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Jul. 27 2010 — 2:13 pm | 32 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Daughter Urges Voters ‘Don’t Elect My Dad!’

PoutSomeone’s getting grounded.

The daughter of a judicial candidate in Oklahoma has taken out an ad telling citizens “Do not vote for my Dad!”


Jan Schill, 31, and her husband paid for the quarter-page ad that included a picture of her family and a list of all the times her father, John Mantooth, had been sued.  It included the address of a website the couple started detailing Mantooth’s legal history. continue »

Jul. 21 2010 — 1:46 pm | 188 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

Woman Pregnant With 2 Babies Due 1 Week Apart

29 Weeks outside (4)

Image by halfmortimer via Flickr

A Salt Lake City mom is pregnant with two babies, only they’re not twins. They don’t even have the same due date. The expectant mom, Angie Cromar has two uteruses, a rare condition known as uterus didelphys. She got pregnant with one and then a couple of weeks later with another. continue »

Jul. 12 2010 — 5:59 pm | 42 views | 0 recommendations | 1 comment

Should All Toddlers Be Screened for High Cholesterol?

Yokosuka, Japan (Mar. 28, 2003) -- Lt. Marjori...

Image via Wikipedia

Has it come to this? Should parents plan for LDLs along with the ABC’s?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that young children and teens with a family history of high cholesterol, premature hearth disease and diabetes be screened as young as 2. But a new study published in the most recent issue of Pediatrics says most people don’t have an accurate understanding of what their family’s health history is. continue »

Jul. 8 2010 — 6:44 pm | 102 views | 0 recommendations | 1 comment

Do Baby Pics Belong to Parents or Kids?

Cover of "Larry Rivers: Art and the Artis...

Cover of Larry Rivers: Art and the Artist

Who has control of the pictures from childhood once the subjects of those pictures are grown adults? It’s not a terribly relevant question for most of us — Mom wants them? She can have them!

But it’s relevant for Emma Tamburlini, the 43-year-old daughter of now deceased proto-pop artist Larry Rivers. Among the questionable gems in Rivers’ collection of photos and film are various interviews with his daughters about their breasts. The New York Times has a story in the Arts section today about the daughter’s desire to get rid of them.

Tamburlini said she was pressured from the age of 11 to do the interviews — naked or without a shirt on, of course — and she would like the film destroyed. When she protested, she was told she was a bad girl. This led to problems in her life and having the films “out there in the world” makes it harder for her to recover.

New York University purchased the film from the Larry Rivers Foundation. NYU has assured Tamburlini that the films won’t be available to the public until both she and her sister, Gwynne Rivers, have died.

But is that good enough? Do the sisters get any say over the photos and films? continue »

Jul. 5 2010 — 3:20 pm | 266 views | 3 recommendations | 8 comments

Kids and Extreme World Travel

South america tr

Image via Wikipedia

A mother on a three-year family bike trip from Alaska to Argentina is defending her family from the criticism that she’s endangering her sons’ lives in order to live out her own perverted dreams.

Writing for Salon, Nancy Sathre-Vogel argues that her boys could opt out of the trip at any time, that it’s often the young teens who keep the family going, who want to push to finish the trip and also break a world record.

Unlike the Sunderlands, the California family famous for sending off their minor children to sail in small boats around the world — solo — Sathre-Vogel says theirs is a family trip, all of them in it together. They home school the boys, having packed learning materials which apparently get refreshed from time to time. continue »

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