Hand for Tea Party Interview

Gawker, in their admirable pursuit to bring down Sarah Palin every way they can, has pointed out that she of the conservative rally cry and nonsensical gobbledegook has been caught with notes on her hand at the much-hyped Tea Party convention this past week in Nashville, Tennessee. This comes after she, in typical Palin fashion, took a nasty side swipe at Obama, referring to him as a “charismatic guy with a teleprompter.” Of course, she names no names in her jab, making it that signature political kind of put down, which combines a lack of direct accusation with obvious insinuation.

And what does the cheat sheet on Palin’s hand say:


–Budget (Cut?)


–Lift American Spirits

I am as against Sarah Palin as the next Gawker and Huff Po writer, but I still find it hard to believe she actually had the gall to do this. Instead I think she is trying to send the American people a secret communication. If we carefully rearrange the letters on her hand…ah yes, there it is… “American people, I am still in way over my head, how the hell am I still pulling this off.”

Below the video of Palin when she peeks at her hand. Check the 23-24 second mark.

And here are two stills of her hand with writing clearly on it:

Image via Huffington Post

Image via Huffington Post

Image via Huffington Post

Image via Huffington Post

via Did Sarah Palin Write Notes on Her Hand at the Tea Party Convention? (UPDATE: Yes!) – TV – Gawker.TV.


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    BUT, she didn’t use a teleprompter which means she’s totally legit and cannot be ridiculed like a certain someone who does!

    I think she has a bad case of arrested development. And it was arrested in high school.

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    Why do I get the sinking feeling that the stupider she acts, and the more “elite” types get on her about it, the more loyal her following becomes?

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    Nick, you’re so…demanding. Hey, at least it wasn’t a grocery list.

    She’s good comic material. If she ever gets near elected office, just come shoot me.

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    I can’t laugh at her. She scares me! Every time I listen to her for a few minutes, “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold starts on a continuous loop in my head. [shiver]

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    I suggest someone grab a screen shot of youtube vid, before it starts playing. I’d do it but I’m bad at interwebs. It’s hard to find images of the Palinator where she doesn’t rock that slutty secretary vibe that plays so well at the Mall of america. But the image on the player before the vid starts is the real her. We have to control the visuals people. They (so-called conservatives) tell a better story and have higher res Jpegs and people wonder why the other side (the remotely sane) always loses. Shit’s retarded.

  6. collapse expand

    I don’t think she actually wants to hold office. That would just demonstrate her incompetence. That’s why she left her governorship. She messed up, but she knew the only way hold onto any legitimacy was to quite while she was ahead and focus on her strong suit: propelling lies that support her own mythology and lies that defame liberalism (and centrism for that matter).

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