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Mar. 31 2009 - 9:44 am | 228 views | 0 recommendations | 18 comments

Ketchup on Eggs: Gross or Awesome?

Camouflaged eggs

Image by vissago via Flickr

This morning as I tried to shake off a long night, a coworker stormed in boasting that they were about to eat an egg sandwich. Once it was unwrapped, her dismay was bellowed out because the purveyor of said sammich had forgotten to put ketchup on it. The conversation that followed went something like this (at least in my head):

Her: Ah crap, they didn’t put any ketchup on!
Me:  Good, putting ketchup on eggs is wrong and foul and makes you a bad person.
Her: No way, it’s delicious!
Me: Ketchup is only a valid condiment for french fries and overcooked hamburgers. It should never touch the pillowy goodness of an egg. You will never convince me otherwise.

This seems to be an eternal debate I find myself getting into. Ketchup on eggs is one of those things you either love or abhorr. I’d think it’s also something that’s constant: Either you eat eggs with ketchup all the time, or you never do — it’s not a “hmm, maybe this time I’ll use ketchup” thing. Ketchup-on-eggers… is that true? It should also be noted that I find ketchup to be altogether disgusting for the most part, so I’m a very biased jury in this trial.

Anyway, I’m curious about the percentages on this. I won’t question your taste if you do put ketchup on eggs … I’ll just think your breakfasts are gross.

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    I think it depends. Eggs by themselves, it’s kind of gratuitous. Eggs with hash browns and/or steak and/or corned beef and/or steak and/or this is why you’re fat ™, delicious.

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    Ketchup on eggs… BAD.
    Great mustard on eggs… GOOD.
    (And on fries, too)

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    AMEN, lewis. Good dijon mustard > ketchup any day of the week and twice on tuesday.

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    Ketchup on eggs is only bad when the scrambled eggs are too runny. And, an absolute NO to mustard on eggs. Then again, I don’t like mustard on anything.

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    I believe you and I are in a fight due to your mustard comment, Rachel

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    I sometimes put so much hot sauce on my eggs it looks like I’m using ketchup.

  7. collapse expand

    Forget the ketchup part. Eggs in general = g.r.o.s.s.

  8. collapse expand

    This requires more definition.
    Ketchup on fried eggs…no way.
    Ketchup on SCRAMBLED eggs … absolutely!

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    Ketchup plus eggs, in all its myriad forms, equals delicious.

    My theory is that if your father did it, you probably will, too.

    At risk of really offending people here, I just polished off a fried egg sandwich with cheese, ketchup, tabasco sauce and, yes, avocado. It was delicious, and I’ll do it again.

    I’ll be in New York for a week starting Wednesday if anyone wants to arm wrestle over it.

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    Let’s change the subject: How do you feel about ketchup on steak?

  11. collapse expand

    If you need ketchup on steak, you are either buying bad meat or cooked it too long.

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    At the risk of being labeled ” gross.” I love ketchup on scrambled eggs. Maybe it’s a nostalgic reference/sense memory, since my dad served me eggs with ketchup faces when I was a little kid. Still into making food faces. No need to grow up.

  13. collapse expand

    To channel Demetri Martin:

    Ketchup on eggs = crazy
    Tabasco on eggs = awesome
    Red Hot Cock Sauce on eggs = crazy awesome

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