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Jul. 21 2010 - 6:52 pm | 2,681 views | 0 recommendations | 21 comments

Mark Levin’s McCarthyist JournoList membership list rapidly turns anti-Semitic

Update: Mark Levin removes anti-Semitic comments, dares his readers to say I’m into goats.

Conservative pundit and talk radio screamer Mark Levin put his researchers to work assembling posted a list assembled by a Free Republic user of members of JournoList, the nefarious cabal that ensured that John McCain was not elected President of the United States of America. He left me off. I feel so unimportant. I had really hoped to be included in this wave of digital McCarthyism that the screaming right-wing is hoping to foment. Then again, I only became a member this winter long after the election was done and over.

But what’s more interesting than the list is the comments. While members of JournoList are being slammed for intemperate remarks in an off-the-record listserve, apparently it’s OK with Levin if his readers express virulent anti-Semitism on his Facebook page. The readers must have a pretty bad case of cognitive dissonance to get into this line of thinking (Levin’s surname is ‘Levin’ after all), but they just can’t help from noting the interesting coincidence that many of the members of JournoList happen to be Jewish.

Below are all screengrabs taken around 6:30 pm from Levin’s Facebook page.

There’s the snide suggestion that without Jews, there would be no liberals:

Then there’s the version that calls Jews sick:

Then there’s the version that says American Jews don’t truly support Israel:

Then there’s the “why are you a self-loathing Jew” version:

If you’re mad about JournoList just ask yourself: are these the people you’d like to pal around with? At the very least, I hope Levin will do the decent thing and delete these comments from his Facebook page. I’ll keep watch.


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    Don’t you understand that when conservatives do things like this it’s TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than when liberals do it because…because…hey, quick, look over there, evil Muslims!

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    Strange that it’s not an emergency when any liberal piece on Israel attracts hundreds of anti-Semitic comments on Huffington Post or the Guardian. Oh, right. It’s no longer anti-Semitic to say that Jews (sorry, Israel) controls the media, the banks and Congress.

    The most scary part about anti-Semitism is that it now become an accepted discourse on the Left and Right. If anti-Semitic comments were reason to take down Web sites, half the Internet would be toast.

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      I’m not sure I grasp the strawman you’re setting up Michael (“It’s no long anti-Semitic to say…”).

      It probably doesn’t matter. The Huffington Post (I don’t read the Guardian much) has community management staff who zap anti-Semitic comments. They may not always do a great job, but they try. Had I not called out the anti-Semitism brewing on his page, anti-Jewish thoughts would have gone hand-in-hand with Mark Levin’s McCarthyist effort to black list dozens of journalists and intellectuals simply because they are avowed liberals. The comments, which were getting ‘liked’ by other users, have been removed now. I commend Mark Levin for having the intellectual honesty to remove the remarks. I don’t commend his inability to acknowledge that his efforts will inherently attract the most unhinged audience members.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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      Mr. Peck,

      You have confused anti-Semitism with opposition to Israel’s policies in particular or Zionism in general. Anti-Semitism was a political movement which sought to expel Jewish immigrants from whatever nation that they were living in (US, England, France, Germany). Its fundamental tenet was Jews could never be assimilated into the nation, they were inherently and permanently “foreign”. Further their first loyalty was to Jews, who were a homogeneous and undifferentiated corporate whole, and no loyalty to the nation in which they lived. In some varieties later in the 20th century they had massive but secret powers, e.g. they controlled both the Communist Parties and “World Banking”.

      Criticizing Israel’s actions in the Middle East is not based on any such ideology but rather upon specific policies of a government. Criticizing Zionism is based on the inherent logic of Zionism and how it has been implemented. Neither of these critiques requires any of the racist ideological assumptions of the anti-Semite.

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        I don’t think this point is fair to Michael. Many strictly anti-Semitic, Jew-hating comments like the kind I identified are appended to the comment threads of articles and blog posts about Israel at the places he names. He’s not conflating fair criticism of Israeli government action with anti-Semitism in this case.

        In response to another comment. See in context »
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    These reprehensible comments have coalesced my thinking about your post on the Civil Rights Commission. It is still a necessary, if temporarily misguided, facility. These stupidities do not exist in a vacuum and their societal and institutional impact needs to be examined. Racism, sexism and class-ism in America are, by definition, very politicized topics. I definitely want our side to have a shot at these jerks, even if we have to tolerate the occasional right wingnut.

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    “Update: Mark Levin removes anti-Semitic comments, dares his readers to say I’m into goats.”

    Entirely false. Here’s what he actually says: “If, for instance, someone were to post a comment accusing Michael Raston of having relations with a goat, which would obviously be preposterous and untrue, the fact that someone posted a comment like that doesn’t mean I would agree with it. And we’d do our best to remove such a comment.”

    Enough with the smears, Michael. You’re not going to come out ahead with a guy like Levin if you think you can play like this.

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    evanm, it doesn’t really matter how ‘handwaving’ my point is about Levin. The point is that because of my blog post, he felt compelled to delete the anti-Semitic comments that were being normalized around his effort to ruin the careers of dozens of journalists and pundits. Those comments are gone now. Mission accomplished. But it’s just the mission. Sadly, the belligerence that Levin intends to attract goes on.

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