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Apr. 9 2010 - 2:18 pm | 6,483 views | 3 recommendations | 74 comments

Pope Still a Douche

LOS ANGELES – The future Pope Benedict XVI resisted pleas to defrock a California priest with a record of sexually molesting children, citing concerns including “the good of the universal church,” according to a 1985 letter bearing his signature.

via AP EXCLUSIVE: Future pope stalled pedophile case – Yahoo! News.

What’s it going to take for them to get rid of this cat? Is it going to take catching him boarding an airplane with his cock in a six year-old Little Leaguer? Prognostications welcome: what would have to be the “last straw” for this Pope?


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  1. collapse expand

    This is only the latest in a series of evil doings by the good ‘ol Catholic Church.

    This institution has done more harm to humanity since the middle ages than WW1 and WW2 combined.

    As reprehensible as it is, if all they were ever responsible for is covering up for some pederasts in their midsts, I’d feel a lot more charitable in forgiving them.

  2. collapse expand

    That’s a tough question. In most societies, the official sanction of child rape usually merits at least a visit from a community social worker.

    At this point, he can probably get away with everything short of allowing gay marriage.

  3. collapse expand

    When did NAMBLA change their name to the Holy See?

  4. collapse expand

    What’s it going to take to prosecute these people?

  5. collapse expand

    Tying up and molesting children. I guess that wasn’t enough for Ratzo, because the priest was only 38 years old. Not old enough to know that tying up and molesting children should not be part of his holy work. How much longer can this guard dog Lombardi keep repeating the same nonsense about “context?” How clear does the pattern have to be? Isn’t it time to start asking why Ratzo has such a soft spot for pervs?

  6. collapse expand

    Wow, Matt is Pope-baiting again!

    Waitamminute, that phrase sounds almost as disgusting as the things the priests did…

  7. collapse expand

    Is it even possible for there to be a “last straw” with this Pope? Papal Infallibility makes it unlikely he will ever be held accountable for his actions—even by the “secular” governments of the world, which continue to recognize the sovereignty (if you will) of a church that institutionally fosters child abuse by obfuscating the crimes of the abusers (and protecting them if the crimes cannot be completely hidden).

    In fact, I repeatedly see the following argument being made in support of both the church and the Pope: the only “unforgivable sin” is blasphemy; pedophilia isn’t an “unforgivable sin” and the church teaches us to forgive.

    Um, okay, that’s all well and good, but where is the line between religious “forgiveness” and secular justice? Exactly how egregious does a crime have to be before the perpetrator is asked to atone or pay for his crimes in a meaningful way? What about the innocent children who have been sexually and emotionally violated? Does “forgiveness” really mean that the church should actively continue to put children in harm’s way?

    In any case, I don’t think church-sanctioned forgiveness is incompatible with removing these sick fucks from their morally-esteemed positions of power. I don’t understand why “forgiveness” and “protecting the innocent children” are mutually exclusive.

    I hate to sound pessimistic, but I just don’t see the Catholic church “getting rid of this cat” for any reason whatsoever—although I genuinely hope I’m wrong in that belief, for the sake of both the good people who subscribe to Catholic doctrine (and they do exist!) and the innocent children who suffer abuse at the hands of the predators the church currently protects.

    • collapse expand

      That’s correct – There *is* no ‘last straw’ because of his infallibility. As bizarre and nonsensical that seems to us heretics, people involved in the Catholic church at a high level are so brainwashed they would commit suicide or confess to the crimes themselves before letting the pope get what’s coming to him.

      However, there very definitely *is* a ‘last straw’ for each member that marks a point beyond which they no longer want to be involved. For some this has already passed, and there comes a point where the membership of the catholic church will shrink to the point where it can no longer sustain the no doubt enormous financial needs of the vatican.

      Still, that’s many decades away, if it happens at all.

      I think, instead, the church will eventually come around to having the right attitude to this issue and all will be well again. I think this because it wasn’t so long ago that society in general showed exactly the same capacity for coverup instead of honesty in all cases of child abuse, wife-beating, and rape.

      In the 1950s, if a prominent businessman in a small town was discovered abusing children, he would not have been held accountable and he would at the very worst been forced to move away from the area, primarily in the name of avoiding scandal and ruining the reputation of the town or city.

      Now, in 2010, we learn that the Catholic church hasn’t yet moved on from this mindset. Protecting the church is still more important than justice or even prevention.

      But just like the rest of us have since 1950, the church will eventually catch up. It’s not right, don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing this behavior. But I think by the year 2050 we will find that these coverups will be as rare in the church as they are today in general.

      Of course, as an atheist who lived through 4 years of brutal church-of-England boarding school, I’d rather see the Vatican (and all churches for that matter) nuked from orbit but it’s just not going to happen.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      I think you have pointed out the root problem here. The Catholic church sees messing up an innocent kid as forgiveable, but not my choice to worship an ice skating polar bear. All praise be to Coca Cola!

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  8. collapse expand

    The last straw would be leaked video from multiple angles feature closeup him getting blown by nuns, screwing a goat and jacking off to kids being molested “live” in front of him.

    (crossing my fingers here) COME ON WIKILEAKS!

  9. collapse expand

    I think if we found out he impregnated a nun and kicked her down the stairs, it would still be shuffled aside. After all this is the church that rationalized him being a member of Hitler’s youth, and blames the current controversy on the liberal IE Jewish media.

  10. collapse expand

    Granted, by modern standards it’s outrageous for the Pope and his church to protect pedophiles. But relative to the other offenses committed throughout the history of the papacy, it barely ranks. And yet it remains one of the world’s most powerful and influential institutions. It explains the church’s arrogance and indifference over these scandals. But in this era, they are analog players in a digital world, with too many media scrutinizing their misbehavior.

  11. collapse expand

    The Pope’s already had his “last straw”. The church will investigate all the allegations very thoroughly over the next three to four centuries and issue a report detailing their disciplinary recommendations shortly thereafter.

  12. collapse expand

    It’s not really a question of Papal Infallibility — that’s just something that applies to certain of his religious pronouncements. The problem is that there is literally *no one* with any authority over the Pope. No one has the power to discipline him or remove him from office, and the only Pope ever to resign did it to resolve the Schism.

    On top of that, he’s a head of state, and thus pretty much immune from prosecution anywhere.

    It’s possible that Ratzinger will resign if he sees his continued presence as hurting the Catholic Church, but I doubt it. He’s not the kind of guy to fall on his sword.

  13. collapse expand

    “It is not strange that there are single documents which have Cardinal Ratzinger’s signature.”

    Oh that’s rich… Yeah he wrote it, he signed, but it’s just one. So what?

  14. collapse expand

    Near as I can tell, they don’t fire popes. I’m still reeling from the comparison to the holacaust and the “petty gossip” quote. These Catholic spinmeisters could give Karl Rove a run for his money!

  15. collapse expand

    Seem like these priests spent more time preying on little boys than praying…..

    The question is does the pope burn in hell for eternity?

  16. collapse expand

    I think he has to die, get murdered or lose out to another pope that declares the See of god to be in some Turkish city, right? As far as popes go, this guy is assuredly not the worst. My votes would be either Alexander VI or Innocent (ha!) IV. http://www.oddee.com/item_96537.aspx

  17. collapse expand

    You need to start at the beginning. No one is doing that. The Pope does not see these crimes as crimes. He sees them as “criticisms”. HE feels attacked – that the church is under siege with “controversy”. THEY are the victims.

    It feels like You are asking a question from a legal point of view. As if to say where are their morals/values/ethics/humanity? These are but human qualities. A machine does not possess virtues.

    Catholicism has it’s own military. Not just a hierarchy but an actual military in the brethren service. A sovereign state for total autonomy where the pope is just a figure piece for the institution. This unfortunately isn’t a just cancer you can cut out and it would be gone…If it all were only that easy!


  18. collapse expand

    It is imperative to keep in mind that the VATICAN is a city-state.

    As such, Popes are the equivalent of Heads of State… of an Authoritarian nature.

    In history, popes either die of natural causes or become liquidated, as it were.

    But then you have the odd situations, too…
    Such as Formosus

    On April 4th, 896, Formosus died at the age of 80…

    Now Formosus was not very kind to Italy, having encouraged Arnulf of Carinthia to invade Rome, which he managed to do over 2 campaigns.

    Pope Stephen VI, in 897, decided to put Formosus on trial for his deviant behaviour, and as such, dug up the corpse for the CADAVER SYNOD…
    the result, all of the papal edicts from Formosus were annulled and three of his fingers were chopped off, with the corpse being tossed in the river.

    However, the corpse was retrieved by a monk, and later reinterred in St. Peter’s.

    But that wasn’t good enough…
    Apparently Pope Sergius III decided to re-exhume Formosus’ corpse, re-try him, and after finding him guilty, BEHEADED him, again dumping the leftovers into the river…

    So you never know.
    Perhaps ol’Benedict,
    patron saint of Kiddie-Diddlers,
    just might meet a similar fate…
    Perhaps with a little Necrophilia on the side?

  19. collapse expand

    Maybe if it comes out he was molesting younger boys while in the Hitlers Youth. Americans are willing to tolerate a religious pedophile for awhile, but not a Nazi pedophile – that’ll just make folks sick.

  20. collapse expand

    Since the Pope is the head of an authoritarian sovereign state (the Vatican), there will be no “last straw” just like Kim Jong-Il and others of that ilk.

  21. collapse expand

    What exactly would the international community do with this case? Ask for extradition?

    We’ve learned time and time again that politics keeps a lot of powerful people out of jail in the U.S., but what about a country that doesn’t care as much about the organized Church? Could we see, say, Iceland asking for the Pope’s head?

  22. collapse expand

    four letters: DVDA.

    this maneuver aka Two Girls One Pope. maybe you’ve seen the video?

    or, to put it another way: what makes a key party catholic? if you bring your kids.

    thank you, and good night.

  23. collapse expand

    He did say “universal church” so he’s safe for at least a gazillion years, or until Popes from the rest of the universe show up, whichever comes first.

  24. collapse expand

    Well you see, here in the land of the ‘Wall Between Church and State’ we’ve set the principle that the normal rules of the State don’t apply to the Church, such as property taxation; and as the Wall protects them from taxation, so too apparently the Wall says they are above all other laws of the State.

    What’s worse is the overwhelming need which politicians have to cow tow to the religious element of society and by so doing they imply a degree of reverence and imbue to it a dignity and supremacy it does not deserve.


  25. collapse expand

    Matt, very funny post. Crazy world we live in where people get all bent out of shape because someone uses the word “retard” but covering up priests molesting kids by the Catholic Government goes unpunished. Oh yeah, they’ll get theirs in the afterlife.

  26. collapse expand

    If the pope were to, say, start making lots of noise about the ever increasing inequality in the distribution of wealth, about the need for social justice, or about the barbarity of wars of choice (I understand that xtians are supposed to care about the little people, but maybe I have that wrong), then I think we would see the leaders of the West suddenly rise up in indignation about the pope’s, uh, peckerdilloes.

  27. collapse expand

    Why are most new priests from Third World countries? (Africa)
    Same with new nuns.
    No newspapers, no TV, no literacy. The next batch of easy targets!

  28. collapse expand

    The only way to get rid of the Pope is to abandon the Church. Image it’s Xmas and after making love to the 6 y.o little leaguer, he puts his robe on and opens the doors of the balcony and lo and behold sees nobody.

    If you’re Catholic and you believe that paedophilia is bad and want to send a message to the church, then it’s your duty to abandon that Church.

    To paraphrase one of the worlds greatest leader, Bush the dumberer, ‘you’re either with us & therefore against ‘rock spiders’ or you’re against us & therefore prefer to receive the wafer from the hand which ‘touched’ your 6 y.o.’

    I’m lucky, I don’t believe in imaginary friends. I only believe in justice.

    May the Pope drown in a vat of his own semen; Amen!

  29. collapse expand

    I read an article somewhere, that Great Britain might be the country that calls out the pope for criminal accountability. Hopefully someone does it. As far as the Vatican being a Nation State, I don’t believe they sit at the UN as more than an NGO under the Catholic Church. But the only NGO to actually sit in on international matters. NGO (Non Governing Organization). It’s a messy situation, but the divine right of kings has long ceased to grant immunity to state leaders. The pope should be no different. The issue of infallibility is a Church matter, not a State one and should have no bearing at all on international law. After 1700 years of mostly absolute authority, the Catholic Church as a political body is nothing but an old boy’s club full of old white men who are sorely out of touch with the modern world.

  30. collapse expand

    I really think that the smokescreen power of the fashion sense that popes have with the flowing robes and magic wands is effective power ….in a medieval world.
    My bet is that he can survive another 200-400 handicapped children incident and get by. It’s always the steady drip…..drip……drip…..drip….over time that will do him in. At some point, people who would have defended the robed one just say, in our 15 minutes at a time culture,….”oh ,get rid of that guy already.”
    Thats when he’s gone I think,when the people who see him still as a “victim” give up on him.
    Lets not hope for news of more children being abused,but know the stories may be out there and that things don’t just tip over on themselves,…..it takes a push sometimes just at the right time.
    The fact that he’s already offering to “meet with the victims” sounds like offering someone a ride in Air Force One to get them to go along with the program. That tells me he may be more desperate than I thought he was.
    I was raised Catholic.I’m just happy to finally see light being shone on this whole decades and centuries long institutionalized crime spree.

  31. collapse expand

    Before the whole “impeachment is off the table” thing, I might have believed the pope would face consequences for the current scandal (what an inadequate word THAT is).

    If Americans/Catholics at large aren’t going to protest beyond sternly worded letters, then the torturing and the raping will continue, just better concealed from now on.

    Besides, Matt, even if the pope were to go down for this, there’s more where he came from. It’s systemic rot.

  32. collapse expand

    The Pope is yet another “Too Big To Fail” enterprise. It’s fitting with your MO to single out such a hypocritcal asshat.

    Heaven forbid (pun intended) that people would have to be good to each other simply because it’s collectively the best thing to do and without a big brother threatening them what about to believe and why to believe it.

    I’m certain that there will be nothing in the near future that breaks this holy camel’s back.
    Give us another thousand years to grow our monkey brains by a few more ounces. Hopefully by then we can reach some sort of moral plateau free from predatory religions, greedy too-big-to-fail enterprises and other undesireable parasites on the human condition.

    Until then you are just groping at popes. Er, I mean, grasping at last straws.

  33. collapse expand

    Popes don’t get impeached, nor do they step down. They simply conveniently die in their sleep, like John Paul I.

    Is the Borgia family line still in existence?

  34. collapse expand

    Apparently there is a statute of limitations on child fucking.

    As Scalia would say “Get over it – it’s so old by now.”

  35. collapse expand

    I felt compelled to provide the following link to one of my favs of yours.


    “Throw a marble at the dead pope’s head, Boik”

    Brilliant and a perfect time to reflect.

  36. collapse expand

    As one wag said in another context, “They wouldn’t prosecute him if they found him in bed with a goat, a dead hooker, and a 12-year-old boy.”

  37. collapse expand

    In all seriousness. ….this…..http://assets.gearlive.com/celebrities/blogimages/jessejames_nazi.jpg……a straight up pic of the pope in nazi garb doing the salute……..and also evidence that he cheated on Sandra Bullock

  38. collapse expand

    Matt, you must understand Cannon law legal terms to grasp this subject.

    1} celibacy

    2} chasity

    Celibacy means that you can litteraly run into the confessional and corn hole a child or rape someones wife , then run into the next confessional and ask forgiveness for your indiscretions from a fellow priest and everything is hunky damn dunky as long as you didn’t marry anyone and break your VOW of celibacy. This has been going on for a thousand years and the Spanish church almost split from the Vatican Church because the Spanish priests actualy had friggin cots , yes , beds in the confessionals so they could rape penitents.
    Celibacy protects the churches realestate and money from the claims of heirs absolutely nothing els other than giving sexual predators cover to exploit the most vulnerable in the community at the weakest times of their lives.

    2} Chastity means that you took a VOW to never have sex or you go to Hell.

    Before any of these people are allowed to comingle with society just ask them which vow they took.

    Some of the most wonderful human beings that ever walked the Earth are/ were in the Catholic clergy. Some of the bost vile predators to ever slither the planet are in not only the Catholic but all other religious clergy.

    You can’t tell the players without a program.
    If you want to know what team they are on just ask them ;
    1} VOW of celibacy?
    2} VOW of chastity?

  39. collapse expand

    Oh Matt, come on. You could have written a wonderful diatribe and you wrote a simple paragraph. Hardly worth clicking to get here and then find an empty vessel.
    I love your exquisite put-downs of the powerful goons and this is one that you could have nailed big time.
    I know you have it in you, let it out, cream the Pope! Let me know when you do. Thanks.

  40. collapse expand

    That’s absurd; six year olds can’t play little league.
    Ruined it for me.

  41. collapse expand

    The same thing as any other large organization: a hit to the wallet.

    Baring the legal will to prosecute the Church, a public campaign to stop tithing until the pope resigns or is removed would make it financially painful for the church to continue to operate with him in power…

    Otherwise, law enforcement can look at preventing the recurrence of this by looking at RICO charges and/or corrupt foreign practices. Remember that they are in any country in the world, and don’t have to be prosecuted under US laws—some countries may have weaker links to the church and stronger laws for corporate entities. e.g. did an official of the church ever commit a crime to cover this up (obvious weak link: required reporting statutes) in the world over this? Were it to reach this point, of course, a deal between prosecutors and the Church to ouster the pope would be a slap on the wrist.

  42. collapse expand

    Our corporate inability to respond to moral outrage exposes our inability to respond to moral outrage as much as it exposes his inability to respond to immorality. The question remains, “How have we become so calloused, so insensitive?” What does it take to remove the callous from ourselves?
    For the pope to take out his weinie from under his robes and shake it during a mass would only have his handlers remove him from the service and wave fans to cool him off, and it would be called a temporary hot flash.
    We are all a part of humanity and we all need to try to understand why we are not morally outraged at the gross sin of the authority of this church. But what is sin anyway? Homosexuality can no longer be a sin, according to secular relativism. Soon marriage will be consecrated between 3 men and a dog.
    In this world anything goes. But wait, if he were exposed as a she, a transgendered she, then she would have to resign.
    We can only hope we become less confused.

  43. collapse expand

    Thomas O’Brien, the bishop of Phoenix for about 20 years, was an accomplice to pedophilia, on multiple occasions. This is a fact. In this, he is no different from many other bishops who did the same thing.

    But he was not charged with any such crime – as would be you or I had we been caught covering up the crime of child rape.

    At least twice a month if not more often, I read a story in our local paper about some dumb fuck who hasn’t yet heard that cops often pose as 13 year old girls in chat rooms, or that it is REALLY EASY for cops to catch you downloading kiddie porn. I guess these poor schlubs made the mistake of not joining the seminary.

    Thomas O’Brien was finally charged with a crime and forced to resign. Not because he was rightly charged with being an accomplice to child rape, but because he hit a jaywalker with his car and like the slimy coward that he is, he drove off and then clumsily tried to cover up the evidence.

    I can understand the practical impossibility of a country like Italy or France of charging bishops with these heinous crimes. But this is the United States. We supposedly do not accord any special privileges under the law to clergy which are not available to every citizen.

  44. collapse expand

    I suppose he can’t just say he is leaving to spend more time with his kids, can he?

  45. collapse expand

    Nice. I still think Matt’s column dedicated to pointing out Tom Friedman’s stupidity, “Flat n All That” tops this one:


    But this dismissal of David Brooks is a close second…

  46. collapse expand

    The Catholic Church as been rotten since day one. The Pope’s merely carrying on a tradition.

    What will it take to get rid of this Church. Consumers walking out en masse. Catholics are obligated to walk out and I’m beginning to think they are enablers if they don’t. Some of these idiots even go so far as to defend the Pope. If they had any sense, they’d publicly excommunicate the Church from their lives. Without followers, the Church can’t exist.

  47. collapse expand

    How about a boycott? All good catholics should stop giving the church money until it adopts a position of surrender of the perp upon accusation. Reinstatement if the trial finds him not guilty. Prison if the trial finds him guilty.
    When the money stops the church stops. It is just a business, like a hot dog stand.
    Stop the money, stop the church.
    Stop the money, stop the church.
    Stop the money, stop the church.
    Stop the money, stop the church.

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