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Mar. 24 2010 - 5:16 am | 3,504 views | 1 recommendation | 12 comments

It’s official: Sandra Bullock is single

Sandra Bullock Meryl Streep Cougars Gone Wild

Sandra Bullock gets her groove back

In case any misty-eyed fans out there were still hoping for a touching reconciliation between Sandra Bullock, America’s Sweetheart and her tattoo-model-schtupping old man, allow me to destroy your dreams. It’s over.

In past ages we would have had to wait for the divorce decree, carefully-worded flack statement, or the inevitable poisoning trial, but thanks to contemporary relationship technology we no longer have any need to sit around wondering what’s going on with other people’s relationships.

We have Facebook. So does Sandra Bullock, and she knows how to use it.

Sandra Bullock Facebook Page

Sandra Bullock Facebook Page

See that tiny entry under “Information?” Let me blow that up for you; surely it must have blown up for her husband Jesse James:

Sandra Bullock Facebook Page Single

Sandra Bullock is on the market again

Yep. Interested in Women or Men for Friendship, Dating, and/or A (presumably Bombshell-free) Relationship. Way to go, Jesse; that pain you feel has been shared by millions of anonymous dumpees all over the internet, only your wife has 4500 friends and you, apparently, are down to 50 or so.

(Update: The page has been taken offline now)

Stars: they’re just like us, especially when they’re vindictive. Play him off, Kate Miller-Heidke.

UPDATE: “Separated” on IMDB, but Bullock’s PR says the change wasn’t done by anyone working for her; however, the change had to be approved by an IMDB staffer, so presumably whoever it was passed muster with them as an authorized person.


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    Do you think this is for real? I just can’t imagine that an Oscar winner would actually have a Facebook account, much less have time to use it. A good friend of mine who appears on a daytime soap once told me that some fans created an FB account for her, and she had to force them to close it down. I wonder if this one is fan-created as well.

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    The profile was real and is now gone..thanks to people or media exposing it. She may come back at a later date after things calm down. I started a Group for her last Thursday and it’s now over 1100 already. I will forward it to her later so she may see all the words of kindness and support.Check it out on Facebook it is called “We support Sandra Bullock”. Thanks.

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      Thanks. I think she’s probably just set it as Private, but since I’m not a Friend, I can’t say. Are you? If you are and you can’t open the page, then yes, it’s been deleted. Also classic breakup behavior, although moreso among grownups who are married than teenagers who break up every three or four weeks.

      The largest Sandra Bullock fanpage on Facebook has 172,000 members: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Sandra-Bullock/47300698664?ref=ts

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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        hi miss loraine. ive posted a comment on roman polaskis page trying to divert all the crap surrounding the piece of work jesse james. i feel very strong for miss sandrabullock.i have for 12.5 years. ive beeen holding her up in prayers and have been longing to simply meet her. please let her know that there is someone who cares for her in an agape sense and if i ever could have a wish come true….it would be to meet her sing a song originals for her. perhaps she could help me get my parental kidnappede 6 year old back here..that on top of everything else is tearing me apart. please if you can just let her know these few fundamental thingas. im sure she could use a really good hug. beleive me. we both could.i cant bel;eive what shes had to endure with the flub jesse.any hoo im to go for now.314 8278629.isaacthefirst@gmail.com…..i really would crawl thru a mountain of glass for her with this hole in my heart that looks like her.

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    sos miss sandra. there is a hole in my heart and it looks like you! i would crawl thru a mountain of glass for you.i posted something on a roman polaski page trying calling out to you. im not real pc savvy so.please in advance forgive my error. isaacthefirst@gmail.com. i really am ver un happy concerning all in which jesse james has put you thru. sos please contact me

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    Lolls..what a pic…is she lesbian or what?

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