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Scorched Earth in Copenhagen

COP-15I am in Copenhagen Dec. 6-18 covering the United Nations Climate Change Conference. This is an index of stories posted from the conference, and below, a sampling of climate-change stories that led up to the summit:

DEC. 19:

And the Oscar for best performance at Copenhagen goes to…

DEC. 19:

The Copenhagen Accord: Obama strong arms the world

DEC. 19:

Ban Ki Moon: ‘We sealed the deal’

DEC. 18:

Obama lands in Copenhagen and wows no one

DEC. 17:

Crunch time in Copenhagen: world leaders expected to talk all night

DEC. 17:

Clinton: U.S. will aid $100 billion annual fund for climate change

DEC. 17:

James Inhofe’s truth squad: one man, one press conference, one quick exit

DEC. 16:

John Kerry: Copenhagen accord needed for Senate to pass climate bill

DEC. 16:

Danish police 2, climate protestors 0

DEC. 16:

Danish PM takes reins of climate talks, new Danish text sparks new uproar

DEC. 15:

Obama phones Africa and Bangladesh to mend climate dispute

DEC. 15:

Arnold: What if Copenhagen’s not enough?

DEC. 15:

Stars come out in Copenhagen; negotiators feel the heat

DEC. 15:

USDA promotes electricity from manure, dairy farmers pledge emissions cut

DEC. 14:

UN Report: Weather disasters down in 2009 but trend still soaring

DEC. 13:

Halftime in Copenhagen: what to expect in week two

DEC. 12:

With uncertain message, protesters march on climate talks

DEC. 11:

U.S. officials in Copenhagen get behind new Senate climate alliance

DEC. 11:

We’ll do anything to save the planet except give up meat

DEC. 11:

Commerce Secretary tells Copenhagen audience the oil economy is over

DEC. 10:

What’s America’s fair share of global climate fund?

DEC. 9:

EPA pledges Congress to take lead on cap and trade

DEC. 8:

Leaked Copenhagen text won’t halt climate talks

DEC. 8:

Naomi Klein reminds Copenhagen protesters that protesters can get violent

DEC. 7:

US calls CO2 a pollutant, promises to pay its fair share

DEC. 7:

Copenhagen crush: More delegates than seats

Highlights from earlier in the year:

July 26:

The Arctic Ice Photos Kept Secret by the Bush Administration

Oct. 14:

Secret Bush Administration document concluded greenhouse gases endanger America

Dec. 3:

Climategate brings Copenhagen conspiracies closer to Congress

June 23:

Obama on global warming: expect the expected

Nov. 25:

Copenhagen is on: Obama proposes treaty and leads U.S. delegation

More climate change stories from Scorched Earth in 2009:

Cool Summer? What to say when Aunt Edna asks about global warming

India stuck on CO2? Let them work on the other carbon

Deniers: Global warming is a plot for world domination

Heritage Foundation says EPA wants to regulate your breath

Leading climate scientist takes his eye off the ball

G8 nations agree to reduce greenhouse gases by 80 percent; reporters revise gloomy stories

Der Spiegel: U.S. blocking G8 climate talks because Americans are uncaring dupes

Senate takes up global warming Tuesday, and it’s Haley Barbour against the world

Climate bill passes with consumers cut out of the cash flow

Climate bill: playing catchup while the hurdles are down

Obama on global warming: expect the expected

Global warming believers more likely to prepare for deadly weather

An inconvenient tiff: climate scientist chides his home team

Bad news, bears; worse news, walrus

Republicans ‘red baiting’ red states over climate bill

A new term for global warming, a new effort to define those who refute it

Europe cuts greenhouse gases, but U.S. pollution erases Europe’s gains

TPM yanks post calling for death to global warming deniers, but not fast enough

Report of global warming death toll implies censorship

Raising hell about sounding the alarm

Witness the lame-duck period for mammals:

Where to put solar panels without destroying habitat

Enemies of the good: Is Greenpeace the new Nader?

Polar-bear pals need to chill

Obama passes major test; most of the class doesn’t notice

Tiny endangered pika says boo to big polluters

Republicans spill their talking points for climate debate

Earth needs a chimney sweep

How Obama went green without going overboard

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