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Apr. 14 2010 - 12:06 pm | 381 views | 0 recommendations | 11 comments

Credit where it’s due: California Tea Party purges birther Orly Taitz from event

Dear Republicans: Next time ‘birther-ism’ comes up in your midst, you should not do what Liz Cheney did. The ill-tempered partisan hack, who is fighting to keep her father’s dream of executive branch tyranny alive at all costs, went on Larry King Live last summer and expressed her sympathies with people who question President Obama’s national origin. This was a great example of ‘dog-whistling’ – sending a message that your confederates hear all too clearly, while everyone else remains blithely unaware that you’re race-baiting.

In contrast, this is how you should deal with birthers if they come up in your midst – like Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore in California. The two are in a pitched campaign to become the Republican candidate for Senator and run against incumbent Barbara Boxer. But rather than allying themselves with the hardcore cluster of birthers who might help push them over the edge in the primary, they came right out and said they oppose the ideas of Orly Taitiz, the batshit lawyer and dentist who has filed one frivolous lawsuit after another seeking to prove that President Obama is a foreign-born usurper:

Spokespersons for Fiorina and DeVore said separately that until they were contacted by The Times, they had been unaware that Taitz was scheduled to speak. Both said their campaigns had already committed to the event and would attend.

“I can say emphatically that the Chuck DeVore campaign and Chuck DeVore himself strongly disapproves of Orly Taitz and the crazy theories she continues to advance,” said Josh Trevino, a DeVore spokesman.

Fiorina spokeswoman Julie Soderlund added that while her candidate disagrees with Obama on issues, she believes he is the legitimately elected president of the United States.

“President Obama is absolutely eligible for the presidency and is a natural-born United States citizen,” she said.

One candidate threatened to withdraw from the event before Tuesday’s decision to uninvite Taitz. John Dennis, who is running for the Republican nomination to oppose House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, said he would not appear on the same stage as Taitz.

“The presence of a discredited publicity seeker on the same platform with patriotic Americans distorts the focus of our movement, distracts from our common message and gives ammunition to those who continue to question our legitimacy,” Dennis said in a statement.

via Activist who challenges Obama’s citizenship is booted from Tax Day Tea Party – latimes.com.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that one of the rally organizers, Bridget Melson, told the LA Times that “This is not what the tea party is about at this point.” So, apparently at one time, birtherism was a core principle of the Tea Party movement, Melson is implying?

But if you can’t rely on the Tea Partiers to dismiss the racist animus behind birtherism, at least you should credit Republican candidates like Fiorina, DeVore, and John Dennis for doing so. They are shining examples for how Republicans should address the racist mania that drives Taitz and her ilk


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    No free speech at Republican hijacked TEA Party!


    Violations of Free Speech and Assembly, by Poizner, Carly Fiorina, Chuck DeVore, and others sworn to uphold the US Constitution!

    Orly Taitz has the same protected rights as you, but if you don’t defend her rights to free speech and assembly, then you surrender the US Constitution.

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    Sorry, michael, that ain’t the birth certificate….the real one has been sealed by gov lindle….now if that had been gwb hiding his birth certificate, the press would have gone after it like a flame thrower….but instead they just pick their toes on this one…..


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