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Jan. 26 2010 - 12:13 pm | 119 views | 1 recommendation | 3 comments

Governator wants to send prisoners to Mexico

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First we send our factories, then we send our dirty power plants, now we’re thinking about sending our prisoners.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger floated a different approach to trimming down California’s bloated prison budget on Monday: pay Mexico to build new prisons and ship off California’s incarcerated illegal immigrants south of the border.

The Republican governor has pushed to house California inmates out-of-state before — but never in a different country.

“We can do so much better in the prison system alone if we can go and take inmates, for instance the 20,000 inmates that are illegal immigrants that are here, and get them to Mexico,” Schwarzenegger said during a question-and answer session at the Sacramento Press Club. “Think about it.”

It’s cheaper to build prisons in Mexico, Schwarzenegger reasoned, and it’s cheaper to staff them there to boot.

Don’t you just love how the only time politicians get creative is when it involves finding new ways to keep people incarcerated? Hey Arnold, you know what will save the state a lot of money? Releasing all non-violent drug offenders. But that’s not going to happen, is it?

Anyway, the idea has a nice redneck political ring to it — shipping Mexicans back across the border and keeping them locked up so they can’t come back. Only one problem: with the state’s prison system overflowing with good old-fashioned Americans, how long before we start shipping U.S. citizens down south for lockup? You know, away from silly little things like judicial oversight?

Of course the idea is a political nonstarter. Folks in Orange County — otherwise know as the Mexican hating capital of the free world — may be soiling their underwear with joy,  but the prison guard union in California is far too powerful to allow any of their jobs to be shipped south.

Then again, if any state can pull this off it’s California. We have a pretty good track record when it comes to union-busting, amoral, airheaded actor/politicians.


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    but he was sooo good as Julius Benedict.

    I think if you rewatch “Jingle All the Way” you’d think differently of the Austrian Oak

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    Every 4 month, a population the size of Tallahassee, FL pours across our southern border. They are not undocumented. They are illegal aliens. Period. Americans have been conned to accept this infestation as normal. To dissent is considered racist, zenophobic, or nativist.

    In 1997, pres Zedillio proclaimed “I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by it’s borders.” MALDEF founder Mario Obledo stated, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. Every constitutional office in California is going to be held by Hispanics in the next 20 years.” People who don’t like such demographic changes “should go back to Europe.” Mexico’s president Fox was unrelenting in his brazen demands on the US, starting with open borders even before he was elected. He called for the border to be a “joining line.” His visits to the US was filled with endless requirements for Mexican citizens illegally in this country – free healthcare, taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition for illegals at state colleges and universities, guest worker programs, and amnesty for all. It hasn’t stopped.
    Encouraged by their leaders in both countries, the 30 to 40 million Mexicans illegal aliens in America are emboldened to insist that the US surrender to their demands, particularly amnesty, which will speed the acquisition of political power. And when California becomes majority Mexican (if uncontested) around 2028, these people call for political unification with their cultural homeland. Their leaders are planning for such a scenario. It’s hard to fathom how America’s elected Congressional leaders, those who swore to uphold the Constitution and to protect the nation, are prepared to give it away for some perceived short-term political gain, if that. Sedition is the new black.
    The front men for globalist corporations, and world government who occupy the White House allows Mexico to dictate America’s immigration policy, while few in the Democrat party object. Does anyone think Mexico cares about what happens to America? All one hs to do is look back to Sept 11, 2001, when Mexico was the only country who did not offer condolences. They see the US as a dumping ground, and lands that they claim is theirs. Why do American public officials value so little what thousands have fought and died to protect? A foreign power has stated its plans to conquer this nation by demographic warfare, but in Washington, apparently no one cares.
    How did these people get so deeply rooted in our politics? Why does the most powerful nation in the world’s leaders cower before the third world country to the south? They’ve infiltrated our political machine, flooded our cities, and will endlessly remain loyal to Mexico.

    It’s time to get rid of the meddlers from Mexico, and their parasitic culture. We must stop the bleeding. All illegal aliens, and those who fraudulently abused our 14th Amendment should be tossed out of this country before it’s too late…

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    If you seek answers, just look to the “real racist” groups like The National Council of La Raza (The Race), MeCHA, LULAC, and a terrorist group called the “Mexica Movement.” Their official platform says:
    “We totally reject all illegal European Colonial Squatter Occupation Borders on our continent. We also reject Colonialism’s right to keep stealing the wealth of our lands. And we reject their artificial divisions of our people!” This is a group that thinks America is their property, and anyone who doesn’t fit their description should leave the country. What it also means is this is a hateful, racist and terrorist group, and it should be denounced. Of course, we will be called racist. What Americans are fed up with are the millions and millions of people who come here and do not want to assimilate or learn the language. People who send their earnings “home” to another country. People who are turning 2 bedroom apartments and single family homes into illegal camps housing up to 100. People who are stealing I.Ds and Social Security numbers from American taxpayers. People who are turning entire neighborhoods and city sections into Tijuana’s, where half the store signs advertise “llanteras usadas.” People who are killing American citizens at the rate of 27 per day through murder, drunk driving, etc. People who expect and demand their kids to be taught in Spanish, and don’t care what we Americans think. People who since 2000 have desecrated our National border parks with 25 million tons of trash.
    People who decline to buy auto insurance or set enough aside to cover their liabilities. People who use our expensive hospital emergency rooms as their cold and sniffle clinics. The real complaint here is that those “lazy Americans” who still try to “follow the rules” find themselves increasingly squeezed and taxed, fingerprinted and regulated and licensed and strip-searched, while the illegals thumb their noses, disregard our wishes, and give the finger to our laws.

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