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Dec. 8 2009 - 7:15 pm | 171 views | 2 recommendations | 9 comments

A Wacky Night on Coast-to-Coast Radio

Last night (Dec. 7) I was on the radio for three hours with George Noory on his syndicated AM show Coast-to-Coast, the wildly popular show started by Art Bell that specializes in conspiracy theories and government coverups, UFOs and extraterrestrials, psychics and ESP, and all manner of supernatural and paranormal ephemera. The first two hours were just a one-on-one conversation with George, who was unfailingly polite, inquisitive, engaging, and allowed me to talk in full sentences—even paragraphs!—unlike most radio hosts, whose talk shows are primarily a venue for them to talk. My favorite part, however, was the third hour when George went to the phones. It’s always fun to hear people’s wild “theories” (as in “I’ve got this theory…”) and tall tales of spooky things that go bump in the night (this show does air in the middle of the night after all). Predictably, I received a slew of letters today, a couple very positive but most holding back no punches on their opinions of my skepticism. Here are a few of the wackier ones, (spelling and grammar left as is), most notably the final numerological treatise that is not to be missed:

michael the human race is in denile of ETS

the Sons of GOD came from where outerspace

look in the bible for the info. hell is a 13th planet

do the research.



I would like to here about something you thought was right about but you end up not being correct about.  seems you have all the answers in a misterious world.  sounds to me like your just another gov. plant to debunk and mislead the american public and the world!  Exspecially saying global warming is caused by man, in light of the reseant emails made public.  stick you head in the sand its all a power struggle!  the public stuck between scientific schollers fighting for funding and willing to skew the data.  personally you make me sick.  Mike Sulawaske

I have enjoyed hearing you on Coast to Coast AM tonight, and have found you position on life-after-death and related topics quite interesting. However, I am in strong disagreement with your stated positions on these issues.  The real answers to these issues are at once both beautifully simple and astoundingly complex. If you are interested in learning the truth, and are willing to have an open mind, there is a way you can find out the truth for yourself………(and the answers have little to do with “religion” [including Christianity], nor do they involve any sort of dogma or faith, just simple, first-hand experiencing of reality). If this interests you, please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address and we will go from there.

Yours, Stan Smith, Branson, Missouri

I just heard you on Coast to Coast referencing 911, where people were going down different stairwells. You mentioned that the ones that went down the wrong way: Did god purposefully send them to their death? The answer is yes.

GOD does not love everyone.

Did HE love those that died in the flood, NO.

Did HE love the first born of every family that was killed by HIM that had no blood of the lamb on their door post during passover, NO.

Once you understand the nature of GOD’s wrath on the sinner, you are free.

By GOD’s grace he saves those that HE wants.


You cannot come to Christ unless that Father grants you that ablility.


[“No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.”]

Hello Michael,  My name is also Michael. They say everything is in a name. The name Michael is of the angel Michael who by your own admission you do not believe in angels as you attested on the coast to coast show I first heard you on last night.  Contrary to your opinion angels are indeed true.  But this is not why I am Emailing you.  Unlike you I am a believer  in God and I would like to give you some things to think about which may show you in facts which may allow you to have a belief in God but not by faith alone.  In the Bible the Lord created the physical world, life and the seeds to allow living things to multiply and be fruitful all in six days.  Scientists carefully devised the periodic Chart in Chemistry to categorize the 100+ elements which appear in nature.  Well all life is carbon based and it is described as element 6.  An interesting correlation since life was created in 6 days.   Well maybe this is not very significant to the skeptic/atheists eyes.  I am a mystic and a tree of life Kasbalist.  And I have discovered that the whole gospel and the 5 books of moses are emanated from the tree of life along with all knowledge, mathematics, language, science  emanate from 10 lights as seen by Moses who perceived it as a burning bush.  The two symbols of the Bible are the six pointed Star of David and the four cross. which mathematically each have a value of 20 and a sum of the two is 40.  Six is of the physical world and four is of the spiritual world.  Just as Jesus stated in the Gospel that the children of Israel built the temple in 0 and six years the commandments are 4 to God and six to your fellow man. And as Jocob who wrestled with the angel transitioning from the physical world 6 and seeing the lord in the spiritual realm 4 and was renamed Israel by the Angel because his people were the chosen to receive the 5 books of Moses. In the 13th century an Italian mathematician studied life and identified the Fibinatchi sequence of living things which correspond to Psalm 136 and fire the emanations of the tree of life and even best discern the relationship between Jesus, Jehova and even Mathew Mark Luke &John.  Basically the tree which is in the image of the soul is a best metaphor of the pattern of divinity which all this is a derivative of.;  The tree buy way of its roots takes minerals out of the ground, In a symbiotic relation with warm blooded being breaths CO2 (now deemed a dangerous pollutant by the climategate frauders) and produces O2 which we breath. And water which is used for life, metabolism etc (which is mystically the Bible) And from an outside source from this planet the Sun supplies the light to make It all happen. That is Mathew Mark Luke & John.  So that is also the Relationship of Jesus and Jehova.  If one were to number the alphebet from A to Z  1 to 26 Jesus  has a vallue of 74   J=10, E=5, S=19, U=21, S=19 the letters here add up to 74.      GOD  G=7,O=15,D=4 The letters for GOD add up to 26 in English   Also in Hebrew thew letters for Jehova YOD =10, HEY=5, VOV=6, HEY=5  Also have a sum of 26.  So Jesus 74 and Jehova/God 26 equal 100%   So   Matthew/Earth (Physical), Mark/air (physical), and Luke/water (Physical) (Jesus lived in the Physical world)  AND John/Light (Spiritual)   This describes a relationship of 3 to 1.   So Jesus is 74 and Jehova is 26.  Why the 74 to 26 instead of 75 to 25 is because of the physical being Jesus had a connection to the Spiritual Jehova which existed in him as the 1 % from the spiritual realm.   If you add S=19,O=15,N=14 (SON=48) + G=7,O=15,D=4 (GOD=26)   EQUALS  JESUS 74.      This mathematical equation could only have been the work of GOD to show his hand in the letters of the alphabet, language and everything else that exists.    Psalm 136  has stated in it “God is forgiving forever” 26 times.  And perhaps for some skeptics to help them see the light!   Best Wishes Michael Kolba  (an Angel of the Gate)   I enjoyed your presentation on Coast to Coast,  But I am a bit of a Skeptic myself.  I do not believe in the single Bullet theory Nor do I believe in Global Warming!!!


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    I was an atheist until I read the numerology thing at the end. The logic is utterly irrefutable. Praise JESUS!

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    Been reading Skeptic column in Sci Am for years. Thanks for questioning everything. I can live vicariously thru you, while on my own I seem to only annoy my wife. In your recent Sci Am column, I thought you went a little too far in supposing many intelligent beings in the universe even if they’re not human. See my blog essay “How can evolution inform us in predicting ET life” at http://armchairdarwin.blogspot.com/

    Keep fighting the good fight Michael

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    Wow! Michael Kolbas logic is impeccable. I’ve added up all the letters of his letter, and then added those numbers, etc. I got the number 2.

    Also if you pick and choose the nth letter in each sentence (where n is derived in a manner too complex and holy to describe here) you get “Michael Kolba – this is god, your guardian angel is really satan, look out!”

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    What’s the bigger problem? Ignorance? Stupidity? Fear? Stupidity explains an awful lot since at least half of us are below average (Ithink. I’m not stupid, just too lazy to look it up.) which is barely enough intelligence to concentrate on one thing much less entertain complex ideas. But the depth of ignorance about basic science is horrifying. These people can’t even get their references to the Bible correct. Do they actually read it or do they just repeat what they heard on the 700 Club?

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    Michael, does anyone still seriously argue that the earth is not warming? Does anyone still seriously believe that human activity is not causing it? I have never met these people. Lord, forgive me for my unbelief, but I’ll believe when I put my hand in the nail scars of the 21st Century global warming denialist.
    I’m not a scientist, and I haven’t studied the science of global warming in detail, but I do have two questions:
    Is the amount of warming actually going to be catastrophic? (Parenthetically, what I’ve seen from emergent, self-regulating systems, such as climate and the market, leads me to be skeptical of claims of catastrophic global disaster caused by CO2.)
    Second, are the solutions that are being pushed to solve the heating going to cause more harm than they are going to prevent? The best research I’ve seen on the subject (done by the Copenhagen Consensus Center) puts carbon taxes, cap and trade, carbon offsets, carbon ceilings, et cetera, among the least effective measures to stop global warming. (Climate engineering and alternative fuels were at the top of the list, with the largest impact on global temperatures per dollar spent and cost imposed on the world economy.)

    What I’ve seen, more than anything else, has not been scientists taking the stage and telling the world how it is, but big government demagogues and extremely anti-growth environmentalists out there screaming hysterically about the evils of mankind. I’d prefer to have a rational discussion with scientists and economists than a shouting match with environmentalist econo-terrorists. (Yes, that’s my neologism for socialists, since in the modern age EVERYONE is some kind of terrorist or other.)

    In short, remember the words of the late great Douglas Adams: DON’T PANIC.

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    I’ve been going to Kasbalist meetings for lifetimes now and I’ve never seen Michael Kolba at any of them.

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