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Jun. 28 2010 — 4:35 pm | 117 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Male Models Grow Babies Out Of Their Faces

Many thanks to Dazed & Confused for literally making me piss myself in terror.

More vomit-inducing images after the jump. Enticing, right? [Homotography] continue »

Jun. 9 2010 — 1:26 pm | 75 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Shopping Vicariously: Polka-Dot Valentino Jacket

Welcome to Shopping Vicariously, a thing I’ll do pretty much every time I’m obsessed with something I can’t buy myself and want you to fondle for me with your hands and money. Come on, it’ll be fun. And only a little sad.

Yes, that is a navy and cream silk Valentino jacket with rosette detailing, thanks for asking. Know what’s beautiful about it? Everything. If you insist that I be more specific, here are the most glorious aspects of the thing: contrast hemming, the hand-stitched flowers and the fact that it would look great with my hair jeans, a pencil skirt or a sheath dress. Not sold yet? It’s on sale, so it’s basically like you’re saving money, right? A mere couple of months ago this baby would have set you back $4,780 on Net-A-Porter, now it’s going for $956 on TheOutnet, Ne-A-Porter’s sister site. Conveniently, there is a size 4 left and I am more than willing to take it off your hands if you order it and find that it doesn’t actually fit you. Just saying.

Jun. 8 2010 — 12:05 am | 481 views | 1 recommendations | 0 comments

At Home Minx for Sephora Manicure Sucks

Remember Minx manicures? They’re heat-activated with zero drying time and last a couple weeks. Or that’s what they’re like when they’re done right by someone who’s not you. In an effort to bring the bizarre patterns and sense of beauty product elitism that comes with Minx nails to the masses, O.P.I and Sephora teamed up to make a limited edition DIY version. Now, even people who live in Iowa can sort of have the same manicure that Beyonce and Lady Gaga are rocking! And it’s only $15 a pop!

If only the at-home Minx-icure worked, like, at all. continue »

Jun. 7 2010 — 11:27 am | 4,999 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Pesky Clothing Only Makes The Heimlich More Challenging

Your favorite mouth to mouth hero is back, in her undies and choking on a chocolate heart. Good thing her hot, semi-creepy man friend is around to thrust her back to health, right? [Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts]

May. 17 2010 — 11:20 am | 15,746 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

The Right Underwear for CPR

Someone realized that instructional videos are too boring, it seems. Did this teach you CPR or just make your pants a little too constricting? [Copyranter]

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