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May. 10 2010 — 6:11 pm | 236 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Sprint Nexus One: Gone Before It Ever Came

No surprises here. The Nexus One by Google was supposed to be the one phone to rule them all. It was supposed to be available on every single carrier through Google, with or without subsidy. It should have been the sales model of the future – buy your phone without the hassle of dealing with customer service reps or retail stores. T-Mobile was the first to have the Nexus One and, according to Google in January, it was coming to Verizon in the spring of 2010. That never happened. Sprint said that it would still move forward with its plans to carry the Nexus One after the Verizon news, but recently changed its mind. What’s going on here?

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Feb. 21 2010 — 5:49 am | 326 views | 1 recommendations | 1 comment

MIT’s swarm of mini-helicopters leaves me in utter awe

From left to right: Awesome mini-helicopter created at MIT, potential 3D image created by a swarm of said helicopters, and the Mona Lisa created by the miniature flying robots. Eat your hearts out, fireflies!

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Feb. 11 2010 — 8:21 pm | 327 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

ReadWriteWeb proves the Internet is a tricky place

Earlier today, I wrote an article on MobileCrunch that resulted in a comment which left me scratching my head. It was clear to me that the commenter didn’t read my post or headline and skipped straight to the comments and attacked me for being misinformed. I told my editor, Greg, to check my info and he sent me a link to ReadWriteWeb; more specifically, a post entitled The Internet Is Hard.

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Feb. 10 2010 — 4:50 pm | 1,279 views | 1 recommendations | 0 comments

Iran can kiss Google email services goodbye for now

Details are scant, but Iran just announced that it is shutting down Google’s email service, Gmail, permanently. Apparently, the Iranian government is planning on its own, national email client to replace the free and open Gmail service. So far, there are no comments from Iran or Google and how this will affect Gmail in Iran (likely going to a landing page).

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Feb. 10 2010 — 12:07 am | 326 views | 0 recommendations | 2 comments

Google Buzz is making my head spin with just-too-muchery

One, please! Just one! Why can’t we have one service where we toss up all of our pictures, status updates, videos and personal information? With Twitter, FriendFeed, Foursquare, and MySpace Facebook, today’s announcement from Google knocked me back on my ass.

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