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Sep. 1 2009 - 6:59 pm | 18,671 views | 1 recommendation | 15 comments

Entourage: The Most Annoying Show on TV

the-entourage-walking1You know that friend you have who does the same thing over and over? The one who pretends like the littlest things are new and interesting, even though it’s the same crap you’ve heard a thousand times? The one who you beg to just change something – ANYTHING – to keep your interest, but they resist it like their life depends on it? Well if you don’t have one of these friends – just turn on HBO’s Entourage. You’ll make five of ‘em in the time it takes you to say “Johnny Drama”. But here’s the aggravating part – the bang your head on the wall and beg the cable Gods for free Showtime bit of it all – they will become your friends. And then you’ll have to figure out what in the hell you’re going to do with them.

Drama, Vinny Chase, E, Turtle, and Ari Gold. I hate these motherfuckers. For six years I have watched them revolve in the same endless circle of Hollywood bullshit and supposed intrigue. If you’re not a fan – and who could blame you – Vinny Chase is the star. A leading man born on the streets of Brooklyn who tries to conquer showbiz with Eric (his manager/best friend), Turtle (his driver/best friend), and Johnny Drama (his brother/best friend), all in tow. Their kingpin is Ari Gold, a fast-talking, hug-it-outting agent/best friend, played by Jeremy Piven. Certainly you’ve heard of him, or see him replicate the role in other movies where he’s supposed to be playing a different person. I could say more about the characters, but really what’s the point? They look for women, have sex with women, get the role of a lifetime, lose the role of a lifetime, have sex with the role of a lifetime…then do it all again next week.

"Hey, so, do you think I should do the movie or not do the movie, or maybe do the movie?"

I keep watching Entourage, but I have no idea why, as every episode is exactly the same. Vince gets offered a movie part but isn’t sure if he should take it because the role is too big/too small/too serious/too difficult on his hair. (Vince should be thanking his lucky stars that he’s being offered anything at all, as it’s clear he’s not exactly Laurence Olivier in blue jeans – but that’s neither here nor there.)  Eric, his manager, advises Vince earnestly but has his own misgivings about the script/his job/a girl/the director/the state of the military industrial complex. Drama and Turtle vow to do whatever it takes to help Vinny land the gig, but get easily side tracked when some hot women ask them for a ride/a threesome/a drug connection/an incisive summation of the state of the military industrial complex. Sprinkle with several agitated/hysterical/cliche to the level that even cliche finds them a little cliched phone calls with super-agent Ari Gold, and you’ve got seasons 1-6 of Entourage. Why do I watch this crap? I have absolutely no fucking idea.

I hate you.

But here’s the thing: I’m not the only one. Every Sunday night my Twitter feed is awash with hatred and disdain for the newest Entourage episode. (A recent favorite, from Conan writer Todd Levin: “Entourage has dispensed with “last week on…” clips at the top of the show. Now the characters provide recaps via strained conversations.”) It seems that countless Americans are just like me, watching Entourage in spite of our hatred for Entourage. Or is it perhaps because of our hatred that we watch? Tuning in every week to see the things that irk us, so that next week we might get irked even more? I don’t know. I just know that it’s got to stop. Entourage has become the friend from college who don’t realize you’re not in college anymore. The shit gets old. Ari’s never gonna leave his agency, Eric’s never gonna be a real manager, and Vince is never gonna be a respected actor. So how about we all just move on.

Why can’t I just move on….?


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    I am with you. I never understood why this show is so popular. I never really got sucked into the watching it, but there was a time when people only talked about this show, referred to it as the male Sex in the City. Now, thankfully people talk about Mad Men, a good show. There is an attraction to the arrested development of these characters, but you’re right, we are out of college. Time to grow up already.

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    I will not even read the article, I just thank you for the brilliant title. What is the point of this show?

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    100% agree. The thing with Entourage is that it was pretty great for the first season or two, then decently passable for seasons 3, and only really started to approach its “Saved By The Bell” level of insipid writing mid season 4.

    Anyway, I finally quit watching this season. I found kicking the Entourage teat was made way easier by Mad Men, Flight of the Conchords, and Hung (although I’m expecting Hung to suck very soon).

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    Entourage is what Seinfeld always claimed to be: a show about nothing. It’s neither all that nor a bag of chips. It’s just that big empty space between the top of the bag and where the chips actually start.

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    Thank you, Ben. I think I agree about the first few seasons, but i have sinking fear that if i went back and watched them that they’d kinda suck too. It’s like our relationship is based on lies!

    I agree about other quality TV, though you may not like the subject of my next TV article: “Mad Man, The Most Over-rated Show on TV”

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    Never watched the show, and not really that sad. I am sad that I continue to watch the kin of such a show. There are many out there, and with the exception of outstanding shows like Lost, Heroes, or similarly long-term planned shows, a lot of TV fits into this repetitious category. Which is why I far prefer movies to TV. My sympathies Brian.

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    1st Brian Donovan you have know idea what your talking about. Entourage is probably the greatest show i’ve ever seen. If it was put on SOP on cable with all the other shows, The OC, One Tree Hill..ect. It would be number 1. And 2nd it takes Vincent time to decide what movie he would like to choose becuase its his career (even though Eric makes all the decisions), So give him a break becuase im almost sure that you havent ever been an actor so you really can’t relate can you? And the only reason you can’t stop watching Entourage is because you envy Vincent and his lifestyle, as do I. All his conflicts and the excitement that goes on in his life is very easy to be jealous of. And you should definitly not talk shit about Ari Gold he completely makes the show..BUT even without him it still wouldnt deserve the title “Most Annoying Show on TV”. Rethink your resolve and write another one after watching Season 7. If im not mistaken it comes out in the summer! And im sure it will be better then seasons 1-6. thanks for your time.

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      This is my favorite comment ever.

      In response to another comment. See in context »
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        entourage = best show on TV

        brian donovan why are you such a hater, is it because your professional title is a blogger for a amateur website, because you were born with a face that looks like it was hit with a Mack Truck, or maybe a combination of both?

        Did you truly feel the need to write an entire article expressing your opinion insinuating that people actually care what brian donovan thinks,

        You may counter by saying why did i take the time to write this reply then. Well the answer to that is your so god damn ugly its annoying me.
        I can see how you can have no fixation on this great show as your lifestyle is clearly lacking any type of female presence with that mug of yours.
        Maybe its because your gay you look like it in the picture, not that there is anything wrong with that unfortunately for you though with a face like that you couldn’t even get Llyod.

        In closing next time you decide to write an article … don’t instead chuck yourself off a balcony,

        In response to another comment. See in context »
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        ‘robby5390′ is exactly why Entourage is still popular, he still believes in the story, and doesn’t know that it “jumped the shark” years ago. I picked up season 6 of it to refresh since it has been awhile, and I felt the same sentiment before reading this article. They are awful actors, and there are some funny lines, but it really is past it’s prime. I was in my mid-20’s when it came out, and I could relate. Now, not so much, and Entourage feels tired. It’s funny how everyone is piling on it so much though, and it seems like all of us still watch it, to some level or another.

        In response to another comment. See in context »
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    Entourage is not as good as it used to be but not sure how it can be classed as “most annoying” when Glee exists.

    Only one more season to go and that will be plenty for me :)

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