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Apr. 13 2010 - 3:17 pm | 2,430 views | 0 recommendations | 18 comments

Sarah Palin’s speaking contract rider revealed!

ST LOUIS - OCTOBER 02:  (FILE PHOTO)  Republic...

If the straw doesn't bend, Sarah Palin's speech will end (Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

Via Erika Bolstad at McClatchy DC, we learn of the ‘Van Halen’ details in Sarah Palin’s rider for speaking gigs.

Fortunately, she does not insist that anyone go through her bowl of M&Ms and throw away all of the brown ones.

They were published by SF Weekly, and found after California State University-Stanislaus claimed they didn’t exist. Apparently CSU-Stanislaus had shredded the docs, although students managed to find some pages after some dumpster diving and turn them over to the press.

Of course, in some regards, these seem totally reasonable – not wanting to share a private jet if you’re going to be on one isn’t really diva-ish, and I would expect that licensed and insured car services, instead of Billy’s 1988 Honda, be used for a VIP of Palin’s  stature.

But some of them yield some amusement, too. For instance, the demand that Palin receive a printer fully stocked with paper to go with a laptop computer. I guess the Tea Party convention didn’t accommodate that demand, and that’s why Palin was writing notes on her hand?

And only pre-selected questions during the Q&A, huh? In addition to that gotcha journalism, I guess Palin isn’t really into gotcha lecture attendees, either.

And finally, the closest we get to Van Halen – the request for ‘bendable’ straws. No indication if she’ll only use straws that bend to the right…

Here’s the rider – enjoy.

From the documents on Washington Speakers Bureau letterhead Lewis and Briggs claim to have unearthed from a Turlock dumpster:

* Stipulations for “Round-trip, first class commercial air travel for two between Anchorage, Alaska and event city”

* Requirements for “full, unrestricted round-trip coach airfare for two between event city and lower 48 US States.”

* If the university were to hire a private jet, “the Speaker, their traveling party and the plane crew will be the only passengers.”

* Ground transportation in both the originating city and the event city “will be by SUV(s) from a professionally licensed and insured car service.”

* “security arrangements as deemed necessary by [Washington Speakers Bureau] and the Speaker.”

* Accommodations are to include “a one-bedroom suite and two single rooms in a deluxe hotel” as well as a “laptop computer and printer (fully stocked with paper) and high speed internet” and “all meals and incidentals.”

* “For Q&A, the questions are to be collected from the audience in advance, pre-screened and a designated representative shall ask questions directly of the Speaker.”

* The contract also includes other stipulations regarding autographs, photographs, press releases, advertising, recording, lighting, bottled water and “bendable straws.”

via CSU-Stanislaus Administrators Accused of Shredding Sarah Palin Documents They Claimed Did Not Exist – San Francisco News – The Snitch.


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  1. collapse expand

    Ethan is quite right, the demands are very modest. And you’re right the bendy-straws are funny. What I don’t get is, why would USC-Stanislaus deny the very existence of these completely ordinary contract riders?

  2. collapse expand

    I love how the Left just can’t stop sticking their nose in it. The Smoking Gun is fill of talent contract riders; this really is relatively harmless. But don’t you see what the real problem is here? Just like during the campaign, when a hacker broke into her email account… the left – so concerned with the Patriot Act they just made permenant – has no problem violating the privacy of individuals, do they? They get all giddy, finally get their hands on something private, which they think they can turn into “something important”, which they then think will make all her fans turn on her and hate her like they do.

    Notice how it doesn’t really ever work out for them does it? Even with the hacked emails… once they were realeased, there was nothing there. Just a lot of personal privacy violations, that made people feel bad for her.

    What Palin’s detractors don’t get, is its that reaction exactly that makes a lot of us love her. Quite frankly I don’t really care what she even thinks about anything at this point… I’d vote Palin for President just to watch the Left’s collective heads explode.

    So, go ahead, keep sticking your nose in it. Maybe you’ll find something. Someday.

    • collapse expand

      When Sarah Palin speaks at a public institution like CSU-Stanislaus, there’s nothing private about it. Moreover, it is abhorrent that Governor Palin’s e-mail account was hacked. But the hacking did reveal that the Governor was breaching protocol in Alaska and using a private, poorly secured e-mail account to transact state business. So in that case, something was found – Sarah Palin failing to abide by her state’s rules for the documenting of public business. And given the number of ethics probes she was the subject of during her abbreviated tenure as Alaska’s chief executive, I certainly found that worrisome.

      Anyways, lighten up. The rider, especially the bendy straw, is funny. There’s nothing untoward in the rider, but it offers some opportunities for humor.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
      • collapse expand

        You’re still missing the point. Wouldn’t you like to see Al Gore’s rider? I bet there’s a lot more than bendy straws in there. How about Noam Chomsky’s? Olbermann’s. (Oh yeah, he doesn’t speak.) The fact that there was a “blurring of the lines” between email accounts is not really that surprising. Email is still relatively new in the public service sphere… wouldn’t you like to see how Joe Biden’s toeing the email line?

        Then there’s the climategate emails… I’m supposed to be concerned about Palin mixing up email accounts, but not be concerned about the deliberate misuse of govt resources to force people out of their jobs and destroy data that was “inconvenient”. Of course I see the media and the Left so eager to rack down that story!

        It’s not the bendy straws; it’s that they will use any excuse to get a laugh at her expense. Any. And usually, it isn’t that funny.

        In response to another comment. See in context »
        • collapse expand

          Actually, I know how Democratic and Republican White Houses have dealt with e-mail, and thanks for asking. The Clinton White House implemented strict rules on e-mail (I actually interviewed the guy in 2007 who had to implement them), and much hubbub was made about the top secret BlackBerry that the NSA issued for our sexter-in-chief Barack Obama at the beginning of 2009. The Bush White House on the other hand allowed its political staff to transact most of their e-mailing over unsecured RNC-supplied tech and e-mail accounts, and then claimed that the RNC had lost all of the data when it became the subject of a variety of different Congressional and executive branch investigations. Palin’s bad IT management skillz were just a coincidence with the GOP’s Bush-era hostility to the preservation of public records.

          And Climategate – seriously jrobinson, you’re in over your head so far you must be drowning. That e-mail was stolen by determined hackers and is the subject of a criminal investigation in the UK – you’re ‘whistleblowers’ were Nixon-grade plumbers. In any event, the e-mail in question came from a server in the United Kingdom, so the situation isn’t even applicable. Plus there’s the various investigation of the Climategate e-mails that found a lack of any criminal wrongdoing by the author of the e-mails in question. And they weren’t even government – they were university e-mail servers.

          Anyways, I’d love to see Gore or Chomsky’s riders – please supply them. I don’t have sacred cows, but apparently Sarah Palin is too sacred for you to lighten up about. Your straw ain’t bent – it’s crooked.

          In response to another comment. See in context »
          • collapse expand

            I didn’t bring Sarah up. The Left did. My main point is that the media seems to miss all the low hanging fruit on the Left. The point is not that I can’t produce Al Gore’s rider… its that at least I thought of looking for it.

            I’m not going to, because I have too much to do in my life already. But you could – as a reporter, right? It would even add more flavor to this piece about Sarah’s rider, if you included other “political stars” and their riders to compare. It would be a better story, wouldn’t it?

            It’s not that you have sacred cows; it’s that you have a private hunting reserve which you never leave. Expand your horizons a little.

            And yes, climategate. Yes. Yes. Yes. If you can’t see the significance of what just happened with that, if you can’t see the way it has affected every bit of the green movement since… then you have absolutely no journalistic curiosity at all. Just look at Europe. Why is the UK launching investigations? Because it’s BLOODY SERIOUS!

            The european press has been all over this collapse of the Green Movement. It is the scandal of scandals. Jesus, India is forming its own IPCC, because it says it can no longer trust the UN one. If you had found any one of those hundreds of shady email exchanges on Cheney’s laptop but with Iraq as the topic; it would be front page NYT every day.

            But in the American press; that topic is off the private reserve.

            I’ve followed this whole thing closely since it broke – I have the actual archive as well. It is quite honestly the biggest scientific fraud in history, and it’s only the tip of the non-melting iceberg. It was a small sampling of a limited number of emails from one server. Do you honestly believe that’s all there is to find? Disregarding it out of hand only as you do only shows your elitism.

            And by the way, the hackers were Russian. Think about that.

            In response to another comment. See in context »
  3. collapse expand

    You liberals make me sick! You’re so terrified of Sarah and what might be her future in American politics that you are batting at straws (bendable ones at that). Women particularly like bendable straws so they won’t have to put their face down on their chests to drink out of a bottle. Good grief! Give her a break and stop showing your stupidity!

  4. collapse expand

    This is big news because Sarah Palin is important, politically powerful, a danger to sneaky, pernicious one-worlders & neo-commies, and…bloggers know she attracts more clicks & comments than anybody in the whole world.

  5. collapse expand

    Jrobinson, the Climategate story was primarily driven by paleo-conservative British tabloid newspapers, if that’s what you want to call the ‘European press.’ And the fact that the hackers may have been Russian is not at all clear. If they were, given the ties between the Russian cyber crime syndicates, the FSB, and the Russian fossil fuel industry, then yes, I see why Climategate happened – because Russia wants to slow our world’s transition to a renewable energy economy which will make them a lot less wealthy off of their oil and natural gas wealth.

    The UK launched investigations and found that the data had not been fudged. There is no scientific fraud. There is a well-financed disinformation campaign bought and paid for by the fossil fuel corporations to make people like you believe that Climategate is the most significant thing that ever happened, when really all it was was a Nixon-style plumbing operation. One that the Russians and Saudis were all too happy to point to as evidence that the theory of anthropogenic climate change is fraudulent. Is that whose side you want to be on – the Saudis and Russians? They sure have our country’s best interests at heart, don’t they?

    Anyways, thanks for your feedback about other political celebrity riders. Maybe that would make a good story. I’ll look into it. Meanwhile, the bendy straw is very funny.

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