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May. 2 2010 - 11:08 pm | 14,751 views | 2 recommendations | 25 comments

Rush Limbaugh: Oil Spill Is Natural

Rush Limbaugh

I usually don’t try to highlight what this guy says, but the past couple days have been too much to pass up.

First he claimed that the oil spill’s timing was very convenient…as if it could have been an inside job by environmentalists.

And now, this:

“The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there,” Limbaugh said. “It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.”

Well shoot…what are we doing spending all this time and energy trying to stop this thing? Let’s just let tens of millions of gallons of oil flow into the ocean. There’s so much water it’ll just naturally dissipate, right?

Meanwhile…serious people are taking action…

Biologists from the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are scattered around Florida’s coast, taking a “before” snapshot so they can better assess any damage should the spill reach here, according to David Palandro, the FWC’s scientific support coordinator for oil spills.

They are taking water samples, checking the plankton population, testing the oysters in the Panhandle, Palandro said. “All this is to try to paint a picture of what’s, quote unquote, ‘normal,’ ” he explained.

Florida officials can deploy a system of booms to block oil from reaching the portion of the state’s coastline that’s most at risk, Palandro said, “but we’re not sure where to put it yet.” The spill is like a hurricane barreling through the gulf, he said: “We have a cone of uncertainty — and it’s big.”

Projections by NOAA suggest that the slick may reach Pensacola’s sugar-white beaches by Sunday or Monday.

I’ll have more of Limbaugh’s woefully misinformed logorrhea as it becomes available.

I’m sure we won’t have to wait long.

(Photo: AP)


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  1. collapse expand

    Rush Limbaugh has gone completely off the rails. His comments have been becoming more and more bizarre in recent months — more bizarre than even Glenn Beck. Frankly, I think all that Oxy-Contin that he’s taken has affected his mental state.

  2. collapse expand

    It might be time for another trip to the clinic. Rush appears to be hallucinating again.

  3. collapse expand

    You liberals clearly do not understand the natural byproducts of nature. Limbaugh tries to tell you, but you dont hear it. Bachmann tries to tell you, but you dont listen.


    HA. Lets just leave the science to the creationists and abstainers, ok?

    • collapse expand

      Rush Limbaugh is clearly an unnatural byproduct of nature.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
    • collapse expand

      Hey craig, thanks for posting a video on Michelle Bachmann talking about carbon dioxide on an article about Limbaugh talking about oil. Nice to see you know how to keep your arguments relevant.

      The effects of man-produced CO2 has been exaggerated, yes. But this is about an oil spill. Did you know that the ocean won’t just “take care of it” because oil isn’t water soluble?

      Rush is trying to make it sound like it’s completely natural. Because oil spills are completely natural, right? They happen all the time, naturally.

      It’s obvious that, like Rush, you haven’t thought this through completely. I don’t understand how anyone can blindly accept everything this extremely unintelligent man says.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  4. collapse expand

    My Goddess the intelligence of this man! It is only rivaled by his whale-sized body. Notice I said whale-’sized’ as it is not my intention to insult true whales.

  5. collapse expand

    Wonder if Limbaugh has bothered to travel there to see the impact it’s actually going to have on local fisheries and the local economies?

    Well…I don’t wonder, because I know he hasn’t nor intends to let facts get in the way of a good story.

    Limbaugh has some hefty competition in the conspiracy theory peddling punditocracy that is our media, but this is just laughable….and horribly tragic just because he doesn’t understand the reality of the impact this spill will create.

  6. collapse expand

    It must great to live in a world where you can millions blowing hot air into a microphone and believing man-made disasters are perfectly natural. I mean, I can accept that some oil naturally finds its way into the ocean from time to time, but only man can make sure 5,000 barrels/day does so.

  7. collapse expand

    Christ Almighty, how could anyone for even one second entertain the thought that environmentalists would go to such extremes to make a point? Has he no clue how normal people think? Does place such little value on what can’t be bought? I have a pretty high tolerance for watching bad news, but I cannot stomach watching any of the reports of this spill. It is too horrifying to contemplate. I have the same reaction with out of control wildfires.

  8. collapse expand

    Christ Almighty, how could anyone for even one second entertain the thought that environmentalists would go to such extremes to make a point?

    The badyear blimp would go to those extremes, and beyond, if it made him even one more dollar so yeah, ‘it takes one to know one’ and it would appear he really does know himself!

  9. collapse expand

    Once again Rush haters are wrong.

    Rush, is only informing you that oil seepage in the ocean is a natural event. NOT OIL SPILLS, NOT ACCIDENTS , NOT TANKER ACCIDENTS
    Just natural oil seeping out of the bottom of the ocean. God isn’t surprise by this therefore He devised a natural process of extracting this oil from the ocean. Not saying that the oil spill will or should be instantly extracted by nature. However, he was only trying to educate liberals about how the GOD they want to take out of the picture has everything under control.

  10. collapse expand

    Ban drilling

    By the way, in light of the passenger plane accidents caused by either human error, natural accidents, machanical failure, and terroist intervention. SHOULD WE BAN PLANE TRAVEL UNTIL WE REACH PERFECTION?

  11. collapse expand

    You Guys are absolutly great at what you do.
    That is to take a statement and put it completely out of context. I certainly hope that you understand that Rush was only pointing out the natural process of nature which God designed to keep itself naurally in balance over time. He was not suggesting that we wait on this process to work itself out (which it will do over many many years) however, we caused this mess so therefore we should try to correct it in order for our economy to thrive. As I said I would much rather think that you are just purposely attempting to down Rush. Instead of the option that you just don’t get it.

  12. collapse expand

    I wonder if you are going to apologize to Mr. Limbaugh now that his prediction has come true; the ocean has ‘digested’ so much of the oil spill that the administration is having trouble finding any.

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