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Jul. 8 2009 - 3:35 pm | 269 views | 1 recommendation | 4 comments

100 Reasons why Palin is the Queen of Idiocracy

Although we follow the signs of Idiocracy daily on this blog, we can truthfully say America is not a true Idiocracy. The Obama administration, from our end appear to be surest signs of an anti-idiocracy. Something that America needs considering the Bush years were the absolute Golden Age for Idiocracy.

We don’t think Palin is going away, since the latest poll from Gallup indicates 19% of of American voters would “very likely” vote for her in 2012 for President, and that poll was taken after she quit as governor.

19% of Americans will vote the for the one politician that is less educated and less knowledgeable than Bush. That won’t be good for anybody.


51. Her most passionate supporters appear to be incredibly racist and ill informed. These idiots are the “base” Gallup speaks of.

  • Al Jazeera via YouTube: Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign

52. She thinks that the Iraq War is part of “God’s plan.” We all know the war was “God’s Plan” for Bush in 2012, so what will be “God’s Plan” for Palin?

53. Called Ashley Judd’s environmentalist group an “extreme fringe group.”

54. Is it big government or small government when you consider the bureaucracy that goes into these decisions? The government pays citizens for every successful wolf kill, and yes, shooting them from helicopters is allowed.

55. Sarah Palin: A terrorist is Bill Ayers who would bomb the Capital!
Brian Williams: What about somebody who bombs an abortion clinic?
Sarah Palin: I don’t know?

56. Unable to name any regulation legislation supported by McCain. You betcha!

57. Lied about speaking with a British Ambassador to boost her foreign experience.

58. When faced with the important decision of what to name her children, she chose…Willow, Track, Trig, Piper and Bristol

59. Believes an airline stopover constitutes foreign policy experience.

60. Endorsed Dianne Keller, the latest mayor of Wasilla, watch her in action below.
[kaltura-widget wid="vli5l1u0ns" width="410" height="364" addpermission="2" editpermission="2" /]

61. One thing she got done was to declare “Christian Heritage.”

62. Her church is one of those ones that “converts” gays

63. President Bush liked Palin, which is a sure sign of idiocracy.

64. Her daughter was impregnated by the least articulate person in Alaska.

65. Like most fundamentalists, Sarah Palin believes being gay is a “choice”

66. Sarah Palin gives a bad name to Hockey Moms.

67. She was endorsed and supported by indicted Senator Ted Stevens.

68. Believes dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

69. Used a Madelaine Albright quote completely out of context.

70. After quitting as Governor, Sarah Palin sent a blogspot.com blogger a notice because she blogged Palin rumours.

71. When responding to speculation to her becoming VP, Palin responded…

72. Days after quitting, she told CNN “I am not a quitter”

73. After Trig was born, she emailed everybody and signed her email as if it were written by god.

More than once in my travels in Alaska, people brought up, without prompting, the question of Palin’s extravagant self-regard. Several told me, independently of one another, that they had consulted the definition of “narcissistic personality disorder” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—“a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy”—and thought it fit her perfectly. When Trig was born, Palin wrote an e-mail letter to friends and relatives, describing the belated news of her pregnancy and detailing Trig’s condition; she wrote the e-mail not in her own name but in God’s, and signed it “Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father.”

74. Used a Yahoo Email account for official party correspondence.

75. Just before election night, the top VP candidate got pranked by a Montreal Radio Station. For over 6 minutes she thought she was speaking to French President Nicolas Sarkosy. Soundbites and hilarity ensued.

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