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Jan. 27 2010 — 4:48 pm | 656 views | 0 recommendations | 9 comments

What you need to know about the Apple iPad

If you were following this morning’s Apple announcement, it may have been quite overwhelming and your head could be spinning in confusion. We’re here to clear things up and give you additional details over what we posted this morning. What we know so far is that the device itself, in terms of hardware and software, doesn’t disappoint. Out of the box, it can support every single application available in the iTunes App Store right now. There is a new version of iWork available for the iPad — with each application going for $9.99 (which means $30 for the whole kaboodle). The Wi-Fi only version will be available in 60 days, and the 3G and Wi-Fi versions in 90 days. Hit the break as we break it down for you!

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Jan. 19 2010 — 11:42 pm | 74 views | 0 recommendations | 1 comment

Google Nexus One unboxed by ninjas!

The hottest phone this month is undoubtedly the Google Nexus One. And when new devices are released, nothing satiates a geek more than watching an unboxing video before he gets one of his own (or her own for you nerdy gals). This time, Google decided that it would be nice to commission some animators to do a little clever unboxing for you – with ninjas! Click through to see the video.

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Jan. 15 2010 — 2:36 pm | 131 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Did Steve Wozniak abandon his beloved iPhone for the Nexus One?

Stories circulated like wildfire yesterday when one harmless statement was misinterpreted by bloggers, sensational headlines filled RSS readers and fanboys of every kind came out of the woodwork. Steve Wozniak, who needs absolutely no introduction, said that his favorite new gadget is the latest Google phone. Without mentioning it by name, any geek worth his solder knows that Woz is referring to the Nexus One. Like playing the game “Telephone,” bloggers re-blogged until we saw headlines that read, “Steve Wozniak Ditches iPhone for Nexus One!” Not so fast.

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Jan. 13 2010 — 11:42 pm | 247 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

How much would it take for you to risk your job at Apple?

How much is a killer story worth to you? A thousand? Ten thousand? It’s not uncommon for journalists and bloggers to pay for news and scoops, though it’s typically frowned upon (ironic since almost everyone does it). It should come as no surprise to anyone, even the non-tech folks, that the hottest story in the tech world right now is the Apple tablet. It’s so hot, in fact, that Gawker thinks it’s worth $100,000 for just an hour with the device. Will they succeed?

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Jan. 12 2010 — 3:02 am | 256 views | 0 recommendations | 1 comment

Popping my CES cherry

Faithful and loyal Digitalia readers, I hope you’ll forgive the weeklong absence of content from the site, but I’m here to explain why. For six long, painful, exciting and stressful days, I was at CES – the Consumer Electronics Show (or what I prefer to call the “Clusterfuck Electronics Show”). Between the three major halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I walked at least 15 miles with about 30 pounds of gear slung around my shoulders and neck in order to get coverage for my home-away-from-home, Boy Genius Report.

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