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May. 24 2010 - 4:49 pm | 5,103 views | 0 recommendations | 64 comments


So it is with some sadness that I have to announce that I’m going to be leaving True/Slant. Starting in a few days I will be back blogging exclusively at www.rollingstone.com.

I say with sadness because I thought and still think that True/Slant is a great organization, one that is innovative and well-run and and whose founders have been a genuine pleasure to work with. Folks like Coates Bateman, Michael Roston and Lewis Dvorkin have taught me a lot about how the internet business works and have convinced me that there may actually be a future universe in which writers will be able to carve out some sort of dignified employment amid the wreckage of the print journalism business, and will not have to hook or boost cars for food. I think they have a great idea with this site and I’m sure they will continue their success.

I have a story on the Financial Regulatory Reform bill coming out in this week’s Rolling Stone and will be posting on the new RS site for about a week after that; then I will be going away on vacation until late June. Thanks to everyone who has visited this site since its inception, and I hope to see you at my new blog on RS.com soon.


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    Bummer; I’m sorry that you’re leaving True/Slant. Because I followed a link to an article you wrote here, I’ve discovered other fine writers to whom i had not been exposed. Your new spot will give me another bookmark in me collection.

    You sure you can’t write just one more post for T/S? I hate that the last one was on Mrs. P.

    Best wishes with everything!

  2. collapse expand

    awwww hell

    I hope that your acerbic wit dunna inspire RollingStone to snap the editorial whip…

  3. collapse expand

    Sorry to hear it. Any chance you can persuade the RS folks to fix their RSS links before you head over? (Right now they all redirect back to the top level home page.)

  4. collapse expand

    Thanks for blogging here.

    Online journalism and print journalism will survive for as long as there are thought-provoking and well-researched articles (see Economist) being produced.

    Have a happy & safe vacation!

  5. collapse expand

    Matt, I would say I would miss you here, but I won’t.

    You’re pretty much the only reason I came by.

    So I will see you at Rolling Stone, if they don’t boot me out for being a Rush fan.

  6. collapse expand

    Aw c’mon, Taibbi. Who am I going to pretend to have a rivalry with now? One of the main reasons I breeze past 50k readers per month on my T/S blog these days is because I’ve been so motivated to top you every once in a blue moon. :O)

    In the words of actor Henry Wilcoxon: “OH, RATFARTS!”


  7. collapse expand

    Does this have something to do with the fact that management had well publicized issues with some of your colorful language?

  8. collapse expand

    Thanks, Matt. See you over at RS.

  9. collapse expand

    So since Taibbi isn’t being anymore forthcoming as to the details, shall then We The Readers propose our own hypotheses for this change?

    Hmmm… could be either a) RS marketing people are looking at the pagehits here and seeing ad revenue they’re throwing away, or b) Lloyd Blankfein secretly bought RS and decided to relocate a troublesome rabble rouser from a bonafide newsblog site to a dungeon of Converse ads and aging rocker exclusives where the average reader is a 30 y/o white male in Springfield.

    Damnit, i’d say that well at least now i’ll be following you there, but i’m pretty much the 30 y/o white male from Springfield.

    • collapse expand

      I have no idea what is really going on here, but Rolling Stone, however bad their music coverage is, has been running Taibbi material for years and they are hardly ‘relocating’ him. He was there long before here and who knows why the change is being made. I think RS did just revamp their web site and very possibly did aim to snake this portion of his writing away from T/S.

      It’s been a great year for all us rabid Taibbi fans and hopefully there will be more to come at RS. All in all, while I share in the sorrow, I came to this blog site because of him, and thankfully, am staying in spite of his departure. This is the first blog site I have been inspired to actually join and follow. Long live the internets!

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      We can look for signs of (b) in Matt’s upcoming article on Financial Regulatory Reform. Be suspicous if it begins:

      “The jealous socialists are at it again: They want to wreck the economy by punishing America’s best and brightest — the job creators of Wall Street. My friend, David Brooks, described it this way…”

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      “…dungeon of Converse ads and aging rocker exclusives…”

      I do like that.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      I may slag Rolling Stone for its emphasis on superannuated rockers, but the fact remains is that it does have some good reporting. Oddly enough, we originally received it because it was a gift with a paid subscription to the web site Salon. We continued to get it because of Matt’s as well as other writer’s (non-music) reporting. The last issue featured an article called “The Global Land Grab” that was fabulous (but absolutely chilling). When I finished reading it my first thought was “How much money is Rolling Stone making that they can send writers to the Sudan to cover this stuff?” So, I guess all the advertisements dressed up as editorial content are a small price to pay. That sort of long form journalism is a rarity in a mainstream publication. The New Yorker is probably the only other mainstream publication that I can think of that is able to indulge in it. And its the New Yorker. Whether they make money or not, it will always be untouchable.

      There’s no free lunch. But that is what people expect. I think this is actually more problematic at the local level. As conservative as my local paper is, I will continue to subscribe to it because it will always be better than the crap that passes for local news on the television. Really, the difference in what is covered in each medium is huge. One covers things like tax breaks to businesses and school issues, the other covers well…the “epidemic” of child predators in our fair city.
      Its a shame.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      How’s this hypothesis, he’s tired of being the only famous person here.

      Well, Michael Shermer has his own magazine, but that’s about as close as it gets. 33 pages of contributors and the names aren’t exactly leaping off the page.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  10. collapse expand

    It is with great sadness that I have just read you were leaving! I was a fairly new member to this site and have very much enjoyed your posts and links here.
    I know it is not possible to evolve while staying in the same place and I am sure you will always be on to bigger and better things. Thank you for your time here and what you have shared. Your true supporters will always follow you. Thanks also for letting us know where we can find you next. You are appreciated.

    …Take care & have a great vacation.

  11. collapse expand

    We’ll just be following you, of course; the bummer is for T/S, about which I never would have heard had I not found you here.

    The good news is that I agree with you about T/S and will be staying to follow some other good writers I’ve found here. Indeed, if T/S ever does the NYT thing and starts asking for subscriptions, I’m up for that, though I wouldn’t be with most of the newspapers I browse online.

    • collapse expand

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I read the NYT magazine piece that talked about this site. I thought it might clear up the mystery of how this site makes money (well, I guess they are looking for a new venture capital infusion per the article). It really cleared nothing up for me. I was unable to see how even theoretically they can make money. A subscription only thing for readers would be fine by me.
      I think that is better than say, The Washington Post which has gone to a subscription only format– for content providers, that is.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  12. collapse expand

    Dude. Always enjoyed seeing you on the telly and reading your stuff here and with RS. Dependably well researched, thought out, and presented. Maybe I’ll tag along and add a thought or two occasionally.

  13. collapse expand

    What is the link to the RS blog? Links are ALL messed up on the new RS Web site. Impossible to find anything.

    Have a nice honeymoon, Matt.

  14. collapse expand

    Well Matt, this is a terrible shame. As a pro rock n roll guy (Bass player for Gang of Four) and blogger at http://pampelmoose.com I have serious problems with white boy music rags e.g. Rolling Stone or white boy music sites e.g. Pitchfork.com So, farewell then..it was good reading your wonderful, acerbic and insightful posts.

  15. collapse expand

    To skip all the other worthless parts of rollingstone.com here is a direct link to his blog.


    I’m ready for you to get back on Real Time! When is that coming? You’re my favorite correspondent on there. Thanks for never pulling any punches, that’s more appreciated than anything else.

  16. collapse expand

    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials and thank you for your T/S contributions. It was great to read you here. I’ll try to make it over to RS, if they ever fix their web problems. Cheers!

  17. collapse expand

    So, Rolling Stone got jealous and basically bought you back?

  18. collapse expand

    Sorry to hear you go… Will keep reading your stuff on RS site;)

    BTW, love your article about soccer in Men’s Journal… hahaha… that really was funny and I love soccer, or as we call it futbol outside the U.S.

  19. collapse expand

    Well that’s a shame. Glad you were here and I found this site though.
    Reading these posts I see that congratulations are in order, so: Congratulations!

  20. collapse expand

    Hey Matt – time to step up. Consider your work on the wall st woosies to be time in the minors. Time for the Big Show – seems to me your game is ready for Big Oil – T Boone and those those fucks – Cheney’s even swimmin in that shit. If Goldman Sachs is a vampire squid, what would be your metaphor for BP? From the looks of the Gulf travesty – something that brings sodomy to mind? Come on man – step up. You and RS ready to take on Mammon? We are all so FRACKED!

  21. collapse expand

    All the best to you Matt. I’ve really enjoyed reading your work on the Financial Crisis in Rolling Stone Magazine.

    I learned a great deal, especially the article you wrote on naked short-selling. I had to save that magazine as a primer on the subject.

    I hope you have a restful and re-energizing break and I’ll look forward to your work in my next issue of Rolling Stone.


  22. collapse expand

    This is a very unfortunate development because the Rolling Stone site’s rss feed for Taibblog doesn’t work in Google Reader. I suffer greatly.

  23. collapse expand

    Later Leftist Loser with no O. Your shit was starting to sound like a broken fucking record.
    Summary: “Bankers are pure evil. I won’t throw too many stones at Obama cuz I’m cool ‘n shit.” And over and over and over again.

  24. collapse expand

    Stop the presses! What’s this story about True/Slant being bought by Forbes?

  25. collapse expand

    The Gonzo Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on…

    – Omar Fucking Khayyam

  26. collapse expand

    Bummer dude. Anybody who will joke about David Brooks paying a Leona Helmsley look alike to take a shit on his back cannot possibly be to prolific.

    Rock on, Taibbi.

  27. collapse expand

    hi matt,

    i only found out about true slant because i followed you here. i’m a big fan of your work and look forward to the upcoming book. i really dig this site(especially adomanis) and will keep coming back. keep kicking in their teeth(know you will).



  28. collapse expand

    Learning the internet business is fine….but burying your head in the sand while the toxic politicians on the left march across america killing hope is another thing

  29. collapse expand

    When you find someone who is good enough to follow in the first place, you’ll follow them anyplace.

  30. collapse expand

    How does one go about registering to your RS blog?
    Do I need a subscription?

    I went on RS.com and could only find your published articles.

    I need my daily fill of intellectual rage!

  31. collapse expand

    Matt, can you post your new blogging address? Please?

    Thank you.

  32. collapse expand

    thank whatever deity type thing you acknowledge for leaving a forwarding address. other wise, i’d sorely miss your word. fan and booster cat

  33. collapse expand

    I’m unable to reach you @ RS. It is my hope to make contact with you before you leave on vacation. It is my intention to give you the exclusive story behind the true nature of the collapse of Goldman-Sachs… A Conspiracy of High Ranking Officials in the United States, the United Kingdom and insiders in Lloyd’s of London. United States Treasury Bonds and Gilt edged Securities issued by the government of the U.K. held by Llyod’s of London. Double dated gilts…100’s and 100’s and 100’s fo billions of dollars with a range of maturity dates earning interest at 12% compounded annually, since 1992.
    Best Regards,

  34. collapse expand

    Hi Matt, I think your latest piece at Rolling Stone could use some work.

    Check this out for some facts:


    Feel free to give me a job at Rolling Stone. ;)

    Muchos gracias!

  35. collapse expand

    I going to pretend to have a rivalry with now? One of the main reasons I breeze past 50k readers per month on my T/S blog these days is because I’ve been so motivated to top you every once in a blue moon.

  36. collapse expand

    I’m not really too keen on sucking someone’s cock to get a comment posted at Rolling Stone, so does anyone have an alternative place to discuss Taibbi’s comments? Even if he doesn’t see our comments, it’s kind of cool to think he might.

  37. collapse expand

    it’s very good!http://www.lotslinksoflondon.com

  38. collapse expand

    Matt, I didn’t know who you were till this Monday, August 30th, 2010. I saw you on AC360 and have only since learned what a childish, smug, disappointing human being you are. Not only will I not miss you or any words remaining in your empty head, you actually cost Mr. Cooper a household full of viewers because he was too intellectually lazy to hold you accountable for a diversion so juvenile as to refer to your poor old drunken uncle, who must be embarrassed that you would mention him to a national audience (if he wasn’t already embarrassed to have you in the same family).

  39. collapse expand

    Matt…good luck.

    Are you losing weight…maybe it was Dana Loesch eating your lunch the other day. :)

    Matt…you have no clue….you’re world view is flawed…and you will come to realize that.



  40. collapse expand

    I made a one minute video with cool graphics about voting, and Dems…i’m curious if you like it…please take a look

  41. collapse expand

    GRIFTOPIA is an inconvenient truth that needs to live and grow….I think we all need to take this conversation up a notch to help the rest of the planet understand whats really going on in the halls of power. Sounds to me like RS might be making it very attractive to monitor the power that Matt is starting to muster…..thanks Matt, but VERY SORRY to hear of your decision…thats a huge loss. this needs a movement, not a magazine blog….THE WORLD NEEDS TO READ, UNDERSTAND AND ACT!

    if anyone has thoughts about where to take this next, count me in.

  42. collapse expand


    Goldman Sachs sold 61% of its AAPL shares in 1Q11 (approx $500 million).

    Note to SEC: During the quarter that Goldman Sachs sold 61% of its Apple shares at prices between $329 and $360, its sell-side Apple analyst was sending clients reports with a BUY rating and price target of $450.

    Sources: http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2011/05/25/whos-been-dumping-their-apple-holdings/


  43. collapse expand

    Judging by his appearances on the Imus program I wonder if Taibbi’s writing he physically has to bite his tongue to keep from going off on a conservative hit-rant? I think no. Matt preserves his tongue strictly for performing felatio on Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, orthe highest-ranking liberal within rubber-necking distance. When ever you don’t see a column or a blog from him for a while that means he’s giving his jaws a break and resorting to dispatching HJ’s until his dem’s kisser is properly rested. Journalism should be neutral, you claimt to be a writer you dork. Yes you are a dork. I thought Rolling Stone was supposed to be cool?

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