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Jun. 20 2010 — 11:07 am | 364 views | 0 recommendations | 12 comments

The French (Soccer) Revolution

France's coach Raymond Domenech (R) talks with...

"Mon Dieu!" says the aghast French coach. (Image by AFP via @daylife)

France is falling apart.

The French national soccer team is refusing to practice, the day after striker Nicolas Anelka was sent home for failing to apologize for a profanity-laced tirade aimed at Raymond Domenech — France’s coach — during the team’s loss to Mexico earlier this week (Quelle insulte!).

C’est une révolution!

From ESPN:

France team director Jean-Louis Valentin says the national team is refusing to train following a dispute on the practice field.Valentin also says he has resigned from the French football federation, shouting that he was “ashamed” of the team.

The team arrived at training Sunday but a few minutes after taking the field, fitness coach Robert Duverne stormed away from an argument with coach Raymond Domenech. Duverne threw his accreditation badge to the ground after the heated discussion and walked away.

The players then boarded the team bus.

France Team Director Resigns

When asked about his team’s refusal to play, Domenech is said to have scoffed and muttered, “Let them eat bobotie.”

Jun. 18 2010 — 12:19 pm | 436 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

World Cup refs make Jim Joyce look good

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! The United States has completed an improbable comeback victory from 2-0 down to take the lead 3-2! What a victory! Exhilaration as millions around the country suddenly realize that soccer doesn’t suc….

Hold on. The ref took that goal away? We weren’t offsides. If anything, one of our guys was getting fouled. Downright bear-hugged even.

“It was the guy’s first World Cup game, so maybe he got caught in the moment,” said U.S. star Landan Donovan, of Koman Coulibaly — the ref from Mali — who seemed to be watching a different game all day. Here’s some more info about today’s horrible refs.

I hope Jim Joyce was watching, because that ref just made him look good. Real good.

Jun. 12 2010 — 4:46 pm | 75 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

England, winless against the U.S. in World Cup soccer and war

The United States v. England in World Cup Soccer and War

2010 FIFA World Cup logo

U.S.A.: 3 (but really, 4)

Great Britain: 0

But, hey, don’t feel bad, England. You’ve got top notch whiske….oh wait, that’s Ireland and Scotland (and the U.S). I mean, you’re the best at cricke…..oops, no, that’s Australia, South Africa, India and New Zealand. Hmm, well, um, you can always hang your hat on that one medal from the Winter Olympics.

Jun. 9 2010 — 8:41 am | 45 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

Strephen Strasburg wins debut, saves Washington

WASHINGTON - JUNE 08:  Stephen Strasburg #37 o...

Strasburg, on his way to save D.C. (Image by Getty Images North America via @daylife)

Stephen Strasburg has arrived. The biggest thing to hit D.C. since the countdown crossing signal, the 21-year-old starting pitching phenom took care of the Pittsburgh Pirates last night in impressive fashion — striking out 14 while allowing just two runs in seven innings.

After notching his first career win in front of a standing-room only crowd, Strasburg set off to save Washington D.C….

1) He got the CEOs of BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips and Chevron to testify about oil rig safety before the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

2)Convinced that the South Carolina senatorial race needed a breath of fresh air, Strasburg arranged for Alvin Greene — an unemployed veteran who has yet to establish a website, use campaign signs or raise campaign funds — to win the S.C. Democratic nomination.

3)But the real coup of the night, was that Strasburg convinced new Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb to stop answering the door for Michael Strahan….

Jun. 8 2010 — 8:23 am | 21 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Tony Romo Withdraws from U.S. Open

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 15: Quarterback Tony ...

Professional Golfer Tony Romo (Image by Getty Images via @daylife)

Tony Romo Withdrew from contention for the (golfing) U.S. Open yesterday, officially ending his bid to deny people much poorer than he a shot at big money.

The current leader in the U.S Open qualifier at The Club at Carlton Woods made about $30,000 last year, about six times more than the guy in second place. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo made $625,000 last year, and will make $8.5 million this year.

So why was Tony Romo competing for a lucrative spot at the U.S. Open against guys who live near the poverty line?

From Golf.com:

“It’s fun to go out here on a day and compete and try and win on a day. But I don’t know if I could put in the time that would be needed to play or compete at that level, day in and day out. I don’t have any feeling or need to right now.”

Romo Withdraws from U.S. Open Qualifying

Romo who was four shots off the lead after the first day, triple-bogeyed the first hole of the second day, and got through three more holes before a weather delay convinced him to withdraw. I’m sure all those guys vying for the chance to bring in the potentially life-changing winnings of a good showing at the U.S. Open thought it was cool that he was looking for some “fun” competition in his hobby sport.

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