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Jun. 23 2009 - 1:02 am | 215 views | 0 recommendations | 10 comments

The Best Russian TV Interview Ever?

Apologies to non-Russian speakers. Sent to me by an old friend from the Moscow Times, this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I sincerely hope it’s real. The funniest part to me is the reporter asking this sweet-looking old babulya for the second time how the fire started, after she just blows his ears off with irrelevant profanities for like forty consecutive seconds the first time he asks. The part where she talks about how she tells her old man to take a hike (“get fucked in your mouth…I have another sponsor”) is just… I can’t even describe it, it’s so hilarious.

There are a lot of negatives about the internet, but I think it’s pretty safe to say already that one of its very finest uses is archiving videos of drunken Russians. If anyone knows of any clips out there that come close to being this funny, please send them on.


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    Apology accepted, Matt, but don’t let it happen again. It’s just not fair to post something like this without including a transcript! I don’t speak Russian and I was laughing anyway! She reminds me of my grandmother, especially since, as you said, there is profanity involved. My wife was standing behind me saying, “Oh my God – she is adorable!”

    I don’t know what the old man was saying, but I assume it was something like, “Goddamnsonofabitch!”

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    I emailed it to my sweet Russian mom and am eagerly awaiting her opinion/response. Should I duck?

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    Shto eto?

    What tv program is this – The Real Housewives of Mtsensk?

    Makes me wish I’d kept up my brief study or Russky! “I have another sponsor!” too good.

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    That just gave me flashbacks of things my mother used to yell at me in anger when I was a kid. Very nice.

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    I love when cameras catch domestic quarrels. I love even more when those cameras catch drunk sweet Russian grandmas totally going nuts. I think at one point she was talking to the wall. I loved her little laugh. Props to that reporter for keeping his cool.

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    deleted account

    I can’t believe I was stupid enough to watch this. One more indication I need to get a life.

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    deleted account

    I’ve been reading you a long time, Matt, and you ALWAYS do this with the Russian! You put something in Russian in your text, don’t translate it, and say, “Wow this was so hilarious guys!”

    How would you like if I did that with Urdu? Huh? HUHHHH?!!!!!!

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    Hey Matt,

    First off, have to thank you for the regular blog posts. Since the demise of Taibbi Unbound I was terrified I’d run out of humorous insight to scarf down with my morning coffee.

    Now, to sound like a pain in the ass editor you so infamously hide from- are we going to be graced with a fourth novel any time soon? Or have you ever considered getting some more panel spots on the idiot box? I in no way mean to sound like an unsatisfied piece of shit as I am tremendously grateful for the regular blog posts and couldn’t be more gracious in my appreciation of additional reading material but frankly, and I think I probably speak for a lot of us internet folk, when I say I have an insatiable appetite for more of your commentary to accompany me while I enjoy my routine assorted procrastination. That, and, tv political coverage needs more commentators who aren’t afraid to credit glue-huffers with a greater capacity for reason than Michelle Bachmann (or politician ______ as I’m sure a number of politicians could fit into that abysmal category). Perhaps you could replace Howard Fineman/David Schuster as a commentator on MSNBC? Or hell, is CNN hiring?

    I’d hate to suggest anything that would prohibit further written musings but I am indeed curious as to what we can expect to come on the Taibbi horizon.

    Or, at the very least, please provide captions for the next must see Russian Youtube clip.

    Best Regards.

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    I know enough Russian to get most of it, but my тёша (mother in law) has been laughing non stop for 15 minutes. This apparently appeals to all ages.

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