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Mar. 19 2010 - 9:45 am | 397 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

US general blames Srebrenica massacre on homo soldiers – I blame them for everything

Macho Man

Image by cesarastudillo via Flickr

I personally like to blame homos for everything.  In fact, several times a day when confronted with minor traffic delays or the horrors of late modernity, I like to let loose a good “Goddamned fags.  It’s their fault.”

It’s nice to know that my “blame the gays” lifestyle is part of US military leadership as well.  Retired Supreme Allied Commander John Sheehan testified before Congress yesterday that when the Serbs massacred 7000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in July 1995, it was because of gay soldiers in the Dutch forces:

That led to a force that was ill-equipped to go to war. The case in point that I’m referring to is when the Dutch were required to defend Srebrenica against the Serbs,” Sheehan said. “The battalion was under-strength, poorly led, and the Serbs came into town, handcuffed the soldiers to the telephone poles, marched the Muslims off, and executed them.”

Carl Levin, chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Armed Services Committee, asked: “Did the Dutch leaders tell you it was because there were gay soldiers there?

Yes, they did. They included that as part of the problem,” Sheehan said, according to a webcast on the website of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

So there you have it.  Let gays into the military and genocide happens.  It may seem obvious to me, but let  me explain General Sheehan’s logic to those of you who are not yet part of the “blame the gays” movement.

It goes something like this: There are two types of men: masculine and feminine.  Masculine ones are straight; feminine ones are gay.    Masculine men protect women and children; feminine ones dress women and children in fabulous outfits.  This is what queer theorist Judith Butler has called “the heterosexual matrix.”  It is nice and neat and, as Butler points out, a complete and total fiction.  But it serves to shore up heterosexual privilege by acting as if we can make these nice, neat lines between sex, gender and desire.  Since hetero men are always “masculine,” they are always able to “protect” women and children and Nation.  Gay men are useless and are best left to exist in the margins of the nation state, if at all.

The problem is when butch, gay men step into military roles and wanna kill them some Serbs or Muslims or Iraqis or Afghanis or fill in the blank.  Another problem is when masculine men want to have sex with other masculine men.

The most difficult problem, however, with the fiction of masculinity as always straight and always good comes along with war in the first place.  What can we make of the fact that it was manly Serb men, straight in the eyes of God and Nation,  who systematically killed 6000 Muslim men?  Wasn’t the real cause of genocide in Srebrenica hyper-agressive masculinity eliminating a perceived threat to itself?

Actually, the more I think about Sheehan’s logic, the more I see that the only conclusion we can draw is that masculine men, not gays,  are the problem.  Masculine men, regardless of desire, insist on “protecting” through “eliminating.”   Masculine men insist on purging all that is unlike them from their midst: women, gays, racial/ethnic/religious others.

So today, when confronted with a problem, like a hang nail or global warming, I will mutter “Goddamned masculinity” and leave the fags alone.


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    That’s so gay.

    So Sparta’s military strength was entirely the product of Allan Moore’s imagination? This! Is! Bullshit!

    If they don’t want gays in the military, by their own logic all they have to do is make the uniforms less attractive and thus reduce the attractiveness of a military career to teh gheys. Problem solved.

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    The problem with this view of the situation (that the general and the author here have spoken of) is that in my considerable career (m.d. in d.c.) and personal life (gay in straght world) I have known (no pun) many very straight and many very masculine men. When I speak with them or spend time with them they deal with me and the conversation I create. They are comfortable with me, but I don’t wear any masks or wrist splints, neither to enhance nor to deny my being homo. I just am. My identity is only questioned when in the gay personals someone asks for “masculine” men: I can’t decide whether to claim that status or to reject the concept of judgment it implies. Worse yet (or maybe it’s best, because I can avoid the situation), that is the only time I ever wonder if I am masculine enough.

    I believe that even hetero men are somewhat fascinated by the idea of man on man amusements. Maybe my gaydar (that’s a special software montage that only gay men are allowed) is off by several latitudes, but I swear there is a glint of sexual interest when the most masculine of men (excuse me, maybe I meant to say the straightest of men), talking to me, realizes that I might be interested. It is flattering to most men, and most men can privately entertain the idea. Actually straight men are a lot of fun, in most cases, just the way they are. Talking about it publicly is different, clearly, and probably is a case in point of the “homosexual matrix” as a script for social interaction.

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    Are it the gay and homo’s in weather forecast community that are destabilising the climate? Those who are the most eager to save earth are the most likely to have the biggest share in its pollution. The new race after race. We are all transsexual. Don’t Ask, don’t Tell.

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