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Apr. 1 2010 - 4:25 pm | 5,770 views | 1 recommendation | 15 comments

Congressman fears Marines will capsize Guam

I usually don’t post stupid videos, but this one is priceless. Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson is afraid that stationing too many Marines on Guam will cause the island to tip over.

Johnson was questioning Pacific Fleet commander Admrial Robert Willard about the transfer of 25,000 Marines and their families to the island.  After a rambling, almost incoherent speech about Guam’s size, Johnson says (start at  the 1:16 mark) that :

My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.

The admiral pauses for a moment while his brain cells engage in a fleet action against the squadrons of stupidity emanating from Johnson’s chair. He then replies, “Uh, we don’t anticipate that.”

For the record, Guam is 209 square miles and has a population of 176,000, for a population density of  830 per square mile. My native state of New Jersey – the most densely populated state -  has 8.7 million people over 8,729 square miles for a density of 1,134 per square mile. True, the Garden State is not an island, but it is a peninsula, so it could snap off from the mainland and drift over to England. Why hasn’t Johnson convened a hearing on this? Why hasn’t FEMA built giant hooks to keep New Jersey from leaving the Union?


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    Just checked out the guy’s Wikipedia page, there’s nothing in it to indicate that he’s either stupid or crazy- he does suffer from Hepatitis C, and has some long-term heath consequences from it. Perhaps he’s sick, or maybe he’s making an extremely dry April Fool’s joke. Or maybe the video’s been doctored, although it doesn’t seem to be. Some things in Washington DC will never be explained, madness to even try.

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      I’d wonder if he was drunk or on drugs, but his speech was slow rather than slurred. Even if he was on some kind of medication, Guam sinking under the weight of too many Marines is a bit over the top.

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        Nah. It’s too easy, calling him crazy or stupid. Nothing in hie record indicates that he’ stupid (like Michelle Bachman), or crazy (like Michelle Bachman). I’m thinking of a combination of my theory and yours- he’s on some kind of meds for his HepC/degenerative liver disease, and it’s screwing up his cognitive capacity. Of course, if that’s the case, it calls into question his fitness to serve.

        Whatever, if I’d been the aide delegated to explain the Congressman’s statement, I’d have stood up on my hind legs, and lied like a man- “The Congressman was trying to make a harmless April Fool’s Day joke, and simply blew the punchline. There’s nothing to see here, please move along…”

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    He did not say “sink”. I think he is dumb as a mud fence.

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    I just watched the press release Johnson’s office released about what he meant. I bet the same person who wrote the press release, wrote notes for what he was supposed to say in the hearing. It was obvious in the hearing he did not know he was using a metaphor. He also rambled on about the environment like he didn’t know what he was talking about either. God help us!

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    I wonder what keeps all these islands from floating away with the ocean currents? Maybe the weight of the marines living on them?

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    And that idiot has the power to make laws. Scary.

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    I feel sorry for Hank Johnson if he’s sick, but he’s obviously serious. He certainly should NOT be serving in Congress — I know they’re a bunch of dimwits but this is basic stuff. Kudos to the Admiral for not busting out laughing in his face. They obviously do teach self-control in the armed services!

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    What’s really scary is this guy votes on bills that affect everyone.

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    When I first heard about this, it thought it was just because he was a dumocrap. Now that I have heard he was ill, it makes more sense. With that being said, if he is so ill that he thinks an island can capsize, then perhaps it is time he resigns from congress. In fact, I would say that most of the dumocraps in Washington are also ill and need to resign. Well, that and the rest appear to be crooks. I guess that can explain why this country is going to hell in a hand basket. Either that or they really are intent on destroying this country by whatever means is possible. So far, the liberal agenda has given us some of the most country destroying debt that I am concerned it will never recover and end up like Greece, defaulting on loan after loan. Oh wait, we are the ones lending money to Greece. After borrowing it from China. I am beginning to think that maybe the US will capsize and sink over all of the stupidity we have running rampant in this country.

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