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Jul. 15 2010 - 5:37 am | 314 views | 0 recommendations | 2 comments

The Roman Polanski Creep Meter

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski

Ooooh, this is the sweetest little website I’ve seen in a very long time: the Roman Polanski Creep Meter, which measures movies according to the number of Polanski apologists who participated.

For those of you with short memories and/or no daughters, Polanski drugged, sodomized and raped a 13 year-old girl, despite her frequent cries of “No,” and subsequently fled the US, from which country he has refrained in the many decades since and that not by accident.

Let’s look at the deal:Roman Polanski was charged with the following:
1.  Giving drugs to a minor.
2.  Committing a lewd act on a person less than 14.
3.  Rape of a minor.
4.  Rape by use of a drug. (See charge #1)
5.  Oral copulation.
6.  Sodomy.

He agreed to plead guilty only to unlawful sexual intercourse with a child under 14.  In return he expected:

1.  Not be charged with giving drugs to a minor. (a 13 yr old)
2.  Not to charged with committing a lewd act on a person under 14. (she was 13)
3.  Not to be charged with rape by use of a drug. (of a 13 yr old)
4.  Not to be charged with oral copulation.  (of a 13 yr old)
5.  Not be charged with sodomy. (of a 13 yr old)
6.  Not to serve more than 90 days in jail undergoing psychological examination.  It is possible he served only 42.

That’s a shockingly good deal.  Roman Polanski apparently believes you should be able to seduce, drug, rape, orally copulate, and sodomize a 13 yr old girl and serve only 42 days in jail.

When that deal looked to be at risk, Roman Polanski chose to flee justice.

From the Creep Meter site:

Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles in 1977. He confessed to the crime in his plea agreement, then fled the country before sentencing. You can read all the details—including news stories and the court transcripts themselves—at The Zero.

On September 26th, 2009, Polanski was arrested in Zurich while on his way to a film festival. A bunch of self-described “[f]ilmmakers, actors, producers and technicians—everyone involved in international filmmaking”—signed a petition “demand[ing] the immediate release of Roman Polanski.” They dismissively refer to his crime as “a case of morals.” Then more Hollywood types started piling on, with Whoopi Goldberg proclaiming Polanski’s rape of the child wasn’t “rape-rape.”

If you’re as disgusted by this as I am, tell these filmmakers in the only language they understand: dollars. Me? I’ll never spend another dime going to see or renting the films these creeps worked on. If you’re with me on this, type the name of a movie below. Before you rent it or go see it, find out if it’s creep-free or creep-infested. And decide where you want to spend your money.

You can then input the name of whatever movie you want to see (the DVD of Star Wars I just picked up is mercifully free of Polanskiists, yay!) and get a Creep Meter Rating. Putting in Polanski’s own Bitter Moon (not a half-bad movie) gives the following:

Your movie was: Bitter Moon

Release date: 11 March 1994
Director: Roman Polanski
Plot: British couple Fiona and Nigel Dobson are sailing to Istanbul en route to India. They encounter a beautiful French woman…

Creeps who helped out:

Roman Polanski
Kristin Scott Thomas

Fortunately, tonight’s viewing of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof yields a Creep Rating of zero:

our movie was: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Release date: 20 September 1958
Director: Richard Brooks
Plot: Brick, an alcoholic ex-football player, drinks his days away and resists the affections of his wife, Maggie. His reunion with his father, Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer, jogs a host of memories and revelations for both father and son.

Creeps who helped out:

This movie is creep free!

Happy viewing, happy viewing choices!

Bonus Tasteless Joke: Why doesn’t Roman Polanski ever win at blackjack? Because he never hits on anything over 14.


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