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Sep. 13 2009 - 5:00 pm | 1,454 views | 2 recommendations | 10 comments

Images from the Million Moron March

(Million Moron March title credit to Bill Maher)
Yesterday was the Glenn Beck 9-12 tea party protest on Washington DC. Apparently thousands of people showed up to show off their anti-Obama art work. I found a great photostream on Flickr via Wonkette and I’d love highlight some of the best here.

1. Birthers still enjoy the idea that Obama was born in Kenya, they fit right in here at the 9-12 protest.

2. Although the Birth certificate conspiracy has been debunked over and over, the birthers were out in full force on 9-12. (via foramenglow)
Teabag march to DC 91209

3. Yeah, some people might find this one racist.

4. Um, this one might be inaccurate

5. Um, too soon?

6. I actually don’t believe that they are unarmed.

7. This is just a bad idea

8. Should news outlets be involved in promoting these protests?

9. This one is front the LaRouchePAC, yes they call Universal health a “Nazi Health Care” – stay classy.

10. Hmm…Obama = Lenin + Stalin + Castro and Hitler? Think about it protester, in the 8 months of Obama can you really come to that conclusion?

11. I am sure this kid will be a pleasant date for a special lady some day.

If you enjoyed the Images, check out the zany video footage from these great Glenn Beck fans.
For more 9-12 images check out.


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  1. collapse expand

    These are great! Truth hurts, huh?

  2. collapse expand

    Your dishonesty and agenda are showing when say “thousands” showed up. It was many many hundreds of thousands. A DC cop said the biggest ever in Washington.

    Unlike the lefty’s rumor and innuendo, here’s the actual proof, a 38 second Youtube video showing the actual teaparty count. Peeps can see for themselves. It was HUUUUGGGGE!


    It’s 1776 again! The Patriots are coming!

    • collapse expand

      Every DC cop says every protest numbers in the hundreds of thousands. So I wouldn’t get too excited.

      Also, no matter what the protest numbers, they weren’t enough to keep Obama out of office and a huge Democratic wave from coming in. Now if the whole tea party movement has electoral results — as in, getting tea party-affiliated candidates to win in places no one ever thought possible — then it’s time to crow.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
  3. collapse expand

    I guess if we don’t agree with you then we are morons. Well then, I will wear my moron crown with pride. Get over it. Not everyone agrees with you and some of us have a different “slant” on what our government should look like.

  4. collapse expand

    #1 – #3 are the same, genius. . Birthers. Birthers = nuts.

    Just like not all Democrats are 9/11 truthers, only a teeny-tiny Republicans are nut job Birthers.

    #4 – depends who you are. if the same people who budgeted and gave us Cash for Clunkers that ran out of money in 2 days are handling our healthcare – good odds the shortage of money could result in a shortage of care. – afterall, we’re currently broke.

    #5 – ya that was dumb. Its a tiny sign anyway . who’s going to read you dumb sign?

    #6 nice pants. ya, that too was dumb. unarmed. – whatev.

    #7 Glen Beck .haa. . he’s a good man, but ya, i agree.

    #8 – whats wrong with supporting you news companies?

    #9- #10 same.

    yes, these are meanspirited. . but they still get their point across.

    Besides.. you cant tell me the angry leftys didnt do worse for Bush. – so . .come on.

    MIllion people showed up and you scraped two sticks together to find these gems. .good job.

  5. collapse expand

    Great photos – how long did you have to search until you found what would fit your view of those who disagree with this racist president? And where are the many other signs that were not racist or “birthers” – where were the many disillusioned democrats, independents etc signs that I personally saw there – so many yet none posted on your website. Why I am shocked!!! And I suppose you found all the “idiots” that protested George Bush and put them on your website “way back when also.” right? didn’t think so – so keep spreading your left wing hate and your racism because it only encourages more to join our forces. Thank you for your contribution to our cause.

  6. collapse expand

    Hi Jeff, I have a question: Where there any people of color in that march? I mean, non-White people? Not necessarily African American, just non-White. I’m just trying to figure out the population, and if there might be a “race” thing going on.

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