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Apr. 14 2010 - 1:50 am | 4,613 views | 1 recommendation | 65 comments

Dana White Needs to Apologize to Anderson Silva

Brazil's Anderson Silva (R) is attacked by his...

Image by AFP via Daylife

After reading all the fallout on Yahoo! Sports from the Anderson Silva/Demien Maia fight, about how Silva is a disgrace to mixed martial arts and how UFC fuhrer Dana White is at his wit’s end trying to figure out what to do with the guy, I finally took the time to sit down and watch the fight. And you know what? Dana White and Yahoo! Sports are full of shit. Plain and simple.

The obvious fact was that Maia was simply outclassed from the start. He couldn’t touch Silva. In the second round, Silva stood directly in front of Maia with his hands at his sides, head motionless, for seconds at a time. Maia didn’t even throw a punch. Silva basically took the last three rounds off and Maia’s face was still a bloody mess by the end of the fight.

And people want to blame Silva for the bad fight?

Look, I don’t blame Maia either. He didn’t belong in the ring with Silva. He was terrified from the start. Twice I saw him fall to the ground in anticipation of punches that never landed.

This fight was Dana White’s fault.

White and his fanbois at Yahoo! say Silva should have used his killer instinct to finish Maia like Tyson used to do to his opponents in his prime. But this isn’t boxing. Silva is one of the most dangerous men on the planet, in a sport where he’s punching his opponents in the head with practically his bare hands. Does White want Silva to kill somebody in the ring? Is that what he means by killer instinct? Because when you place two fighters so wildly unmatched in the same cage, there’s a distinct possibility that could happen.

Silva has made it abundantly clear from previous fights he will not finish people who don’t belong in the ring with him. And, you know what, I don’t blame him. Demien Maia is a great fighter and would absolutely destroy me if I ever crossed him in a dive bar, but putting him up against Anderson Silva would be like sending Bobby Fischer to play the local YMCA champ. Or sending Paul Pfeiffer to beat up Wayne (All you kids out there need to look that reference up if you don’t get it. Hours of great television in store for you).

Silva may have clowned Maia, but he’s a warrior. He’s clearly got a code. He wants to fight the best. He doesn’t want to bully people who can’t stand with him. And he’s shown repeatedly he’ll only bring his game if he’s fighting someone who challenges him. This shouldn’t be that hard *Dana White* to figure out.

Yes, the Maia fight only happened because Vitor Belfort pulled out. Chael Sonnen was too beat up from his last fight to make this card. So why not set Silva up with a heavyweight if there’s no one else? Why should Maia get a title shot just because he’s the only middleweight healthy enough to fight? Silva has said he he’d like to take on Brock Lesnar one day. Put him in with a big guy and see how he does. How about a fight with Cro-Cop or Nogueira? How great would that have been? Heavyweights past their prime, but still great tests for the smaller Silva.

Instead we got the fight with Maia, the results of which anyone could have seen coming.


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    Bullshit. Silva dances around like a clown for 2 rounds then took the last 3 off…answer me this: if he has the energy to clown around and make a mockery of the fight then WHY DIDN’T HE KNOCK Maia OUT??!! Yes he’s skilled, yes he’s a better fighter than Maia, but Silva COULD NOT finish the fight. Dana White was 100% in the right for being disgusted and leaving. Silva turned it into dancing with the stars. No fighter needs to be a dick like that, and if you ARE going to be a dick like Silva was at least knock Maia out or submit him. To do all that crap and then let it go 5 rounds to a decision is ridiculous and you know it.

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    are you seriously a dumbass! he danced around in Maias face and didnt really get hit so why the heck didnt he just finish the fight with a knock out! you know why because he was probably actually scared that he might lose to a replacement fighter, cuz Maia was a replacement fighter for Vitor Belfort who was suppose to fight Silva the last two ufc but apparently Silva was hurt, and this time Vitor got hurt. But i assure you when Vitor and Silva get at it. Silvas gonna get KOed and retire. Chael Sonnen could probably take Silva. And if you actually do watch ufc check out his last two fights. They sucked. Silva fought like a pussy dancing around mocking his opponents, and in the end cant even finish. Hes got too much ego. If he loses a fight or gets rocked once his face is gonna go down the drain.

    By now actually finishing up reading your blog thingy! you probably dont even watch ufc and you probably just did research cuz you sound like a straight up poser. You should just delete this whole blog. Save the face.

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      You didn’t even read my post. You just read the headline. Anyway, you’re clearly a UFC fanboi, toeing the company line.

      Silva’s last fight sucked? He knocked out Forrest Griffin out in the first round and left him so shattered he wouldn’t talk to the press for two months.

      If you watched the Maia fight, which I doubt you did, Silva stood directly in front of Maia, hands at his side, for about 10 seconds without moving. Maia didn’t even throw a punch he was so terrified. Silva was the opposite of scared.

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        its aight buddy they dont even know wtf is going on in the ufc obviously.. they just swing from the medias ballsac all fuckin day

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        I read the whole thing, I also watched the whole fight. Did you read my post? If Maia did not belong in the ring with Silva then I’ll ask one more time way did Silva not put him away?
        “Silva, with his performance, was telling White not to do that again.”
        I think you need to flip that around and change it to:
        Dana, with his leaving the fight before it was over, was telling Silva not to do that again.

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          too bad dana cant ever even dream of getting rid of silva… go read about how business and contracts work.. even if he gets rid of him he still has to pay him off.. thatd be a real good idea to get rid of the best fighter in the UFC and send him on over to strikeforce.. did you try thinking before you posted?

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          So I ask you were I said that Dana should get rid of Silva and then I point out that UFC contracts own their fighters (and that’s not a good thing) and somehow you come up with “its alright man just keep sucking the media dick”?
          Whatever dick you’re sucking must have lsd on it because you’re tripping out and pulling shit out of your ass.

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            you didnt say that.. you said “Dana, with his leaving the fight before it was over, was telling Silva not to do that again.” i was making a point that dana cant do shit about it but put on solid fights with solid contenders instead of just slapping ragtag fights together. there wont be any punishment with him staying at the UFC because it would be ignorant as hell to do such a thing.

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        Hello! guys,

        First please excuse my broken English. Okay I myself have alway been a big fan of all MMA specialy the UFC, i dont see why would some of you guys out there keep listen to what Dana white said and took it as your thought or comments!!!!!!!!!!! Dana is a business man so he said what ever he saying who care!!!!!!!! Silva is still the best as his class by far, and what he did in the match with Mamia was to prove that he is the best of his MMA right now, who else could have done what he did? a knock out was too easy for him, he could easily finish that fight why he did not? b/c he was piss off, he piss off that he is defending his belt to a guy that have no chance to stand with him in the rings, and what a different would it make if he just knock Mamia out like he did to other better fighter then Mamia? I have to agree with Matt that Dana need put better fighter better match up in the ring, if Silva finish Mamia on that fight it was still a boring fight to me, so i thanks Silva for what he did. Finally i want to tell some of the fanboys out there that if you are going to discuss about mma or UFC please get your source right and speak the truth instead of sucking on Dana’s sack, please come up with your own thought.

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      if you think sonnen can take silva then you honestly dont watch ufc son. vitor prolly claimed injury cause his little ho ass is scared. anytime silva is in the ring with a worthy opponent he kicks the shit out of them and finishes the fight. cote sucked and leites was a joke… oh and looky here.. maia is a fucking joke too… granted these guys really arent that bad.. i like maia and think he is great.. but we are talking about anderson fucking silva here.. you cant just throw little up and comers against this guy

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    finally someone out there that isnt sucking dana’s nuts and saying anderson silva is a disgrace.. put him up against someone good and then we can talk. for you couple douchebags that can’t read the article “Silva has made it abundantly clear from previous fights he will not finish people who don’t belong in the ring with him.” why waste a silva fight on maia???? seriously?? the guy gets a shot at the title for nothing?

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      “Silva has made it abundantly clear from previous fights he will not finish people who don’t belong in the ring with him.”
      Thats bullshit. Real fighters finish people if they can. At least do it for the FANS. Silva is good but fuck his ego.
      I used to like Silva but his clowning actions are bullshit.

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        jesus cry me a fucking river.. silva doesnt owe anyone shit.. wtf is this “do it for the fans” bullshit? either way go look at all his fights.. he has finished them all except where he completely outclassed his opponent by a massive margin.. the mistake was the matchup. now we have to wait like 10 fucking UFCs just to see a silva fight again because dumbass wasted a match

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        my friend!!!!! mma is not just knock people out my friend, to fan like you just want to see someone got hurt or knock out, but to real fighter like Mamia he rather got a knock out instead, what Silva did was true mma there my friend! he prove his point (you are too easy for a knock out! but you know what i’ll just gonna play with you and fatpanda) lol, all joke aside look man knock someone out is not the key in mma my friend, i would want to see a knock out too but i am not like you i understand mma more then you,

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          “mma is not just knock people out my friend” – I said finish the fight. That means knock him out, submit him, something.
          Every. Single. Martial. Art. Wrestling. Boxing. Etc the focus is to FINISH THE FIGHT. And that doesn’t mean finish as it let it go 5 rounds so the judges can score it. Silva is probably the best fighter period in his weight class BUT he did not want to get close because Maia is a world class in BJJ.

          And again when people say blame Dana for the match up, Maia stepped up since Vitor was hurt. They took what they could get since Vitor was hurt. How about YOU do a little research there “mma1fann”.

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      Maia stepped up since Vitor was hurt.

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        Maia did step up. I’m not blaming him. I’m blaming Dana White for not finding a better replacement. No way Maia deserved a title shot. Everyone knew it and Silva clowned him to prove a point to Dana White. Silva did the same thing with Cote and Leites, so White should have known what was coming. The UFC has been putting on too many shows, and White didn’t have a quality replacement available when Belfort pulled out. It’s that simple.

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        shoulda just had him fight at LHW instead at a later date. no one except vitor, and even vitor is questionable, can even do anything to silva in middleweight. vitor comes back from vacation with a 19-8 record and suddenly hes the fucking answer to silva? really there just isnt anyone in middleweight that can even fuck with him since dumbass ufc decided they were too good for dan henderson.. hendo is the only dude that can even come close to fucking with silva at MW. now i have to waste my saturdays on even more marginally fun to watch fights just so i can see hendo in the flesh.

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          True about Hendo. Should be a great fight with Shields. And if he wins I hope he gets Mousasi after.

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            I just wanted to pipe in and say 2 things.
            A] I’m a huge fan of the UFC. I’ve been watching it (and other MMA stuff) for at least 6 or 7 years now.
            B] I agree totally with Matt. Thanks for having the balls to state the truth.

            Don’t get me wrong. I like and respect Dana and most of the fighters in the UFC. I thought this particular UFC was quite “interesting” to say the least. But I’m not going to get all upset or jump on any bandwagons just because something obviously lopsided played out.

            Way to go Anderson for sticking to your principles. I find it quite “interesting” again that most people didn’t even LISTEN to Anderson during the press conference. Ya, he scooted around a lot of questions, but did anyone hear what he DID say? He said at one point that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone in the Octagon. He’s there to win fights, not to hurt people. That’s class if you ask me.

            For those of us that can appreciate the strategy of the “slow” fights, I’d just like to add, I found it quite amazing to watch what Anderson did with Maia frankly. Who else has the skill to even attempt to pull something like that off?

            Just my 2 cents worth.

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    would you like to pay to watch such a pathetic fight. heel no. i think damien maia has a huge heart he still got in the ring with anderson. if it was all ok and dana is in the wrong why was the crowd booing and then chanting maia!!!! obviously the odds are stacked against silva!

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    its alright everyone will see the truth if they put him against a quality fighter next time. he gonna finish the fuck out of them just like he did griffin.

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    Kudos, my friend. I couldn’t agree more. After hearing Dana White talk about how this is the third time Anderson Silva has done this, I decided to go back and look at some of his last fights.

    Clearly Maia found himself outclassed against Silva. As to Anderson coasting the last two rounds, White could have avoided this by putting in a challenger who took the fight to him rather than waiting on his back hoping Silva would jump into his guard.

    Silva vs. Griffin was a complete joke that exposed the glaring flaws in Griffin’s game. Watching Griffin charge Silva like some thick necked special needs child was almost to embarrassing to watch.

    Silva vs. Leites showed yet again what happens when you throw an up and coming fighter to a lion like Silva. The guy never stood a chance. And what does White give Leites for his trouble one more fight and he cuts the guy from the UFC.

    It seems that Silva’s fights expose some glaring problems with the UFC and Dana White.

    The division is weak. White and his sycophants can prop up the latest flavor of the week, I know if only Vitor would have been healthy things would have been so much different, but facts are facts. Silva is that division.

    Until Dana White starts nurturing young talent and investing in some top shelf fighters like Mousasi, Aoki, or Emellaneko. UFC fans will have to resign themselves to relics like Liddel & Couture, past their primes like Hughes& Ortiz, and, and a never was like Renzo.

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    Congratulations on managing to fit a Hitler reference in the first paragraph of an article about mma.

    Even a casual fan like you should be able to understand that Silva fought like shit. Hell, especially a casual fan. This is just argument for argument’s sake.

    The theory about silva’s gentle spirit was especially amusing.

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      i dont think anyone questioned that the fight was shitty there bud. the point is the quality of the fight. and i dont think silva is necessarily an evil spirit but he is there to fight and i think that he feels particularly let down by the level of fighters that he has to go up against. half the fights on this card were lopsided.. dana and co. set these fights up purely to impress their little dhabi friends.. matt hughes clearly owned renzo(the guy could barely stay standing.. he is washed up and done and out of shape) and on top of that matt never went to the ground period and said he was worried about renzo? thats a huge part of matts game. bj penn and frankie edgar was the worst judged fight i have ever seen.. i honestly think bj won and frankie just hopped around real fast for the W. dana thought this would be a push over quick and interesting fight too i bet instead of drawn out nothing. and obviously silva/maia was a joke of a fight too. so instead of trying to impress your “new part owners” with weak cheap quick fights that will end big you should worry about the real task at hand.. putting on quality fights.

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      you said, anderson fought like shit, and maia?

      you have no intelligence,.. have u ever won anything in your entire life? don’t answer!

      we all know the answer.

      and Still Middleweight Champion of the World!
      Anderson “the spider” Silva.

      by the way, he’s not just the 185lbs fighter in the world, he’s, also, the 205lbs fighter in all the world..

      to those of intelligence: enjoy his brilliance while you can…

      Corey Turner

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    Professional athletes owe their careers to the fans. The fans tuned in to see fighting, not childish mockery. Refs (rightly) have the power to penalize a fighter if they’re not working to finish the fight, which I wish had happened because very obviously, Silva was not trying to finish the fight. And oh yes, I remember how Silva only finishes fights against worthy opponents, like Tony “50-50 win ratio” Frykland and Travis “who?” Lutter and Chris “Lost to Kalib Starnes” Leben. Clearly Silva is an honorable warrior and that’s why he toyed with a beaten man for 5 rounds while verbally mocking him.

    • collapse expand

      the thing is back when those fights happened they were a challenge or a stepping stone to his title. look where he is now.. and they still have him fighting stand-ins and other various unworthy opponents. you waste silvas time and silva will waste your time. i dont feel like any fighter owes me anything.. thats just ridiculous. you set up a joke of a fight and thats what you get.

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        Clearly they were not a challenge, look at how long it took Silva to finish them and the ease with which he did it. Maia beat people that Anderson deemed worthy of finishing, but he’s still unworthy? Anderson finished a dude THAT LOST TO KALIB “RUNNING MAN” STARNES. He clearly has no problem finishing scrubs. Also, I noticed you’ve ignored the parts about Silva mocking and verbally abusing a beaten man while refusing to work to finish the fight. Is this still someone worthy of your admiration, is he still a noble warrior, following some modern samurai code?

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          im saying though it was on his way to the top… he doesnt even have any fights over 2 rounds until you hit cote. the only reason that didnt go to 5 rounds is because he injured his knee. who did maia finish that silva specifically stated was worthy? where does he even say who he deems worthy ever anyway? i think he talked up marquardt one time.. who by the way beat maia in 20 seconds. im guesing the person you are referring to losing to starnes is leben. leben was his first UFC fight. this is when he had something to prove like i stated before. and as far as being noble and mocking and what not.. im not ignoring them.. i just dont care.. silva can do what he wants.. he is the champ.. i am a fan of his and not just a fairweather fan who gets pissed when a fight doesnt play out how i want it to. silva won and looked good the first couple rounds doing it. it did degrade into a shitty fight but that doesnt bother me, my boy has another notch on his belt and a new record on his resume. i dont care about any codes or none of that shit im here to watch the UFC and sometimes that involves bad fights. its a shame the fight should never have happened anyway.

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          for the record i dont really care about anyones antics… silva doesnt owe anyone anything.. nor does any other fighter. things like this happen across all sports at some point in time. its nothing new.

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    Cool man as long as you sleep well at night defending a guy who mocked and verbally abused a beaten man for 3 boring rounds more power to you. I especially enjoy your “bad things happen other times so we should all be cool with this bad thing.” argument. Genius. Also you admit the fight turned shitty but that’s OK with you so cool on that too. Everything’s cool man.

  10. collapse expand

    Especially notable about this is it takes completely unprecedented levels of assholery to make me sympathise with Dana White, one of the most petulant and grating assholes ever to wear skin tight manboob shirts.

  11. collapse expand

    Good article. I agree on 90% of the points. I think mostly it’s really Dana White to be blamed for this fight.

    1. Demian Maia has a history of slow and boring fights – putting him as a main eventer obviously is a mistake. bad booking decision. if today the opponent was Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnon, or GSP – it would’ve been a really exciting fight because these guys engage and are a challenge to Silva.

    2. Silva was entertaining & engaging in the first 2 & half rounds. if this was a regular 3 round fight, it would’ve been an exciting fight. the 2 extra rounds are really .. extra (for him).

    3. you cannot blame solely on Silva for not trying. because look at Maia, he did not do ANYTHING until the final round. he did not even shoot. the times he tried to grab Silva was when he fell onto the ground. so if anyone wants to blame – seriously, blame Maia.

    anyways, the thing I’m slightly disagree on is that they should put a heavyweight like Cro-cop or Nogueira. obvious reason is the weight difference. but yes, I agree they should give Silva someone who will be of a challenge. perhaps someone from light heavyweight will work. Rashad Evans, Shogun, Thiago Silva …

    WAIT A MINUTE … Wanderlei Silva & Michael Bisping are both Middleweight. put them against Silva! … that’d be an exciting fight! well, I know they had a fight recently so couldn’t make it .. but in the future .. those will be great fights!

  12. collapse expand

    I don’t think it’s beneficial to your point when you start accusing someone for being a UFC fanboy or accusing anyone of bias in general. The outrage appears pretty universal, outside of UFC fanboyism, if you will.

    Your argument seems to be misled by the belief that Silva had believed he wasn’t challenged enough, and that he intentionally avoided a fight.

    More likely, the truth is, Anderson Silva couldn’t stand to lose and would rather play it safe (and I mean completely safe, taking absolutely NO chances at all despite his opponent being half-blind and unable to grasp his opponent in the humid environment). I kind of agree that it was partially Dana White’s fault for picking Maia, but considering that Maia had ground skills that could counter-act Anderson’s unmatched striking in MMA, it was only a bad decision in hindsight. Even now, Dana White’s new chosen opponent for Silva (Sonnen) is especially good at the ground game, except this time, Sonnen is the type of fighter who would take bigger risks than Maia, making for a more entertaining fight.

    But the fact of the matter is, Anderson wasn’t bored, nor was he avoiding a fight to protest the lack of challenge — he was too afraid to commit to attacking. He can really only counter-attack. That is his flaw. You can’t put him up against someone else who also lacks the ability to take risks; 2 fearful fighters make for a lowsy matchup. Why do you think he did all that mocking in the beginning? Partially to showboat — but also, it was his tactic to encourage Maia to send in more attacks so that he can play the safe route and counter-attack, risking very little. Anderson knew before-hand that Maia was a very defensive fighter, and his tactic was to piss him the fuck off to get more attacks out of him. And that’s why Anderson fucked up so much and pissed off so many people; despite his overwhelming odds against Maia, he was too chicken shit to go in for the attack and just end it. He’s literally very afraid of losing. Why should Dana White feed him aggressive fighters? He lacks the heart, the risk-taking that so many other great fighters, like GSP, have. It’s obvious that Anderson is arguably one of the best pound for pound fighters on Earth, but the inability to commit to an attack is something he needs to work on.

    Not to mention, the guy basically ran around like an idiot showboating his ass off (comparing that to Ali would be pointless; Ali never spent 2 rounds straight mocking an opponent and showing off) only chicken out in the last 2 runs and run from Maia because he’s afraid of losing. Dana should of known better, and Anderson fucked up the fight. That’s the objective truth.

    • collapse expand

      i agree with you that he probably didnt want to risk much on such a small grade fight listed under a title fight… its just opinion that you think he was scared? i mean really.. no one really knows what he was thinking except for silva himself. silva is offensive when opportunities present themselves. with ssomeone like maia those opportunities are quite a bit less than a typical fighter as bjj fighters dont typically use the “swing for the fences” mentality. just saying its all opinion.. the OP isnt misled at all.. its what he thinks.

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    • collapse expand

      Mr Gordonjl, listen up and you will learn from me Corey Turner.

      Your comment:

      Anderson Silva couldn’t stand to lose and would rather play it safe (and I mean completely safe, taking absolutely NO chances at all despite his opponent being half-blind and unable to grasp his opponent in the humid environment).

      Mr gordonlj, did you bump your head? or
      Do you need a need prescription for eye glasses?

      A man broke another man’s nose and completely closed one eye, with very little effort…
      How do you define safe? one man being dead.

      Listen to me and you will learn something,
      a man must have a fighting chance before you can say, Anderson is playing it safe..

      As far as Maia making an effort… you obviously didn’t see what I saw in the 2nd round, the man stood there with his arms down, and your boy “maia” was scared like you are scared to face reality.

      But, reality is something that he did face, and not willing to take anymore damage he froze, little boys usually do… u should know that..

      Corey Turner

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    I was more than impressed with Anderson Silva’s performance, especially in comparison to other boring fights of so-called “prospects” of the Ufc.

    It’s unfortunate that a man, such as, Dana White, who has so much enthusiasm for the sport, clearly wears different hats when it suits him (bureaucracy) the most.

    It’s clear that he is two-faced. 1st by saying he is not willing to see George St. Pierre fight Anderson silva at 185, but, would be more than willing to allow them to fight at 170. So, it’s ok if Anderson loses,
    but, it’s not okay for “st pierre”. Strange, it is “georgie” that challenged Anderson in the 1st place, and Silva’s initial response a year ago was: he’s not dominating the guys in his own weight division, why would I have an interest in fighting him. Georgie, who walks around at 200lbs should have no issue
    making 185,… ah but you see, for a man who walks around at 215 to 220, that’s ok if he drops to 170 because 80% of the battle will be fighting to cut and drain weight. Good one! Mr Dana White & Georgie St. Pierre. You don’t want to fight a man at his best, no.. of course not… Georgie is younger,
    isn’t that right, Mr Dana White– and Anderson Silva has less than 6 fights left; and we all know that he’s the best pound-4-pound fighter in the world because no one at 2 Weight Divisions can beat him.

    That’s right, 2 weight divisions, 185 and 205, this is the reason why, Quinton “rampage” Jackson won a very close decision against Dan “holywood” Henderson, BUT, was choked out by the “Spider”.

    Cut him loose – Dana, the UFC needs Anderson more than he needs them. Because if he fight overseas, you’ll have no jurisdiction to whom he fights, even if other UFC fighters quit your organization tomorrow morning. He’ll be making Mayweather money. De l’argent, De l’argent!

    You see Mr White, unless you’re a Dictator or Communist, can you dictate the style or how a person should display their emotions in the ring. The fight with Anderson-Maia was better than all the boulder-dash fights that I’ve seen with the boring Brock Lesnar, whom you’ve used to draw fans via his WWE Fame… Mr White, Get REAL!… If you had any face at all, then Brock would have faced the Great Shane Carwin before facing Frank Mir, again, or perhaps, the up and coming Velasquez, or even Junior Dos Santos, BUT, money 1st! and what the fans really want 2nd, besides, might as well get every penny out of Brock before the others tear him apart… I can see why the CEO of WWE, Mr vince mcmahon, is secretly trying prevent the growth of the UFC in Europe, not that I agree with his foolish antics, however, I suppose he feels that the proliferation of a sport should warrant its own sweat and not be piggy-backed on by the established world of “sports-entertainment”.

    But, don’t worry Mr White, if Brock ever leaves the UFC, I assure you, he won’t be joining K1, aterall, he’s not Alistair Overeem, who fights in an organization that allow its fighters to compete in more than one company simultaneously.

    As far as trying to acquire Fedor Emelianenko, he’s under the control of the M1 Circus,
    mainly because of “Vadim”, but, then again, you’re looking more like him everytime you open
    your mouth.

    Your Truly, Corey Turner

    • collapse expand

      Corey, I may have glasses, but I think you’re the one who bumped your head buddy– either that, or you’re just not familiar with the English language judging from the way you speak in third person (and the broken English).

      I think it’s a pretty universal opinion in hindsight that Anderson was playing it safe, to a degree. He had a broken nose, one eye shut, etc.; yes, he could of still been a threat, but Anderson is light-years ahead of Maia in terms of fighting abilities. Anderson chose not to engage. He didn’t want to lose, and he didn’t want to take any risks, despite the fact that Maia was half blind and couldn’t grab worth shit due to the sweaty environment. In other words, if it was another fighter, like GSP, he would of taken risks and attempted to end the fight. Anderson could not, because he does not want to take the risk to engage his opponent and would rather counter-attack safely.

      Could I have been wrong about Anderson being fearful? Well, of course it was fear; why else would he NOT take the risk? The lack of taking actions in that situation was motivated by fear — fear of losing of course. Now, I’m not saying he was shitting his pants, there are different levels of fear. He was obviously cautious enough and cared enough NOT to take any risks, which resulted in the backlash. He is the #1 pound for pound fighter arguably on this planet. Yet he is unable to engage his opponent and would rather play defense?

      BTW Corey, merely because I see the objective truth to know what actually happened, and because I am stating a negative viewpoint on Silva; doesn’t mean Maia is “my boy”. Silva’s one of my favorite fighters, probably THE favorite fighter of mine. But unlike you, I don’t allow that to bias me.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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        gordonjl Boy,

        I’ve never met a hill billy that could read or write. As far as the broken english comment, you need listen to what your mother always told you, fool: “when it comes to intelligence we’re just hick folk”..

        As far as me speaking in the 3rd person, you sound intimidated, you speak to your shrink lately?

        Your Narrative:
        Could I have been wrong about Anderson being fearful? Well, of course it was fear; why else would he NOT take the risk? T

        (narrative, other word for your “comment”).

        Who won the fight?
        Risk? He put his hands completely at his side, and persuaded your boy to hit him.
        Risk? that’s what we call a freebee.
        But, like you, your boy was scared shitless.

        I’ve noticed that you used the word: objective.
        Don’t use words that you don’t understand.
        You have no logic to your thoughts, you can barely put pen to paper.

        and by the way, this man that entered university at the age of 16 and graduated with a PhD at the age of 22 is me..

        when you finish high school, you will understand what us men are talking about.

        as far as Dana White, oh God, don’t get me started, he’s the most two-faced individual in MMA.

        Corey Turner

        In response to another comment. See in context »
        • collapse expand

          Corey “boy”, I don’t know what your mother taught you or the university from which you CLAIM (key word) had graduated from was, perhaps you had mistaken a community college for a university, but in those 6 years, you should have at least discovered that merit-less insults usually detract your original point or argument rather than the other way around. But since you started it; I might as well reply in the same manner. You mentioned hill billies; if it’s true that none are able to read or write, I think you have proven that theory true.

          And LMAO @ your “shrink” comment. Really, if your going to start a flame war; try not to act like a 7 year old when you do. “You seem intimidated, you speak to shrink lately” is almost as bad as “your fake and gay!” Dude, I’d be embarrassed if I were you. At least make sense when you try to be offensive. I mean; intimidated? The insult barely made sense.

          Before you start attempting to define a word, with your third-grade level knowledge of diction or semantics, you should probably check the dictionary first. “Narrative” describes an occurrence of events. It is not the same as commentary. Should have studied harder to earn your “PhD”.

          Let’s evaluate your logical fallacies (Wikipedia might help you with that term if you need any help), your logic goes as follows: because Anderson Silva laid his hands down and taunted at Maia to attack for free; this must mean Silva would be willing to take risks.

          The flaw in your logic is assuming Silva was taking ANY risk at all when he had his hands down, giving Maia opportunities to attack. Silva is 10x better than Maia ever will be in striking. Taunting him is not a risk. He can dodge and counter-attack at will.

          The risk taking comes when Silva is forced to engage and attack Maia without taking the defensive. Despite his striking superiority, Silva was still unable to take the risk of attacking.

          The REASON he taunted Maia, was to force Maia into attack him, thus taking away any risk or chance. Silva is excellent at counter-attacking. One of the writers at Sherdog.com made the same commentary (this is the write term to use, not “narration”; something you should keep note of for your SATs) when assessing the fight afterwards.

          You keep referring to Maia as my “boy” despite my saying otherwise; this either means you were too dense to get it the first time that logical objectivity involves the lack of bias, or your an illiterate hill-billy. Maybe your mom’s theory on hill-billies “not being able to read or write” isn’t proven true after all. You shame your own kind. Who did you blow to grad. from your “university”?

          Merely because I state Silva wasn’t taking action and playing it too safe, that the criticisms against him are just — does not mean I am a hater of Anderson Silva, or that I am a fanboy of Demian Maia. It’s about being objective, and not defending whomever you like better. A concept you fail to understand. Consider taking English again at your local community college (that you call University)?

          In response to another comment. See in context »
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            Just because your father developed the inadequate proportions during puberty and waned greatly in coitus with your mother, does not mean that your wife will drift from you also. I understand that the apple doesn’t
            fall too far from the tree, however, I’m sure unlike you, she’s not socially unsophisticated, and has the canny ability to avoid hurting your hill billy feelings.

            Should you use the same magnifying glass to look forward, as you often use it to look downwards, you may notice the striking resemblance of your siblings, to that of your hill billy acquaintances. It is then that these words may comfort you and bring understanding, “Acceptance is the Key to all your problems”.

            I’ll give you some insight to the fight game. It is not the champion that has to “bring it”, it’s the challenger, Anderson’s words during the post-fight conference, “I’m a competitor and have no intentions of seriously hurting anyone”. He beat Damain up and won every round in the eyes of the judges, do you know why? because it was clear to them that like you, he doesn’t belong.

            Note: Damian was scared SHITLESS, this the only reason why Anderson could do what he did.

            and remember, risk is calculated fool, not blind!

            Corey Turner

            In response to another comment. See in context »
          • collapse expand

            flash gordon,

            Did I hurt your feelings?

            - I was only trying to point out the bleeding obvious.

            Your sounding more intellectual everytime that you respond, “wink, wink”.

            It’s a democracy, you can show this to anyone you please, you have my permission.

            I can see you now, with your head held high, just keep it up there lad, try not to look down, we don’t want you to feel embarrased.
            Your a Manster! Man + Hamster.

            By the way, I don’t respond to men named: fatpanda

            Corey Turner

            In response to another comment. See in context »
          • collapse expand

            hey Mr. “this man that entered university at the age of 16 and graduated with a PhD at the age of 22″… that would be “You’re a Manster” not “your a Manster”.
            BTW just because my name on here is fatpanda doesn’t mean my real name is fatpanda…and no one said I’m a man now did they? Maybe I’m a girl…maybe I’m actually a panda. I think it’s actually more likely that I’m really a panda than it is that you “entered university at the age of 16 and graduated with a PhD at the age of 22″

            In response to another comment. See in context »
        • collapse expand

          Man after reading that my head hurts and not because it was smart…
          I cannot even tell what side of the argument you are on!
          By the way, if you are going to claim “and by the way, this man that entered university at the age of 16 and graduated with a PhD at the age of 22 is me..” try and remember not to start your “sentences” (this use of quotation marks is to indicate irony) with “and by the way” (this use of quotation marks is to indicate an actual quote) and remember correct capitalization, grammar, punctuation etc.

          In response to another comment. See in context »
          • collapse expand

            Corey: WHOA there! LOL! Slow it down buddy. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, I know it’s fun to go look up the thesaurus and throw a bunch of big words together; but the content of your words need to make some logical sense. You sound like your throwing together catchphrases; “risk is calculated, not blind”; thanks very much for the words of wisdom and for reciting to me what you have learned in third grade, but I don’t see how that quote has much to do with our debate. Did you just memorized what you heard on TV about risk and recited it? Holy shit. You should really listen to Fatpanda and work on those writing abilities.

            LMAOOOO, did you REALLY insult the size of my member? Holy crap man, that’s worse than calling me “fake and gay”! LOLOL you’re a hoot! What did I tell you about throwing out random insults? Hey, how about this one: go back to community college. LOL. I think I’m just going to stick to laughing at you now rather than arguing since you managed to turn this debate into name calling. LOL — I have to show this to ppl. “Fool” “boy” LMAO

            In response to another comment. See in context »
      • collapse expand

        I Couldn’t agree with your more, Georgie St. Pierre is SO EXCITING… WOW… I’M TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY, JUST LIKE MATT SERRA WAS WHEN THEY 1ST MET. I’m caucasian, but, you know “flash gordon”, even I have to come to realize a view things about america….

        my two cents worth, and please tell the alien phatpanda to go away as he’s a waiste of space.

        Corey Turner

        In response to another comment. See in context »
  14. collapse expand

    LOL!! This Corey kid can’t get anymore hilarious! It’s like he’s the William Hung of keyboard-warriors.

    You win man, you’re so smart, thanks for teaching me something. LOL!

    “It’s a democracy” “man+hamster” ROTFL — GENIUS! Wow, how ever do you come up with such witty comebacks, Corey? I envy you. (For anyone listening who think this may be cruel; he’s so full of epic fail and inflated ego in terms of his “intellect” that it’s almost as bloated as the gaping hole in his head — he doesn’t realize the sarcasm so laughing is aloud, sorta like William Hung LOL)

    You win Corey, you’re are my idol, show us your wit. =]

  15. collapse expand

    I’m sorry but you don’t get to be called the greatest fighter of all time if you literally run away for two rounds, to the point of getting a warning. A true GoAT would never ‘run away’ from a fight, especially one they are already involved in. I think Silva was startgin to fear Damoin because he hit him a lot and couldnt put him away and he was afraid to go to ground with him and finish. His fear turned him into a ballerina instead of a fighter and Dana White and the MMA community have every right to call him a disgrace, even with all his talent. Not only was Damion worthy of being in the ring, he exposed Silva as the fearful champ we all knew he was. if he thinks he might get touched he runs like a little girl, and once he figured out Damion could touch him, that is exactly what he did. I think your post is patently incorrect and that the quote unquote fanbois are right on the money this time. Running scared and dancing away may make you good and a winner, but it is far from greatness by anyone’s measure.

    • collapse expand

      Your comment is clearly a reflection of your intelligence, not much I’m afraid.
      If this is the two cents that you have conjured, then I’m afraid less 1/100 of a dollar is no longer a denomination in this era, you should be told.

      Your comment:
      Not only was Damion worthy of being in the ring, he exposed Silva as the fearful champ we all knew he was.

      Damion has no ability. He can’t fight.
      He was outclassed. The only thing he had coming to him was another black eye or death,
      it was a boy against a man. He is never going to be a world champion. Knocked out by Marquart, a man that Anderson has already destroyed. The only difference is Damion is Brazilian and after the 3rd round Silva showed him mercy. I assure you, if he was American he would have ended up like Chris Leben.

      and boy.. get REAL!


      In response to another comment. See in context »
      • collapse expand

        Way to pull out my most controversial statement which was well qualified and taking it out of context. Silva’s performance made Mia worthy of being in the ring, if he wasnt anderson would not have run scared for two rounds. I think you are all primarily Silva fanbois hating on the overwhelming opinion of MMA fans worldwide. And I aint your BOY, son.

        That is to say that this performance showed how little greatness and class silva has, he’s more worried about the mystique of Silva than putting himself into danger to actually finish. That is not what the greats do in any sport, just run away and avoid engaging altogether.

        His fight and performance was indefensible except to the most devout silva fanbois.

        In response to another comment. See in context »
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