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Jan. 21 2010 - 10:18 am | 11,880 views | 1 recommendation | 22 comments

Saudi Arabia to lash Filipino rape victim 100 times

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A Filipino woman in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be lashed 100 times by the government as punishment for being raped. To add to the tragedy, the Filipino has been held in prison since September 2009. In December 2009, the woman — known only as “Camille” — miscarried. Now, she is facing a medieval crime — all because she was raped.

The story is astounding. Camille (of course, not here real name), 35-years-old, travelled to Saudi Arabia in spring of 2009 to work as a janitor in order to support three children aged 15, 14 and 5. She was raped by a Bangladeshi coworker in August. In Saudi Arabia, all sex outside of marriage — including rape and sexual assault — can result in prison and lashings under their extreme interpetation of Sharia.

The woman, fully aware of this, opted not to press charges and instead managed to arrange repatriation to the Philippines. All foreign workers returning home from Saudi Arabia are required to undergo a medical exam. That’s where the trouble started:

In September, as part of the reparation process, the woman had to undergo a physical examination during which it was discovered that she’s pregnant. Since September 11 the woman has been jailed at the Hafer Al Baten Central Jail for having an “illicit affair”. Due to the bad conditions in the prison, in December she suffered a miscarriage. After spending time in the hospital she was transferred back to prison.

The Saudi interpretation of Sharia law does not allow pregnant women to be lashed. However, now that Camille is no longer pregnant, she may be lashed at any time by the government. The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs reports that the sentence will be carried out this month.

Elsewhere in the kingdom, a 13-year-old girl is scheduled to be lashed 90 times for bringing a camera phone to school.


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    Who/what needs to be contacted to help save this woman? I feel helpless for her. If there’s something that can be done, I hope the word goes out.

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    Michele Bachmann acted like a true lady. Arlen Spector was an arrogant jackass.

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    Good day. If Saudi Arabia take you to court you will never be able to prove that there is any law either in the judiciary systm, civil system or in Islam itself that says the raped to be lashed. This a big lie which you should not be allowed to get away with.

    On the contrary, Saudi Arabia has the toughest anti-rape laws in the world ( it can be as severe as execution ). Of course you and your readers know there are prostitutes who spread diseases and target young boys or single men. Once caught, they will try every excuse to save themselves including claiming she was raped. The case is considered very carefully ( to ensure justice ) but in Saudi Arabia we have no place for hookers and prostitutes.

    The punishment for raping a child is the most sever and most Saudis happy with it.

    Hamad S Alomar

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      Of all the many ways i’m utterly sickened by this comment, perhaps most of all is that it seems that you actually believe, in your heart, that you have some kind of moral high ground here.

      Prostitutes target men?

      As we say in my country, it takes two to tango pal. Moreover, I think the concept of ’supply and demand’ is something that transcends east-west cultural boundaries and even a misogynist as profound as yourself can see that.

      So that’s why you relegate women to living lives completely covered from head to toe in public, because they commit the crime of being beautiful? and because men are totally a victim of, and excused from, their impulses and subsequent actions?

      Oh yeah, my erection just happened to spring up and find it’s way into this woman… it’s all her fault. She must be beaten with a bull-whip…

      What utter Bull Shit.

      Of all the sickness of the decadent west that i will certainly be the first to point out,
      you really are doing your best to trump us in spades…

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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      I had always considered applying to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia but after hearing some of the limitations on women I changed my mind. If I were to get raped they wouldn’t have to execute the man because I would rip his penis off and feed it to him. I think Sharia law is crap.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      You are a liar. Rape victims are routinely lashed in your disgusting, bigoted country because it is almost impossible for them to prove they were raped in a country that trusts a man’s word more than a woman’s.

      And let me just say, while I am here, that the men in your country are a bunch of cowards and your silly prophet licks goat a$$ on his knees for money.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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    The tragic situation this woman is in and the treatment she has recieved is evidence of patriarchy run mad and rampant. I could not concoct a more complete fictional distopia than the reality of ‘Camille’s’ experience in the hands of her attacker and accusers.

    Judicial selection of the fittest would be my first concotion to fit this scene.Who needs nature to be red in tooth and claw when you have a judicial system and structured society that is far more cutting and cruel to cull out the weak and helpless. Calling the system medieval is too great a compliment.

    Any news as to the Bangladeshy who initiated this hell in her life?

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    Ahhh and one more thing…the 16 year old getting lashed for a cell phone at school…give me a break!!! What stupidity is that. Scold the child…that’s what she is. They want to give her possible permanent scars for something so trivial. Thank God I’m an American.

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